I can be contacted in the following ways and in the following circumstances – this list includes all of my social media points;

Word Press – Being the core of my website now, this is listed first. Most of the blogs linked on the Blog Lobby page have a commenting capacity (this core blog is one that doesn’t) as do some of the blogs on the Potpourri page. You can contact me there by leaving a message and if it’s off topic it won’t be published. If it’s a legitimate and polite contact I’ll respond by email if appropriate.

Phil’s World Forum – You can leave a message on the Contact Phil board without having to join the forum. New members are presently not permitted due to issues with trolls although I will consider applications through these contact facilities.

Fandom/Wikia – The links to each site in this area are on the Potpourri page. You have to join Fandom or Wikia in order to contact me on either domain. Contact should be on my user page (User:TLPG). Do NOT give an email address as I am obliged to remove it on sight by Fandom/Wikia. It is for this reason that using this method is not encouraged. Rude edits will result in an appropriate block on the site I administer, and the ones that I don’t will be reverted and a request made to the admins there for a similar action if they so desire.

Facebook – I will not be linking my accounts here (there are four of them – this is not against Facebook’s TOS by the way as they are all in my name). All known stalkers have been blocked from all of the accounts. Do not friend me unless I know you. I also run a few pages including but not limited to the All About Anti Vaxxers page, Truth about John Best Junior and Defunct Clubs & Leagues.

Tinychat – This is not used very often and is not a recommended contact point – although you might be lucky.

I do not hold any accounts on Twitter anymore after I left in March 2017. The reasons for the departure are on the April 2017 edition of the Phil’s World podcast. I’m also a member of several forums that are run by other people, but that won’t be publicised here.