Welcome to Version 13 of Phil’s World. After hosting a full website over the years I needed to save money (and my host would not assist me with HTAccess issues properly) and that meant going to the freebies – with Word Press front and centre for the more controversial material including the blogs as well as the wrestling, rail travel and The Goon Show. The football material is now on the Fandom website. The political blog has been expanded to hold my old political material. I’ve dumped the fan sections on Doctor Who, Star Wars, Asterix, Tintin, M*A*S*H and Looney Tunes in favour of the existing Fandom sites as well as expanding my Autism Wikia to hold my general articles and the Autism Enemies blog now hosts all of those. The general events are now on a World Events Fandom site in a different expanded form. All the details are on the Potpourri page including the links.

The forum remains as is. I have also kept the domain name which now redirects here.