Blog Lobby

Welcome to the Phil’s World Blog Lobby. All these blogs are now on their own blogs on Word Press, with the index of the Old blogs being password protected (the only link that appears at the top of the page and not linked below). All blogs are online as of September 24, 2021.

The Hating Autism Response Blog (HARB), operational since 2008 is my reply to John Best’s Hating Autism blog.

The HARB Commentary Blog talks about other John Best activity and includes the pages from my old website.

The Mitchell’s Gadfly Blog, operational since 2009 is my reply to Jonathan Mitchell’s Autism Gadfly blog.

The Down With Lurker’s Deception Blog (DWLD), operational since 2010 is my reply to Lurker’s Down With Legitimized Deceit blog. It also includes the commentary blog which was separate but has now been merged with it.

The Oliver Cantby Blog, operational since 2011 is my reply to Oliver Canby’s Autism is Bad blog.

The Autism Big Mouth Blog, operational since 2012 is my reply to Matthew Joseph’s Autism Jabberwocky blog.

The Misadventures in Autism Blog, operational since 2012 is my reply to Ginger Taylor’s Adventures in Autism blog.

The Poor Perspectives Blog, operational since 2013 is my reply to Katie Kagan’s Autism Perspectives blog.

The Dumb Pal Blog, operational since 2016 is my blog about “Dang Pal” and his activities and nonsense.

The Leven-Short Blog, operational since 2020 (brand new with Version 13) with previous entries from other blogs is my blog about Yuval Levental.