Phil’s Year in Review 2019

It’s been a busy and at times frustrating year, but there was a bright light near the end of the year with the housing commission finally coming through resulting in what should be my last house move until I enter a nursing home – which should be a long way off. My departure from Ballarat and my arrival in the Macedon Ranges was welcome even if the move was tough. It was worth it though for the stability it provides, along with getting out of Ballarat mainly because of the unresolved death threats from Oliver Canby. He has nothing now.

Politics: It was upsetting that the ALP failed to win the election in May. It hardened my resolve across a number of areas, with most of the year spent preparing for the ALP State Conference in November while trying to keep up with other matters – in particular Spectrum Labor, which became a part of Labor Enabled in late August. I started a petition about hate speech against the Autistic community, which will be relaunched in 2020 as an online petition which can be done through the Parliamentary website. Spectrum Labor held a fringe event at State Conference that was reasonably well received although numbers in attendance were lower than certainly I wanted. The Vaccine War continued on a plain but hopefully it will fire up big time as originally intended in 2020.

Football: I changed up Phil’s Weekend this year as an experiment to try and save some money, and it did work the way I wanted it to even if it wasn’t perfect at times. I’ll be using similar tactics in 2020. Just the one debut grand final this year – North Central in St Arnaud. I also started a change up on my project paperwork and that took some time. So much so I had to postpone two blocks at the State Library of Victoria. The house move also contributed to the delay.

Wrestling: After continuing to referee for the first half of the year, I made my return to live commentary in July at NAW. That was fun and will continue to be fun. I may be expanding in 2020 to a couple of other promotions but it entirely depends.

Internet: The dominant matter this year was a matter that I can’t detail publicly here due to a confidential mediation agreement, but it was the end (hopefully) of the matter against Suzi Olsen once and for all, with my departure from Ballarat maybe also assisting. Her public apology is on my Autism blog. Yuval Levental tried to have this website shut down on two occasions but I fought both off and had to deal with his unwelcome incursions to this site. Eventually it led to the decision to completely change Version 13 for the reasons detailed on the Real Phil G blog as well as on the December podcast.

Autism: Outside of politics this was again a quiet area, and I suspect it will continue to be so. The one exception was the loss of an ally in Fiona O’Leary thanks to her demonstrated lack of commitment to true diversity. This was presented by her reaction to the garbage documentary about Michael Jackson.

It was quiet amongst my friends as well as the Phil’s World forum was the quietest it has ever been. People’s lives move on after all.

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