Phil’s Year in Review 2021

After a year wrecked by the COVID-19 pandemic one was hoping 2021 would be a lot better. But a pathetic vaccine roll out and some idiots here and there extended matters to the point that 2021 was in places nearly as bad as 2020. I re-iterate publicly as I did on my podcast; I am fully vaccinated courtesy of the Pfizer vaccine and will be getting the booster. Anyone who is not vaccinated without a legitimate medical exemption is an idiot. No excuses.

Politics: The worst news this year was the demise of Spectrum Labor, caused by an infestation of reverse ableism. That forced me to lone wolf mode for now, working through a narrow window to get Autism onto the agenda for the Victorian state government’s platform for the 2022 election. State conference will be when we have anything there. Meanwhile I worked behind the scenes to get a new group going as I knew the lone wolf mode could not be a permanent arrangement. Lockdowns got in the way of this.

I also crossed the international enough line on July 24 with the Freedom Day Rallies and started to work towards taking action there. It was like going through treacle however due to ongoing complacency over the whole thing and being ignored. Luckily the courts started going the right way with the Supreme Court of New South Wales doing the right thing in October, followed by one of the chief lawyers being suspended from legal practice in November and an appeal being dismissed in December. There is more as this will be carrying on into 2022.

Football: Phil’s Weekend got going again with a little bit of help from the Bendigo umpires, but a lockdown from the end of May threw project trips off and caused one week off over the Queen’s Birthday weekend and a series of games either on television or online. Live attendance resumed but then stopped again and all my grand finals ended up being online. Not much was done as a result for the project during the season. I finally got started on that on Trove in November, and in December I returned to the State Library of Victoria for the first time in 23 months. Hopefully this continues into 2022.

Wrestling: New Age Wrestling were going to re-start early in the year but a COVID scare (and a consequent five day lockdown) combined with the aging membership of the Maltese Cultural Association shut that down. And then I had to retire from the local scene due to an increasing load of BS over the pandemic that was distracting to the point that I just had to chuck it away. I wasn’t the only one either. I may go back as a spectator but unless things change drastically I doubt it as long as the troublemakers keep getting booked.

Internet: It took a long time to get Version 13 fully operational and it will continue to do so. The biggest delay in 2021 was the comments from the old blogs on the Word Press side being transferred, relying on other Phil’s World members. This part of the process was completed publicly in September when the last of the public blogs went online. Private blogs took a little longer but that was done in early November. There are two incomplete blogs – Autism Enemies and The Great Hairy Goondex, along with some residual work on the main blog on the Years page. On the Fandom/Wikia side that is still a work in progress with most of the work centred on the Footy Fandom. It’s a huge job. Wikia disappeared in November with everything now on Fandom.

Autism: Outside of politics things were quiet in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Experiences for other Phil’s World members have varied, particularly those in Victoria and New South Wales.

Phil’s Year in Review 2020

This year was the first full year in the Macedon Ranges. It was naturally severely affected by the Corona virus situation and for that reason alone was generally a forgettable year that I think everyone wants behind them. Although it was a relief for the world that America saw sense and voted Donald Trump out! I am looking forward to the vaccine arriving in Australia so that we can put an end to it once and for all.

Politics: The year began big with the submissions to the Senate’s Select Committee on Autism (Spectrum Labor’s and my own) and Victoria’s Legal and Social Issues Committee on Anti Vilification, as well as the hate speech petition to Canberra. The petition only got 74 signatures thanks to the limit of one month, and it was tabled in April as the Corona virus situation slowed up everything. The reply was tabled in August – that was lazy and I followed up and then sent it myself to the Committee. There was the public blow up of the branch stacking issue in the ALP putting the brakes on the committees temporarily and all other voting rights until it was all sorted out. I added my voice to the issue as invited but I couldn’t do much else as everyone was communicating via Zoom and I didn’t have a webcam until late September. Spectrum Labor’s membership expanded a bit towards the end of the year, including Harriet Shing – a Labor member of the Legislative Council in Victoria who is Autistic, giving us a representative on the floor of Spring Street.

I was also active fighting the idiots who were preaching freedom over the restrictions required by the virus, including one lawyer who I reported to the Legal Services Commissioner in New South Wales. I wasn’t the only one either. There was also an anti vaxxer who followed the same route – Solihin Millin. Both busied the All About Anti Vaxxers blog a bit with the lawyer also trying to stop the No Jab No Play regime. I intend to be in court when Millin goes before the beak twice in 2021, and if required in the tribunal in Sydney for the lawyer although that depends on whether or not they need me and I can even go.

Football: The Corona virus situation caused the abandoning of all local football in Victoria leading to no Phil’s Weekend. The second wave caused junior footy in Melbourne to be abandoned as well, and that meant no umpiring and as it was going to be my last year as a field umpire anyway, I announced my retirement – this time for good. The project began with a trip to Canberra in January, but like everything else it all stopped with the Corona virus situation. Due to Version 13 (see below) I couldn’t do anything with the project beyond that point which was otherwise limited to Trove of course.

Wrestling: Locally for me the year began as it ended in 2019 on live commentary. Unfortunately the Corona virus put the brakes on shows and there was nothing for the rest of the year. So it was a quiet year aside from watching WWE and a fun appearance on Powerhouse Live on Facebook.

Internet: On December 20, Version 13 of this website went online. It was a long year of hard work getting everything ready and then a rushed period getting the Fandom aspect up and running once the Word Press aspect was in the best spot. It wasn’t quite all there when I diverted my domain to the main Word Press blog and that will eventually happen in January hopefully. But it’s there now at least. Someone else claimed a Fandom and turned it into a World Events Fandom where I could host my general events albeit written differently. Plenty will be done in early 2021.

Autism: With all the concentration on the political side of things, again this part was quiet.

The Corona virus situation actually helped fire up the forum as most regular members were more active. Jaden Taylor was able to attend his first live game of footy at Perth Stadium with his father to see the Eagles smash Collingwood and Josh Kennedy boot seven goals. Everyone on the forum who had a job was able to work from home – except for Pedro who’s job went west. Tegan as a nurse’s aid of course was on the front line.

Version 13 is here

When I made the decision 12 months ago to shift off a fully hosted domain to a free multi layout over Word Press and Fandom/Wikia, I knew 2020 would be busy. But then COVID-19 changed things enabling me to get a lot done during it’s heights in April and May, and then July and August into September. Of course it wasn’t everything but by mid June out of the 24 blogs in the Blog Lobby area (including the ones that stay private) I completed 15 and the core blogs including this one were also worked on. I was soon down to just three before taking a break to concentrate on the Fandom/Wikia side.

I knew the biggest job would be shifting things to Fandom, especially the football as there was a huge amount to do. I set the pages up but I couldn’t start the score move until after the 2020 season, which was later than usual also because of COVID-19. It required in the first instance offline work in Notepad. The wrestling and the railways were going to Fandom before an incident resulted in a change of plan and moving them and the Goon Show to Word Press. Someone else found a Fandom site that could be converted to something that I could use for General events and I worked on moving the events there.

The offline work on the Footy Fandom was finished on November 22, and started being uploaded on November 26 with Phil’s Weekend and the project material complete. The scores archives are progressing.

The most tedious job was with the new Autism Enemies blog/site – it needed sources forcing re-writes, and the Yuval Levental page took forever due to his Wikipedia editing which carried a lot of weight on his enemy status, although his banning from Wikipedia helped. However in late November I decided to just upload what I had with the appropriate disclaimers instead as time got short. These will be fixed progressively.

The blog lobby is presently password protected in it’s entirety while I finish the entries for the two biggest two (Mitchell’s Gadfly and the Hating Autism Response Blog) as well as adding the comments which requires the help of some fellow Phil’s World members.

Phil’s Year in Review 2019

It’s been a busy and at times frustrating year, but there was a bright light near the end of the year with the housing commission finally coming through resulting in what should be my last house move until I enter a nursing home – which should be a long way off. My departure from Ballarat and my arrival in the Macedon Ranges was welcome even if the move was tough. It was worth it though for the stability it provides, along with getting out of Ballarat mainly because of the unresolved death threats from Oliver Canby. He has nothing now.

Politics: It was upsetting that the ALP failed to win the election in May. It hardened my resolve across a number of areas, with most of the year spent preparing for the ALP State Conference in November while trying to keep up with other matters – in particular Spectrum Labor, which became a part of Labor Enabled in late August. I started a petition about hate speech against the Autistic community, which will be relaunched in 2020 as an online petition which can be done through the Parliamentary website. Spectrum Labor held a fringe event at State Conference that was reasonably well received although numbers in attendance were lower than certainly I wanted. The Vaccine War continued on a plain but hopefully it will fire up big time as originally intended in 2020.

Football: I changed up Phil’s Weekend this year as an experiment to try and save some money, and it did work the way I wanted it to even if it wasn’t perfect at times. I’ll be using similar tactics in 2020. Just the one debut grand final this year – North Central in St Arnaud. I also started a change up on my project paperwork and that took some time. So much so I had to postpone two blocks at the State Library of Victoria. The house move also contributed to the delay.

Wrestling: After continuing to referee for the first half of the year, I made my return to live commentary in July at NAW. That was fun and will continue to be fun. I may be expanding in 2020 to a couple of other promotions but it entirely depends.

Internet: The dominant matter this year was a matter that I can’t detail publicly here due to a confidential mediation agreement, but it was the end (hopefully) of the matter against Suzi Olsen once and for all, with my departure from Ballarat maybe also assisting. Her public apology is on my Autism blog. Yuval Levental tried to have this website shut down on two occasions but I fought both off and had to deal with his unwelcome incursions to this site. Eventually it led to the decision to completely change Version 13 for the reasons detailed on the Real Phil G blog as well as on the December podcast.

Autism: Outside of politics this was again a quiet area, and I suspect it will continue to be so. The one exception was the loss of an ally in Fiona O’Leary thanks to her demonstrated lack of commitment to true diversity. This was presented by her reaction to the garbage documentary about Michael Jackson.

It was quiet amongst my friends as well as the Phil’s World forum was the quietest it has ever been. People’s lives move on after all.

Enough is Enough!

In mid November, Oliver Canby got through my referral block of newipnow dot com and accessed my website despite being told as far back as 2012 to stay away – a notice he publicly stated he was ignoring. After all the attempts I have made to keep him off my website – and also keep Yuval Levental off as well – and failed; I’ve had it.

As of now, the blog lobby’s password protection has been removed. Both of you can look. It doesn’t matter. You can take no action to prevent me publishing what I have because it is all legal and above board. I am protected by the following realities of defamation law;

1. As you two are in America it is up to you to prove you (and only you and no one else, Levental) have been defamed. It is not up to me to prove anything. This is the reverse of Australian defamation law where if you defame me it is up to you to prove that what you said about me is in any way defensible. That applies to defamation cases activated by me.

2. Now I don’t know if this would apply in America or not but at a guess this is a pretty good guide when it comes to defences of accusations of defamation. I wouldn’t need to of course if either of you sued me as I said in point 1 but for the record here are the defences that apply;

a. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the defamatory imputations carried by the matter of which the plaintiff complains are substantially true.
b. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that;
(i) the matter carried, in addition to the defamatory imputations of which the plaintiff complains, one or more other imputations (contextual imputations) that are substantially true; and
(ii) the defamatory imputations do not further harm the reputation of the plaintiff because of the substantial truth of the contextual imputations.
c. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that;
(i) the matter was an expression of opinion of the defendant, an employee or agent of the defendant or another person (the commentator) rather than a statement of fact; and
(ii) the opinion related to a matter of public interest; and
(iii) the opinion is based on proper material.
d. It is a defence to the publication of defamatory matter if the defendant proves that the circumstances of publication were such that the plaintiff was unlikely to sustain any harm.

Each of those applies to what I have said about not just you two, but others as well including Jonathan Mitchell in particular. I state my opinions of the basis of what I believe to be true based on what I have read and am responding to in each instance. I prefer obviously to rely on one’s own words rather than the opinions of others, but I will use the latter if I either agree with the commentary or if I believe the comment to be truthful.

This statement as I said doesn’t just apply to Canby and Levental. It applies to anyone else I have commented on here on the Blog Lobby – Best, Taylor, Cresp/Lurker, Pal, Joseph and Kagan as well as others as the case may be. I take my responsibilities in public comment very seriously. I am aware of my restrictions. The bottom line on all of you is that you have already got yourselves a reputation – and see point 2d in particular before you have a go at me for harming it. I can easily prove you have already done yourselves a lot of harm and I couldn’t harm you any more than that.

So if you want to take some sort of legal action against me – in the immortal words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson;

Just Bring It!!

Eugene, Oregon

I get various interesting locations on Stat Counter on this website – mostly just fly throughs with referring links from my article on the Autism Wikia as an example.

But over the last six days one location has shown up multiple times – same provider (Comcast Cable) and same specifications. And no visible referral in the first instance and what looks like direct access since (which indicates either a bookmark or simply typing in the URL and having it in one’s history). And it did show up earlier in the month for two days with a large number of hits. The focus was on the Autism articles and the enemy articles with big numbers on the indexes of course and Mitchell’s Gadfly. But there were hits elsewhere, even on the football and the wrestling. There were also clicks to my forum, and no message on the contact board there. There were also hits off my website from this person on the Autism Word Press blog, and presumably All About Anti Vaxxers as there was a click out to there as well.

I checked where Eugene was first, suspecting a particular anti vaccine fool who also lives in Oregon. But that one is too far away so at this point I think that’s a wrong assumption.

So who is it?

I’m not really fussed at present – just curious. It’s a fan for sure, but what sort? A genuine fan who likes what I’m writing on my website about Autism and about idiots on my multitude of blogs? Or is it the more sinister form of fan who is trying to dox me to try and shut me up (how I don’t know yet because that sort of thing starts by stealth).

Either way, it’s doing wonders for the number of hits on my website! A total of 415 hits since March 9 (the first of the two days referenced above) which is a little more than half of the whole load this month! That’s always a positive, so if this is some fool trying to prepare to dox me you failed, chump!

And if it is a genuine fan – thank you!

Phil’s Year in Review 2018

2018 I think may have been the start of a period of change for me.

Football: It was steady as she goes this year in particular for the project, but I got a lot done. I went back to Perth in March and as good as cleaned up post World War 2 in so far as newspaper options were concerned with just a few options remaining that can be done either in Canberra or on Trove. I also did some more work in Adelaide, but it was mostly about Trove. Club visits were the same although with metro Melbourne numbers now getting really low it’s becoming an issue certainly financially. My country visits took me to Dartmoor, Ouyen, Poowong, Leongatha and Inverleigh while I took out four more grand finals on my bucket list including my first in Tasmania, the North West FA. The others were the Alberton FL, the Barossa, Light & Gawler FL and the Western Region FL Division 3. Increasing numbers with new umpires meant my spasmodic umpiring was now a penalty for me so it could be that I have done my last grand final.

Wrestling: One of the highlights this year was my return for the first time in five years to NAW – my last foray there was Melton in 2013. In March I refereed there for the first time since 2012 and for the rest of the year re-established myself as the senior referee. It was good to be back on local shows again in Melbourne after having to go to Adelaide to get gigs. But the bigger highlight of the year was my attendance at WWE Super Show-Down at the MCG. A huge crowd and a huge event with the details of my experience in the Personal Events section.

Internet: The big news this year, and it actually started in 2017 but I was being quiet about it because of delays, was my fourth defamation lawsuit. This one was against Suzi Olsen, and such were the delays unfortunately that has spilled into 2019. Meanwhile the nonsense over Canby also continued as he changed tack slightly finding a way to use a known proxy provider directly – Choopa. I tried to fix the IP deny issue myself when my website server provider withdrew it’s support insisting he was being blocked when he wasn’t. Finally I decided “Stuff it” and stopped trying to block his direct approaches. I was still blocking proxies that he persisted with, but that isn’t about him. I don’t want proxies looking at my website lock stock and barrel. I had a solution but Olsen’s nonsense and trying to keep up with the project as well as political stuff prevented me from following up on it.

Politics: Another huge year this year, highlighted by the first full year of Spectrum Labor, and the core of the period of change I was speaking of at the time as well as the political stuff I mentioned just above. Two big highlights from that – ALP state conference in May where I ran a market stall, visited by two Ministers (Jill Hennessey and Jaala Pulford) and the photo with Jill now holds pride of place as my profile pic on my political account on Facebook. The other was a crossover with Autism as Amaze hosting a forum to try and make Autism a political issue. Just before this Spectrum Labor and Amaze formed an alliance for this purpose, which is exactly what I wanted. In other political efforts, I worked hard during the election campaign in Victoria handing out how to vote flyers at pre polling and on election day. The nonsense with Suzi Olsen prevented substantive work on the anti vaxxers as part of the Vaccine War, but hopefully that will advance finally in 2019.

Autism: Outside of politics again this area was quiet, except for late in the year with Yuval Levental trying to remove the Mitchell quotes I added to Wikiquote. That has spilled into 2019 of course.

In general news otherwise it was a quiet year with the highlight amongst the other Phil’s World members was Wally giving away his gay son in a same sex marriage ceremony in January – attended by fellow members Mr Fix-It, Tex, Scratcher and Tegan. I was unable to afford to make the trip.

Phil’s Year in Review 2017

This was a year with highs and lows.

Football: After the issues with Hobart last year, this year I concentrated on Adelaide per last year’s arrangements. The spasmodic umpiring continued but I was a chance for a grand final until a virus knocked me about preventing a strong finals performance. The project progressed further as I was locking parts off in the libraries while I paid visits to Albury, Boisdale and Ellinbank. I also knocked two more grand finals off my bucket list, the Victorian Amateur C Grade and the North Coast AFL in New South Wales, which wasn’t as many as I would have liked but it was better than none. For summer research I only got to Adelaide once and also to Canberra once.

Wrestling: It was quiet once again this year for me locally, working just one show as a referee in Adelaide for ACW. The most I could do otherwise was keep in touch more or less with my friends on Facebook, and play kayfabe games with the Soldiers of the Highway while I was about it. I was very disappointed when WWE released Tenille Dashwood, AKA Emma, but hopefully she can make her way back some day soon.

Internet: I left Twitter in early April so all my social media outside of my website, the forum and Word Press was on Facebook. My personal account was mostly about general stuff with no real specific highlights that weren’t in other areas. The Vaccine War continued on and should have been hitting another milestone with Version 12 of Phil’s World, but that has been delayed even though the base is there. There was one exception – and that was Google deleting all of Oliver Canby’s death threats aimed at me back in December 2015 and January 2016. At around that time he started stalking my website via proxies which infuriated me because I can’t do anything about it without proxy blocking software which costs, and a lot. There is no criminal recourse for that, and the civil option would take too long and I would have trouble proving to a court that it’s him as well. At the end of the year he somehow started accessing my site despite the IP deny through his own provider. This also upset my server provider and this issue has spilled into 2018. This is the issue that has delayed the Vaccine War milestone.

Politics: Oh wow, what a year! I publicly announced the fact that I had joined the ALP on the March podcast, and I had already wasted no time getting involved with their committee structure as well as the local branch. I attended the state policy consultation in March and spoke personally with four ministers on the one day. That was followed by the state conference in May. Towards the end of the year I co-founded a group within the party specifically for the Autistic community and plans were put in place for 2018 in the lead up to the 2018 Victorian state election and the federal election whenever that will be. The big one associated with that was the Autism inquiry which handed down it’s report in June and the government responded in December extending their full reaction into 2018. It was very busy and naturally I can’t give any more details as that is party business and not for public consumption.

Autism: Outside of politics this was a quiet area. The Vaccine War as of the beginning of 2018 will be a 100 percent political issue.

On June 8, Lee and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Mildura. That was after I had a major operation in April laying me up for a few weeks. It was quiet with the membership of the Phil’s World forum with perhaps the biggest news being Tex Caldwell becoming an Australian citizen on Australia Day and his war whoops after his Houston Astros won the World Series. I was celebrating that as well, not because the Astros won but because the losing team happened to be Oliver Canby’s team – the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Another Google update

I haven’t recorded this since 2015, so it’s time for another update.

The top 10 for today when searching for “Phil Gluyas” (with the quotation marks)
1. The Autism Wikia article on me (up from 5 to 1)
2. This website’s entry page (up from 8 to 2)
3. The Lie Library’s open letter to me (new)
4. The ABC story on my court win over Canby (down from 1 to 4)
5. The Age story on my court case against Canby (up from 6 to 5)
6. The Age story on my court win over Canby (up from 7 to 6)
7. A search result for my name on Facebook (up from 12 to 7)
8. The Crazz Files’ entry on the AV Name Check (new)
9. My Autism Word Press blog (down from 2 to 9)
10. My LinkedIn profile (down from 9 to 10)

Over the page;
11. The NAW promo I did having a go at Iron Horse Morrison & Paul Vaughan (video) (new)
12. The list of images associated with my name (down from 4 to 12)
13. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video) (up from 14 to 13)
14. My letter to the editor of the Bendigo Advertiser about Vaxxed in Castlemaine (new)
15. My closed petition on about the now ignored Limbo Club (new)
16. Lurker’s blog entry claiming I resent all Autistics (up from 20 to 16)
17. Mitchell’s entry about the ASD awards (down from 16 to 17)

18. The article on Best on Rational Wiki where my name is mentioned (no change)
19. The list of submissions to the Autism Enquiry including mine (new)
20. The page on for Episode 20 of the Phil’s World Podcast (new)

There has been a bit of a deterioration over the last two years. In 2015 there were no hostile links on the first page and now there are two (the Lie Library and the Crazz Files). It’s also annoying that the Limbo Club is back although I can blame that on the anti vaxxers for finding that petition and spreading the nonsense in the comments that I can’t delete. I’ll have to deal with that at some point.

Seven new entries means seven disappearances – two of them were from Twitter which is quite right. There was an older episode of the Phil’s World podcast on the last update (Episode 4) which has now been replaced by episode 20. Over on the next page there is a curiosity – the Lurker/Cresp entry is duplicated. The Twitter account listed there is – or was as I had it deleted – an impersonation account. The Left Brain Right Brain article on my win over Best is at number 31 on the fourth page, but that’s it. The Best petition on is gone as has my profile at The Conversation and Mitchell’s 2010 entry about me running for State Parliament back then.

When I changed the search to my full name within the quotation marks this was the result;

1. The ABC story on my court win over Canby (number 4 on the other search and no change on this search)
2. The Crazz Files entry (number 8 on the other search and new on this one as well)
3. The Autism Wikia article on me (number 1 on the other search and new on this one)
4. The Age story on my court case against Canby (number 5 on the other search and down from 2 on this one)
5. The Age story on my court win over Canby (number 6 on the other search and down from 3 on this one)
6. The Lie Library entry (number 2 on the other search and new on this one)
7. The search for my name “Phil” on Facebook (number 7 on the other search and new on this one)
8. My political account on Facebook (not on the other search and new on this one)
9. The Autism Daily Newscast’s article on my win over Canby (not on the other search and new on this one)
10. An article on Ballarat trains back in 2014 with me in the comments (not on the other search and new on this one)

Over the page again;
11. A list of images of me (number 12 on the other search and down from 4 on this one)
12. Marsdens Law Group’s blog entry on my win over Canby (not in the other search and up from 20 on this one)
13. Defamation Watch’s Grapevine Effect tag, which includes the next entry (not in the other search and new on this one)
14. Defamation Watch’s article on my win over Best (not in the other search and down from 6 on this one)
15. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video) (number 13 on the other search and new on this one)
16. A PinInterest link to an article about my win over Canby (not in the other search and new on this one)
17.’s story about my loss to Google in VCAT (not in the other search and new on this one)
18. The mobile version of my political Twitter account (not in the other search and new on this one)
19. The Ararat Addy’s story on my meeting in Ararat during the 2014 campaign (not in the other search and down from 12 on this one)
20. Salvation Army Captain Philip Gluyas’ Google Plus account (not in the other search and new on this one)

There are a lot of differences on this one – 14 to be exact. Again though the hostile entries (which were totally absent in the top 20 in 2015) have increased. The two in the top ten. I’m not happy with the loss in VCAT showing up either. But my namesake in Sydney only has one entry compared to four last time including three in the top ten. Lurker is still there on the third page up to 31 from 33. I stopped looking at page five.

I still intend to work on these results and do my best to get rid of the hostile ones. But as it was two years ago it’s not a priority.

Phil’s Year in Review 2016

It was a mixed year but it was not too bad all up.

Football: I mixed it up with umpiring this year for the first time, running games in Adelaide and around Hobart. It didn’t work as well as I wanted financially, particularly with Hobart, due to the accommodation costs. It also cost me any chance of a grand final, but I don’t mind that because I suspected that would happen. Besides, I suffered a calf strain (the dreaded old man’s injury) and my season ended early anyway. I got to commentate instead on a group of grand finals, and I was rusty but I did okay. The only help came to cutting club visit numbers in Adelaide and around Hobart thanks to the umpiring group getting me to places like Richmond and Pontville that would have added to the financial woes otherwise. I was grateful for that because I couldn’t get going on the project during the winter as I needed to update the paperwork. But I got quite a bit done anyway, including a Perth visit to go with my first grand finals there. In the end I also made big inroads into the work on metro Melbourne, work that will continue in 2017.

Wrestling: Unfortunately the Night Cap Wrestling Federation folded up early in the year due to the owner’s severe back issues. I got to work a couple of Adelaide Championship Wrestling shows but that was all. Aside from that the year was pretty quiet in real life, and I do miss the regular shows. In WWE I was frustrated by three WWE programs disappearing from Fox8, and my finances were strained a bit by an increase in the number of pay per views.

Internet: The Canby threats continued into 2016, and they remain online on his blog to this day. I shut off a major issue early in the year and I added sound effects to my podcast to jazz it up. I returned to Facebook early in the year as well, and established four accounts – the two existing ones joined by two more to replace the pages for my project and for my political efforts. I established the Anti Vaccine (AV) Name Check in late March and that went along nicely after an early spike, before another towards the end of the year (see the political section). I also gained control of the Autism Wikia, and later took charge of two other Wikia’s in a merger. The website wasn’t as busy with new material outside of the football and the wrestling though.

Autism: It was a quiet year, except for the Autism enquiry in Victoria and meeting John Elder Robison – until I ran into another Autistic enemy in Dang Pal mid year. I managed to deal with his two Facebook pages with help, but then I discovered that what he was doing was simply the latest in some really bad behaviour. I tried to follow that up but that has now spilled into 2017 thanks to some dead end enquiries. There was also the Autism Wikia as mentioned.

Politics: What a year it was for me here, especially late in the year! The big issue during the year was my political efforts to resolve the Canby threats. I got some hearing at state level, but the Attorney General in Canberra was a joke. The matter remains unresolved and has spilled into 2017. Of course the big news of the year was Malcolm Turnbull’s July 2 victory, and Donald Trump’s win on November 8. Trump in particular will make 2017 decidedly scary in more ways than one. Late in the year the AV Name Check had another spike, this time partly because I promoted it to the Victorian Health Minister via Twitter and she liked the tweet. She later withdrew it, but not before a bunch of anti vaxxers went off about it and an article appeared on a website erroneously called the Truth Library. I was lucky enough to get to meet the Minister briefly in mid November when I caught up with her at the ALP State Conference (the public were allowed in there) and it resulted in some options that spilled into 2017 as well. I also started my party political efforts again with a new party but that wasn’t finalised by the end of the year so there was no public announcement. That will come in 2017.

Two bannings unfortunately from the Phil’s World membership this year – Marc Rosen was kicked out for telling me that there was nothing that could be done about the anti vaxxers effectively telling me to leave them alone (not happening), and then Andrew Ackner – who had been on thin ice for awhile – finally got banned after supporting employers who don’t look after their employees on safety as well as supporting the total legalisation of marijuana without restriction. The current members support both bannings.

Twinkles and Eagle Eye became parents for a second time in January, and after the US election result Tex informed us that he will be taking out Australian citizenship as would his mother. For Tex that has been a long time coming as he has resided here since 1982.