Version 13 is here

When I made the decision 12 months ago to shift off a fully hosted domain to a free multi layout over Word Press and Fandom/Wikia, I knew 2020 would be busy. But then COVID-19 changed things enabling me to get a lot done during it’s heights in April and May, and then July and August into September. Of course it wasn’t everything but by mid June out of the 24 blogs in the Blog Lobby area (including the ones that stay private) I completed 15 and the core blogs including this one were also worked on. I was soon down to just three before taking a break to concentrate on the Fandom/Wikia side.

I knew the biggest job would be shifting things to Fandom, especially the football as there was a huge amount to do. I set the pages up but I couldn’t start the score move until after the 2020 season, which was later than usual also because of COVID-19. It required in the first instance offline work in Notepad. The wrestling and the railways were going to Fandom before an incident resulted in a change of plan and moving them and the Goon Show to Word Press. Someone else found a Fandom site that could be converted to something that I could use for General events and I worked on moving the events there.

The offline work on the Footy Fandom was finished on November 22, and started being uploaded on November 26 with Phil’s Weekend and the project material complete. The scores archives are progressing.

The most tedious job was with the new Autism Enemies blog/site – it needed sources forcing re-writes, and the Yuval Levental page took forever due to his Wikipedia editing which carried a lot of weight on his enemy status, although his banning from Wikipedia helped. However in late November I decided to just upload what I had with the appropriate disclaimers instead as time got short. These will be fixed progressively.

The blog lobby is presently password protected in it’s entirety while I finish the entries for the two biggest two (Mitchell’s Gadfly and the Hating Autism Response Blog) as well as adding the comments which requires the help of some fellow Phil’s World members.

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