Phil’s Year in Review 2022

After two years being run into multiple puddles by COVID-19 one hoped that 2022 would be the year of renaissance. No such luck. Persistent cases thanks to the remnants of the botched vaccine roll out that was now in a position where it just could not be hauled back due to such a range of double vaxxed and triple vaxxed over a wide period of time. That became quadruple mid year. I got my first booster in February and my second in November after a delay due to a fright with a bug that I thought was COVID but the RAT test told me otherwise twice over. And it might not be over yet either but that’s for 2023.

Politics: A big positive in May when finally the Coalition government was tossed out of Canberra. However in a loud message from the electorate, Labor only got a wafer thin majority thanks to a group of independents. The message was climate change, women’s rights and corruption. The Victorian State election result was better but the core count still carried a message from the electorate. I was in a holding pattern for much of the year but some progress was made in one respect that I can’t talk about publicly – yet. The freedom hacks were also carrying on, focused this year on Solihin Millin, Monica Smit and the Australian Vaccination-Risk Network. Millin and Smit had their charges dropped to my fury, but the AVrN were sent packing by the Federal Court. However that has not ended and more is on the cards in the coming year.

Football: Thanks to the case numbers I just couldn’t get going again on the project for most of the year, aside from Phil’s Weekend which with the exception of election day, the time I was ill and no interstate trips (bar Pinnaroo) it was back to normal. I did get some fresh grand final attendances done. In the last couple of months however I did manage to get the motor running although it isn’t full speed just yet – with one trip to the State Library of Victoria and a trip to Canberra and the National Library.

Wrestling: With my retirement from the local scene this quietened down a lot. In fact New Age Wrestling to the end of 2022 hasn’t come back and it appears that it may finally be all over. It is such a shame after a great run since 2004. In December the WWE channel debuted on Foxtel providing much to look forward to in 2023.

Internet: In June I thought an old issue has reared up into starting position again, but it was shut down by forces unknown. That was something of a relief. However the issue bubbled to the point that I joined the forum concerned. That membership remains active for now due to forces that need to be put in their place at the first opportunity. Version 13 progressed further with most of the work on Fandom (in particular the Footy Fandom), and at the end of the year another old issue popped up – Oliver Canby seemingly fully apologising for his actions and admitting a number of things. However as we enter 2023 I am not convinced that it is genuine yet. The response I put on the Oliver Cantby blog has not yet been viewed and when it is the reaction will say quite a lot potentially.

Autism: The pandemic has again restrained my action here – and my Autism blog has been quieter than I want it to be.

It has been a quiet year for the Phil’s World membership, with the highlights being two members celebrating their teams winning the big one – Scratcher celebrating Geelong’s AFL premiership and Tex celebrating Houston’s MLB World Series victory. (I was within one point of celebrating a Donvale premiership win!)


Talking Footy as good as dead

My departure appears to have been the death of the forum. There were no posts at all outside of my thread from Tuesday afternoon (September 27) to Saturday morning (October 1) and just a few on one thread listing ratings and one from the returning Raider Dave AKA Truthbomber until October 3 when Terry started a new thread about the thugby league world cup and a tiny bit more otherwise. Leeroy on October 5 tried to get things moving – and failed. As of 11:59pm November 28 (62 days since my departure) it was a total of just 144 posts in 15 threads – or 2.32 posts a day. My own forum does better than that.

Also as a note – Beaussie finally removed the anti-Semitic post from King Eliagh on October 30, but no reaction to my thread and no indication of a ban for KE.

The posts from my thread are below with my responses – including the final comment directed at me with my quotes from the previous entry first.

Proof positive that Wookie doesn’t know what a tantrum actually is.

Sure I do. You’re having quite the tantrum now.

No, you are – as I am about to prove.

And that is racist – because it is historically supported.

Thats very arguable – and by respected historians.

Who are racists.

And he should have been. He was punished for siding with the First Australians. A racist move. Hence the removal of acknowledgement of Marn Grook.

Thats horseshit. he wasnt there because he’d move to NSW – where oddly enough, its been alleged he may have had involvement in an aboriginal massacre. … /100463708

That’s what? That’s a tantrum right there, sook. And he didn’t read the article. The incident referred to was in Queensland, and it was revenge for a local indigenous attack on his father. In a place and a time where there was no law and order it’s understandable albeit unacceptable. Queensland even today is redneck central for a reason – indeed as also referenced in the article. And it took place in 1861 – three years after the Scotch College/Melbourne Grammar game that HE umpired!

The law – known as the Racial Discrimination Act – agrees with me. Want to fight the law? The law will win.

The Racial Discrimination Act doesnt force one to acknowledge a version of history that is literally still being debated today. Get a grip.

Another tantrum. There is no debate. Get a grip.

It was more than that and you know it.

Its literally not.

There’s another tantrum, sook. Way to run away from KE’s nonsense.

There was one big difference. You. You were an admin then. You aren’t now. Learn the difference. And I mentioned KE because he was racist on another thread. Did you miss that? Antisemitism. The lack of action against that also went to my departure.

Oh ffs. You really are an imbecile.

Another tantrum running away from KE’s posting. I rest my case on that one.

Lack of transparency confirmed.

Literally nothing to do with transparency and everything to do with not giving a shit about insignificant discussions that happened on this forum years ago, but I mean hell, you run beefs for years on end about trivial bullshit so why would i expect anything different.

Everything to do with transparency (proven by the admission of not giving a shit) and another tantrum.

No, the subject is racism. Not Hawthorn. Racism. It belongs on the same thread otherwise the core issue is not being taken seriously. Like it or not.

Your subject is racism. The thread was about AFL racism and specifically called out me and beau. You want to complain about the wider society issues start a thread on it, but you didnt, and you didnt recognise the thread for what it was – a troll looking for a response from me and bea. Next time be smarter.

THE subject is racism, and you hopped around it for racial convenience. The last bit is yet another tantrum because if I was looking for a response I would have have stayed. You lot chose to respond.

I can quantify it easily – by the number of grand finals played. Aussie Rules had way more than thugby league. No assumption at all by me. Massive assumption by you.

[beep!]ing lol. That by no means quantifies crowds and television ratings across a year for the entire code. You are massively over-reaching, If ratings data existed for that, Id have it already.

It does and you can’t avoid it – except throw another tantrum and be elitist while you’re at it.

The facts speak for themselves. You’re only denying being owned because you are a bully.

lol. sure. And your nothing but a whiner who cant handle being disagreed with. History repeats over and over. And not just on this forum.

That’s another tantrum.

And a note – I was talking about you commenting on the forum on this subject instead of coming here and commenting. You can say what you want elsewhere over there. I don’t give a crap. Thinking that I’m full of it proves that you and they are not interested in the truth. Not my belief – the truth.

You ran from here to your own little safe space. YOU RAN. You disengaged us. Not us, we’re still here. Im not going to your piece of crap website to discuss shit when i can do it quite happily here with all the people you denigrated this afternoon.

Oh have a big sook about it. I’m saying things here that you can’t handle and it’s YOUR safe space, little boy, over on that forum. Somebody call a WAHHHmbulance!

Piss weak, Wookie. Piss weak. And you’ll prove me right if you reply to this on the forum. You told me to let it go. Take your own advice and quit while you’re behind.

Piss weak is continuing to come back here after telling all and sundry that you were done here for good, but your such an idiot that you cant stay away for some reason. Piss weak is making a post calling the entire forum racist, then deleting said post, posting a link to your half arsed website and expecting the same forum users you slandered to join you in happy phil gluyas land where all his mates can gather around and sing kumbya and complain about the mean folks at TF. Actually piss weak isnt strong enough. Your [beep!]ing just straight up delusional.

Pot, kettle, black, sook. Grow up and get your balls to drop properly, sunshine. You’re pathetic.

TLPG – Your a whiny coward who has run from every disagreement and played the victim on every forum you’ve ever been on whether its called for or not, including from here.

Im not going to your stupid forum with its stupid sycophants when you started this shit here. If you are so chicken hearted you cant even back your own original post up with the discussion it warrants without requiring us to go over to some other stupid website then thats on you. Not us.

We didnt make you go there, we didnt make you run off like the snivelling coward you are with your hit and run post. You chose to leave, and Im refusing to follow.

In any case, while this has been a delightful day of time wasting bullshit, Im done with you.

And the final tantrum. Refusing to follow = coward in spades. It’s not on me. It’s on you and the other idiots for being what I called you – racists. And the stench will remain. I made a choice to be a bigger man and move away from a low form of human life. I’m not the victim. You are – the victim of a call out that you never will recover from because you don’t want to.

And AFLCrap1 lived up to his name;

Lol that was a smashing
Old run away liar is too stupid to realise there is no one backing up his crap .
For once both AFL & RL posters are all on the one side …laughing at his dummy spit & getting the lols out of his rantings on his pathetic site .
Long may it last
It’s comedy gold .

Plenty are backing me up – the ones who are not racists. AFLC is delusional but then he always was. Anyone laughing at my comments, or calling it all “Gold” as Pussycat also did, has no idea.

What type of gutless turd makes a big rant post on here then runs away & wants to argue about it on his own warped site 🤣🤣
welcome to Clownsville
Population ..1….TLliarPG.

AFLC showing that if anyone is a clown it’s him. He has no clue.

it really is amazing. lol

Apparently him running away is all fine, Me though, Im a coward for not chasing him over there.

The absurdity. I mean we’ve had some stupid arguments here on TF before, but this is the best yet

As already said I didn’t run. I walked. He was the one who complained that there was no commenting capacity on that thread (my error and I admitted it), but when I corrected it he backed off. That’s the true absurdity. And Wookie doesn’t know the history of the forum – he missed out on the nonsense from Raider Dave and KE before, and he knew KE was trouble.

Scratcher called AFLCrap1 out for not looking here to see how many friends I have, and AFLC made a fool of himself again.

Some twit called Scratcher is up set that I had a shot at the TLPG coward .
He can always join here & tell us not to be so mean .
Lol his crying over on his site got him the attention he so badly seeks .

Craig wasn’t crying at all! He was merely making a valid point which went straight over AFLC’s head as always.

AFLC then saw Tipster’s comment (and ignored Sync’s);

:(/ :(/ :(/
TLPG liar is havin a circle jerk at his site with his other liar mates
Lol one found a story from the Darling downs about a spectator banned for a racial slur
. Lol apparently it’s me .wow
His detective work is as good As last time when he was 100% wrong about me 🤣🤣.
Stick to finger painting with your morning shit & telling lies
It’s what you excel at 🤣🤣
Try better than that you imbas.
Just stick to a circle jerk 🤣🤣

I wasn’t 100 percent wrong at all and he knew it at the time. This is the whine of a guilty person.
And then Wookie returned and took the comments being made thus;
Well [beep!] me its the offseason now and this shit is still going on
Wookie you are a racist [beep!] wit and Time called you out and you won’t come here and admit you [beep!]ed it up!! Hawthorn – racist. Newcastle – racist. Same [beep!]ing thing! Stop making [beep!]ing excuses!!!
[beep!]ing lol. Phil called us out and then ran like a whiny bitch from the consequences. I dont need to go to your special [beep!]ing wonderworld full of lollipops, fairy floss and phils personal delusions, he started this shit here. He can finish it here.
No it finishes here – in public and not in private on that forum.
AFLCrap1 lives in Pittsworth and was suspended from local rugby league as a spectator in August for racism for ten years. Last week though the suspension was reduced on appeal as “not serious”. Says a lot about his attitude doesn’t it?

Certainly not obsessed or stalking you there AFLcrap1 lol

It’s public news, moron. If you have a problem with stalking talk to the ABC website or the Chronicle.
I could have told you returning was a waste of energy, Phil. They are bullies, and yet they say everything you’ve quoted behind the members only screen because they know they can get into big trouble if they say it themselves in public. You have that courage. That makes you the bigger man no matter what they say.

WE could have told him it was a waste of energy. He didnt exactly get an engraved invitation to return, we werent pining for him in his absence or anything and then HE started to mouth off like the TLPG of old. Get into trouble? for what exactly? And courage isnt exactly what id call stirring up a forum, running off like a whiny bitch and then crying when the people he bitched about wont go to his own private [beep!]ing playland full of his own sycophantic heroes.

There Wookie goes again with another tantrum. I have an account there so I could return if I wanted to. I don’t need an invitation. As for pining for my return – WTF? Is he serious? And as far as mouthing off goes – sounds to me like Wookie has a problem with freedom of speech when HE doesn’t like it! What a hypocrite! I wasn’t stirring things up. The racists were doing that and I called it out. And when it was obvious that nothing was going to be done about it – that is not running off. That is stepping back from a dangerous and toxic environment, and then called it out publicly instead of on the private section as NSWAFL said. I have the courage to do that, and they don’t.

Ill say it again for the slower folks over there. He started this shit here on this forum. No one asked him to, no one forced him to. and no one forced him to turn tail and run back to his safe place.

The shit started with the racists, not me, and the racists were the ones who forced my hand. The one who is turning tail and running is Wookie because he is too scared to use his own words in public off his own bat. So I take them and bring them out for him. Have a sook, coward, because that is all you are and the forum is dying because of you and your fellow racially ignorant bullies.

And of course AFLC plays the sycophant.

Fruitloop central over on Phil’s site .
Lol so their claim shows they either try to stalk people. Not uncommon with some AFL types .
Or they just tell lies .TLPG liar gets a gold medal here

Either way shows how strange they are .

Real world you mean, racist. As I have already said – no stalking. And also as I said it shows he did do the deed. He wouldn’t be complaining about it otherwise. It is not exclusive to any group of the community. It goes to show what a liar HE is – not to mention strange although there really is no such thing. It’s like defining normal – it’s a dryer setting and nothing else.

Bye bye all.

Talking Footy is a racist forum

When I went back to this forum back in early August for the first time in eight years I figured things were in better shape.

I was wrong.

The forum has in fact worsened since I left, and it is clear now that it is not a safe environment.

Racism is rife, including apologism for it. I am talking about totally ignoring Newcastle’s issue in August, in favour of a perception that the AFL is the whole problem. They are not the whole problem. They are part of it – no doubt – and yet the sheer ignorance of racism in other sports in equally unacceptable. The members there who have called out the AFL are all NRL supporters. It’s an argument of convenience. They refuse to acknowledge the issues the NRL has had over the years. The true way to solve the problem is not to attack the perpetrators. The way to solve it is to attack the racism itself. And that attack is black and white (pardon the reference). It’s either racist or it’s not. If it’s racist it has to be punished.

Tez (Terry) and AFLC (AFLCrap1) have run with the wrong perception – and being apologists for racism in the NRL in the process. But that’s just the start. Fred and Wookie aren’t being the apologists the others are, but they are still not acknowledging the core issue. Even Quolls blew it by not calling out the AFL on it’s racism within the “official” history of the game. Marn grook is involved. It’s exclusion is racist and that has been that way since the very start in 1858.

And that’s aside from KE (King Eliagh) and his pathetic post calling the AFL fascist using a name and group that should never be mentioned in this context – that is unacceptable to the highest level possible.

And Beau (Beauaussie) has been MIA.

No – not on. And I’m done with the forum. This time it’s for good. You lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

Everything in red above is what I posted on the forum earlier today – with a few minor modifications like the filling out of user names and changed “here” to “there” and associated changes to be more here than there if you follow me. As an aside, Beauaussie’s absence prevented the banning of an obvious spammer up until now even though his two posts were deleted (presumably by the moderator Leeroy). I am not posting again – but have been monitoring the thread up till now and here are the comments;

Actually you Farked it up – when you came back!

pussycat Mark 11 on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

That is a desperation comment from someone who is climate change denier and I called him out on it with proof.

Good lord.

Has the NRL had issues with racism – yes, but not to the extent where star players have been driven from the game, and entire coaching staff at several clubs have been implicated. There is no defence for this and whataboutism doesnt help.

As for the History of the game and marngrook. Sorry, I dont buy it but that doesnt make me a racist just because your a historical revisionist.

Didnt miss you when you left, didnt really need you back since your contributions have been generally just whining about some bullshit or another, and wont miss you when you are gone.

WookieReturns on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

The revisionist history is coming from the AFL, not me. I would expect this from a current member of Big Footy and the reason I left Talking Footy in 2014 because of his pathetic administration. His removal from that position is one reason why I returned. His last paragraph showed that he is an idiot (probably still doesn’t know the real definition of a basket case), and the first paragraph is the apologism I was talking about. He is letting Newcastle off the hook, and lumping the blame 100 percent on Hawthorn.

Make sure you shut the door on the way sookie Lala lololololol!!!!

Terry on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

This one has been sooking non stop from the minute I returned – and even before that apparently!

I wasn’t being racist, I was being factual, and you could not provide any evidence to prove otherwise
For you to call me a racist on the basis that you could not prove your erroneous belief, proves to me you are an idiot.

Quolls2019 on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

Yes he was. And I did provide proof and he bloody well ignored it totally preferring the revisionist racist history done by the AFL. This one proved that not only is he an idiot, he is also willfully ignorant. That’s a racist right there.

Well said The bloke is off with the fairies .
Mate it’s bad when your own side thinks you’re an idiot
But then to prove it over & over was really the icing on the cake from the RL side of the fence .
He won’t be missed

Except for comedy value .

AFLCrap1 on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

This from a lying little moron who edited my words when he quoted me trying to make me look like I said something else as well as lying about my status at the time. Reality is he didn’t see me for comedy value. He was scared of me – and probably still is.

You [beep!]ed it when you got caught out lying
Then going back to edit posts
Posters in here know you lie. & talk utter shit .
& I’m not talking about trolling a rival sport .
You just talk utter rot .
But my guess is you won’t stay away
Kept lurking

AFLCrap1 on Talking Footy on September 27, 2022

See? He lied. I never changed what I said originally. I added a paragraph because I had him on ignore, instead of replying directly, in order to try and short circuit him. He hated that and never recovered from the fact that I was (and still am) too smart for him. I am not lurking – monitoring a single thread (as I said above) is not that.

Upon posting this I will be replacing the original post on the forum concerned with the link to this blog entry. And that will be that.

PS – Would I spend more than a dime to attend the AFL grand final? No I would not – not because of the last two grand finals at the MCG, but because the AFL refuse to support the grass roots. The Murray grand final and the Goulburn Valley grand final were great games and I attended both – money well spent.

Phil’s Year in Review 2021

After a year wrecked by the COVID-19 pandemic one was hoping 2021 would be a lot better. But a pathetic vaccine roll out and some idiots here and there extended matters to the point that 2021 was in places nearly as bad as 2020. I re-iterate publicly as I did on my podcast; I am fully vaccinated courtesy of the Pfizer vaccine and will be getting the booster. Anyone who is not vaccinated without a legitimate medical exemption is an idiot. No excuses.

Politics: The worst news this year was the demise of Spectrum Labor, caused by an infestation of reverse ableism. That forced me to lone wolf mode for now, working through a narrow window to get Autism onto the agenda for the Victorian state government’s platform for the 2022 election. State conference will be when we have anything there. Meanwhile I worked behind the scenes to get a new group going as I knew the lone wolf mode could not be a permanent arrangement. Lockdowns got in the way of this.

I also crossed the international enough line on July 24 with the Freedom Day Rallies and started to work towards taking action there. It was like going through treacle however due to ongoing complacency over the whole thing and being ignored. Luckily the courts started going the right way with the Supreme Court of New South Wales doing the right thing in October, followed by one of the chief lawyers being suspended from legal practice in November and an appeal being dismissed in December. There is more as this will be carrying on into 2022.

Football: Phil’s Weekend got going again with a little bit of help from the Bendigo umpires, but a lockdown from the end of May threw project trips off and caused one week off over the Queen’s Birthday weekend and a series of games either on television or online. Live attendance resumed but then stopped again and all my grand finals ended up being online. Not much was done as a result for the project during the season. I finally got started on that on Trove in November, and in December I returned to the State Library of Victoria for the first time in 23 months. Hopefully this continues into 2022.

Wrestling: New Age Wrestling were going to re-start early in the year but a COVID scare (and a consequent five day lockdown) combined with the aging membership of the Maltese Cultural Association shut that down. And then I had to retire from the local scene due to an increasing load of BS over the pandemic that was distracting to the point that I just had to chuck it away. I wasn’t the only one either. I may go back as a spectator but unless things change drastically I doubt it as long as the troublemakers keep getting booked.

Internet: It took a long time to get Version 13 fully operational and it will continue to do so. The biggest delay in 2021 was the comments from the old blogs on the Word Press side being transferred, relying on other Phil’s World members. This part of the process was completed publicly in September when the last of the public blogs went online. Private blogs took a little longer but that was done in early November. There are two incomplete blogs – Autism Enemies and The Great Hairy Goondex, along with some residual work on the main blog on the Years page. On the Fandom/Wikia side that is still a work in progress with most of the work centred on the Footy Fandom. It’s a huge job. Wikia disappeared in November with everything now on Fandom.

Autism: Outside of politics things were quiet in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Experiences for other Phil’s World members have varied, particularly those in Victoria and New South Wales.

Phil’s Year in Review 2020

This year was the first full year in the Macedon Ranges. It was naturally severely affected by the Corona virus situation and for that reason alone was generally a forgettable year that I think everyone wants behind them. Although it was a relief for the world that America saw sense and voted Donald Trump out! I am looking forward to the vaccine arriving in Australia so that we can put an end to it once and for all.

Politics: The year began big with the submissions to the Senate’s Select Committee on Autism (Spectrum Labor’s and my own) and Victoria’s Legal and Social Issues Committee on Anti Vilification, as well as the hate speech petition to Canberra. The petition only got 74 signatures thanks to the limit of one month, and it was tabled in April as the Corona virus situation slowed up everything. The reply was tabled in August – that was lazy and I followed up and then sent it myself to the Committee. There was the public blow up of the branch stacking issue in the ALP putting the brakes on the committees temporarily and all other voting rights until it was all sorted out. I added my voice to the issue as invited but I couldn’t do much else as everyone was communicating via Zoom and I didn’t have a webcam until late September. Spectrum Labor’s membership expanded a bit towards the end of the year, including Harriet Shing – a Labor member of the Legislative Council in Victoria who is Autistic, giving us a representative on the floor of Spring Street.

I was also active fighting the idiots who were preaching freedom over the restrictions required by the virus, including one lawyer who I reported to the Legal Services Commissioner in New South Wales. I wasn’t the only one either. There was also an anti vaxxer who followed the same route – Solihin Millin. Both busied the All About Anti Vaxxers blog a bit with the lawyer also trying to stop the No Jab No Play regime. I intend to be in court when Millin goes before the beak twice in 2021, and if required in the tribunal in Sydney for the lawyer although that depends on whether or not they need me and I can even go.

Football: The Corona virus situation caused the abandoning of all local football in Victoria leading to no Phil’s Weekend. The second wave caused junior footy in Melbourne to be abandoned as well, and that meant no umpiring and as it was going to be my last year as a field umpire anyway, I announced my retirement – this time for good. The project began with a trip to Canberra in January, but like everything else it all stopped with the Corona virus situation. Due to Version 13 (see below) I couldn’t do anything with the project beyond that point which was otherwise limited to Trove of course.

Wrestling: Locally for me the year began as it ended in 2019 on live commentary. Unfortunately the Corona virus put the brakes on shows and there was nothing for the rest of the year. So it was a quiet year aside from watching WWE and a fun appearance on Powerhouse Live on Facebook.

Internet: On December 20, Version 13 of this website went online. It was a long year of hard work getting everything ready and then a rushed period getting the Fandom aspect up and running once the Word Press aspect was in the best spot. It wasn’t quite all there when I diverted my domain to the main Word Press blog and that will eventually happen in January hopefully. But it’s there now at least. Someone else claimed a Fandom and turned it into a World Events Fandom where I could host my general events albeit written differently. Plenty will be done in early 2021.

Autism: With all the concentration on the political side of things, again this part was quiet.

The Corona virus situation actually helped fire up the forum as most regular members were more active. Jaden Taylor was able to attend his first live game of footy at Perth Stadium with his father to see the Eagles smash Collingwood and Josh Kennedy boot seven goals. Everyone on the forum who had a job was able to work from home – except for Pedro who’s job went west. Tegan as a nurse’s aid of course was on the front line.

Version 13 is here

When I made the decision 12 months ago to shift off a fully hosted domain to a free multi layout over Word Press and Fandom/Wikia, I knew 2020 would be busy. But then COVID-19 changed things enabling me to get a lot done during it’s heights in April and May, and then July and August into September. Of course it wasn’t everything but by mid June out of the 24 blogs in the Blog Lobby area (including the ones that stay private) I completed 15 and the core blogs including this one were also worked on. I was soon down to just three before taking a break to concentrate on the Fandom/Wikia side.

I knew the biggest job would be shifting things to Fandom, especially the football as there was a huge amount to do. I set the pages up but I couldn’t start the score move until after the 2020 season, which was later than usual also because of COVID-19. It required in the first instance offline work in Notepad. The wrestling and the railways were going to Fandom before an incident resulted in a change of plan and moving them and the Goon Show to Word Press. Someone else found a Fandom site that could be converted to something that I could use for General events and I worked on moving the events there.

The offline work on the Footy Fandom was finished on November 22, and started being uploaded on November 26 with Phil’s Weekend and the project material complete. The scores archives are progressing.

The most tedious job was with the new Autism Enemies blog/site – it needed sources forcing re-writes, and the Yuval Levental page took forever due to his Wikipedia editing which carried a lot of weight on his enemy status, although his banning from Wikipedia helped. However in late November I decided to just upload what I had with the appropriate disclaimers instead as time got short. These will be fixed progressively.

The blog lobby is presently password protected in it’s entirety while I finish the entries for the two biggest two (Mitchell’s Gadfly and the Hating Autism Response Blog) as well as adding the comments which requires the help of some fellow Phil’s World members.

Phil’s Year in Review 2019

It’s been a busy and at times frustrating year, but there was a bright light near the end of the year with the housing commission finally coming through resulting in what should be my last house move until I enter a nursing home – which should be a long way off. My departure from Ballarat and my arrival in the Macedon Ranges was welcome even if the move was tough. It was worth it though for the stability it provides, along with getting out of Ballarat mainly because of the unresolved death threats from Oliver Canby. He has nothing now.

Politics: It was upsetting that the ALP failed to win the election in May. It hardened my resolve across a number of areas, with most of the year spent preparing for the ALP State Conference in November while trying to keep up with other matters – in particular Spectrum Labor, which became a part of Labor Enabled in late August. I started a petition about hate speech against the Autistic community, which will be relaunched in 2020 as an online petition which can be done through the Parliamentary website. Spectrum Labor held a fringe event at State Conference that was reasonably well received although numbers in attendance were lower than certainly I wanted. The Vaccine War continued on a plain but hopefully it will fire up big time as originally intended in 2020.

Football: I changed up Phil’s Weekend this year as an experiment to try and save some money, and it did work the way I wanted it to even if it wasn’t perfect at times. I’ll be using similar tactics in 2020. Just the one debut grand final this year – North Central in St Arnaud. I also started a change up on my project paperwork and that took some time. So much so I had to postpone two blocks at the State Library of Victoria. The house move also contributed to the delay.

Wrestling: After continuing to referee for the first half of the year, I made my return to live commentary in July at NAW. That was fun and will continue to be fun. I may be expanding in 2020 to a couple of other promotions but it entirely depends.

Internet: The dominant matter this year was a matter that I can’t detail publicly here due to a confidential mediation agreement, but it was the end (hopefully) of the matter against Suzi Olsen once and for all, with my departure from Ballarat maybe also assisting. Her public apology is on my Autism blog. Yuval Levental tried to have this website shut down on two occasions but I fought both off and had to deal with his unwelcome incursions to this site. Eventually it led to the decision to completely change Version 13 for the reasons detailed on the Real Phil G blog as well as on the December podcast.

Autism: Outside of politics this was again a quiet area, and I suspect it will continue to be so. The one exception was the loss of an ally in Fiona O’Leary thanks to her demonstrated lack of commitment to true diversity. This was presented by her reaction to the garbage documentary about Michael Jackson.

It was quiet amongst my friends as well as the Phil’s World forum was the quietest it has ever been. People’s lives move on after all.

Enough is Enough!

In mid November, Oliver Canby got through my referral block of newipnow dot com and accessed my website despite being told as far back as 2012 to stay away – a notice he publicly stated he was ignoring. After all the attempts I have made to keep him off my website – and also keep Yuval Levental off as well – and failed; I’ve had it.

As of now, the blog lobby’s password protection has been removed. Both of you can look. It doesn’t matter. You can take no action to prevent me publishing what I have because it is all legal and above board. I am protected by the following realities of defamation law;

1. As you two are in America it is up to you to prove you (and only you and no one else, Levental) have been defamed. It is not up to me to prove anything. This is the reverse of Australian defamation law where if you defame me it is up to you to prove that what you said about me is in any way defensible. That applies to defamation cases activated by me.

2. Now I don’t know if this would apply in America or not but at a guess this is a pretty good guide when it comes to defences of accusations of defamation. I wouldn’t need to of course if either of you sued me as I said in point 1 but for the record here are the defences that apply;

a. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the defamatory imputations carried by the matter of which the plaintiff complains are substantially true.
b. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that;
(i) the matter carried, in addition to the defamatory imputations of which the plaintiff complains, one or more other imputations (contextual imputations) that are substantially true; and
(ii) the defamatory imputations do not further harm the reputation of the plaintiff because of the substantial truth of the contextual imputations.
c. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that;
(i) the matter was an expression of opinion of the defendant, an employee or agent of the defendant or another person (the commentator) rather than a statement of fact; and
(ii) the opinion related to a matter of public interest; and
(iii) the opinion is based on proper material.
d. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the circumstances of publication were such that the plaintiff was unlikely to sustain any harm.

Each of those applies to what I have said about not just you two, but others as well including Jonathan Mitchell in particular. I state my opinions of the basis of what I believe to be true based on what I have read and am responding to in each instance. I prefer obviously to rely on one’s own words rather than the opinions of others, but I will use the latter if I either agree with the commentary or if I believe the comment to be truthful.

This statement as I said doesn’t just apply to Canby and Levental. It applies to anyone else I have commented on here on the Blog Lobby – Best, Taylor, Cresp/Lurker, Pal, Joseph and Kagan as well as others as the case may be. I take my responsibilities in public comment very seriously. I am aware of my restrictions. The bottom line on all of you is that you have already got yourselves a reputation – and see point 2d in particular before you have a go at me for harming it. I can easily prove you have already done yourselves a lot of harm and I couldn’t harm you any more than that.

So if you want to take some sort of legal action against me – in the immortal words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson;

Just Bring It!!

Eugene, Oregon

I get various interesting locations on Stat Counter on this website – mostly just fly throughs with referring links from my article on the Autism Wikia as an example.

But over the last six days one location has shown up multiple times – same provider (Comcast Cable) and same specifications. And no visible referral in the first instance and what looks like direct access since (which indicates either a bookmark or simply typing in the URL and having it in one’s history). And it did show up earlier in the month for two days with a large number of hits. The focus was on the Autism articles and the enemy articles with big numbers on the indexes of course and Mitchell’s Gadfly. But there were hits elsewhere, even on the football and the wrestling. There were also clicks to my forum, and no message on the contact board there. There were also hits off my website from this person on the Autism Word Press blog, and presumably All About Anti Vaxxers as there was a click out to there as well.

I checked where Eugene was first, suspecting a particular anti vaccine fool who also lives in Oregon. But that one is too far away so at this point I think that’s a wrong assumption.

So who is it?

I’m not really fussed at present – just curious. It’s a fan for sure, but what sort? A genuine fan who likes what I’m writing on my website about Autism and about idiots on my multitude of blogs? Or is it the more sinister form of fan who is trying to dox me to try and shut me up (how I don’t know yet because that sort of thing starts by stealth).

Either way, it’s doing wonders for the number of hits on my website! A total of 415 hits since March 9 (the first of the two days referenced above) which is a little more than half of the whole load this month! That’s always a positive, so if this is some fool trying to prepare to dox me you failed, chump!

And if it is a genuine fan – thank you!

Phil’s Year in Review 2018

2018 I think may have been the start of a period of change for me.

Football: It was steady as she goes this year in particular for the project, but I got a lot done. I went back to Perth in March and as good as cleaned up post World War 2 in so far as newspaper options were concerned with just a few options remaining that can be done either in Canberra or on Trove. I also did some more work in Adelaide, but it was mostly about Trove. Club visits were the same although with metro Melbourne numbers now getting really low it’s becoming an issue certainly financially. My country visits took me to Dartmoor, Ouyen, Poowong, Leongatha and Inverleigh while I took out four more grand finals on my bucket list including my first in Tasmania, the North West FA. The others were the Alberton FL, the Barossa, Light & Gawler FL and the Western Region FL Division 3. Increasing numbers with new umpires meant my spasmodic umpiring was now a penalty for me so it could be that I have done my last grand final.

Wrestling: One of the highlights this year was my return for the first time in five years to NAW – my last foray there was Melton in 2013. In March I refereed there for the first time since 2012 and for the rest of the year re-established myself as the senior referee. It was good to be back on local shows again in Melbourne after having to go to Adelaide to get gigs. But the bigger highlight of the year was my attendance at WWE Super Show-Down at the MCG. A huge crowd and a huge event with the details of my experience in the Personal Events section.

Internet: The big news this year, and it actually started in 2017 but I was being quiet about it because of delays, was my fourth defamation lawsuit. This one was against Suzi Olsen, and such were the delays unfortunately that has spilled into 2019. Meanwhile the nonsense over Canby also continued as he changed tack slightly finding a way to use a known proxy provider directly – Choopa. I tried to fix the IP deny issue myself when my website server provider withdrew it’s support insisting he was being blocked when he wasn’t. Finally I decided “Stuff it” and stopped trying to block his direct approaches. I was still blocking proxies that he persisted with, but that isn’t about him. I don’t want proxies looking at my website lock stock and barrel. I had a solution but Olsen’s nonsense and trying to keep up with the project as well as political stuff prevented me from following up on it.

Politics: Another huge year this year, highlighted by the first full year of Spectrum Labor, and the core of the period of change I was speaking of at the time as well as the political stuff I mentioned just above. Two big highlights from that – ALP state conference in May where I ran a market stall, visited by two Ministers (Jill Hennessey and Jaala Pulford) and the photo with Jill now holds pride of place as my profile pic on my political account on Facebook. The other was a crossover with Autism as Amaze hosting a forum to try and make Autism a political issue. Just before this Spectrum Labor and Amaze formed an alliance for this purpose, which is exactly what I wanted. In other political efforts, I worked hard during the election campaign in Victoria handing out how to vote flyers at pre polling and on election day. The nonsense with Suzi Olsen prevented substantive work on the anti vaxxers as part of the Vaccine War, but hopefully that will advance finally in 2019.

Autism: Outside of politics again this area was quiet, except for late in the year with Yuval Levental trying to remove the Mitchell quotes I added to Wikiquote. That has spilled into 2019 of course.

In general news otherwise it was a quiet year with the highlight amongst the other Phil’s World members was Wally giving away his gay son in a same sex marriage ceremony in January – attended by fellow members Mr Fix-It, Tex, Scratcher and Tegan. I was unable to afford to make the trip.