This is the index page to everything else within Phil’s World. The first group are pages on this blog with the links at the top of this page. The weather page from Version 12 is no longer available due to Word Press prohibiting script tags.

AWARDS: This is the home for the monthly awards (Brain, Idiot and Member) and the yearly awards.
BLOG LOBBY: This is the list of the blogs within Phil’s World that have been transferred from my old website and now have their own sub domains.
CONTACT: This is the page with all the contact options for me.
: This page is password protected for member’s of Phil’s World only.
: This is the legal page from the website which applies to all blogs and pages linked from this blog.
: This is the front page to the list of the old blogs that are not part of the Blog Lobby collection and is password protected.
: A list of places I have visited including statistics and my commentary on them.
PODCAST: The page that links to all of the podcasts I have recorded with the most recent featured at the top.
: Articles on personal current events that don’t qualify as major and sometimes general thoughts on other matters that don’t go anywhere else. This page uses the blogging function on this blog but comments are not allowed.
YEARS: Brief notes on events by year including personal, member and general. This is an ongoing project.

The next group are the Word Press blogs that don’t form part of the Blog Lobby collection;

ALL ABOUT ANTI VAXXERS: My blog that calls out the anti vaccine community and includes the infamous AV Name Check – the name and shame list for anti vaccine proponents.
POLITICAL: My political commentary blog that has now had all the old commentaries added as well as the other political articles.
AUTISM BLOG: My Autism commentary blog and news blog – and presently the Autism Activist base.
AUTISM ENEMIES: The new home for the list of enemies of the Autistic community from my website. These articles may well be updated – in particular the ones that contain personal reflections.
LEGAL DOCUMENTS: This blog contains the court decisions in my three successful defamation lawsuits and the associated notes, as well as the home for the legal action against the anti vaccine proponents (see also All About Anti Vaxxers).
PERSONAL: My personal events blog featuring articles on the major events in my life.
WRESTLING: The Wrestling Pit is back under my control now with all the wrestling material from past versions of Phil’s World. The archival uploads are ongoing.
GOON SHOW: An extended version of the original pages on my website.
RAIL TRAVEL: The rail travel content from my website is now here and expanded.

Here are the links to Wikia (Autism) and Fandom (the rest) where the rest of my website can be found plus more;

AUTISM: External link to my profile on the Wikia website (I am the head admin here).
: External link to my profile on the Fandom website (I am the head admin here). The scores archive uploads are ongoing as are the archives for Phil’s Weekend. There is also a lot more to come with leagues and clubs. I am very excited about this expansion.
WORLD EVENTS: External link to my profile on the Fandom website. (This replaces the General events section on my website)
STAR WARS: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.
M*A*S*H: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.
DOCTOR WHO: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.
ASTERIX: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.
TINTIN: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.
LOONEY TUNES: External link to my profile on the Fandom website.