Phil’s Year in Review 2020

This year was the first full year in the Macedon Ranges. It was naturally severely affected by the Corona virus situation and for that reason alone was generally a forgettable year that I think everyone wants behind them. Although it was a relief for the world that America saw sense and voted Donald Trump out! I am looking forward to the vaccine arriving in Australia so that we can put an end to it once and for all.

Politics: The year began big with the submissions to the Senate’s Select Committee on Autism (Spectrum Labor’s and my own) and Victoria’s Legal and Social Issues Committee on Anti Vilification, as well as the hate speech petition to Canberra. The petition only got 74 signatures thanks to the limit of one month, and it was tabled in April as the Corona virus situation slowed up everything. The reply was tabled in August – that was lazy and I followed up and then sent it myself to the Committee. There was the public blow up of the branch stacking issue in the ALP putting the brakes on the committees temporarily and all other voting rights until it was all sorted out. I added my voice to the issue as invited but I couldn’t do much else as everyone was communicating via Zoom and I didn’t have a webcam until late September. Spectrum Labor’s membership expanded a bit towards the end of the year, including Harriet Shing – a Labor member of the Legislative Council in Victoria who is Autistic, giving us a representative on the floor of Spring Street.

I was also active fighting the idiots who were preaching freedom over the restrictions required by the virus, including one lawyer who I reported to the Legal Services Commissioner in New South Wales. I wasn’t the only one either. There was also an anti vaxxer who followed the same route – Solihin Millin. Both busied the All About Anti Vaxxers blog a bit with the lawyer also trying to stop the No Jab No Play regime. I intend to be in court when Millin goes before the beak twice in 2021, and if required in the tribunal in Sydney for the lawyer although that depends on whether or not they need me and I can even go.

Football: The Corona virus situation caused the abandoning of all local football in Victoria leading to no Phil’s Weekend. The second wave caused junior footy in Melbourne to be abandoned as well, and that meant no umpiring and as it was going to be my last year as a field umpire anyway, I announced my retirement – this time for good. The project began with a trip to Canberra in January, but like everything else it all stopped with the Corona virus situation. Due to Version 13 (see below) I couldn’t do anything with the project beyond that point which was otherwise limited to Trove of course.

Wrestling: Locally for me the year began as it ended in 2019 on live commentary. Unfortunately the Corona virus put the brakes on shows and there was nothing for the rest of the year. So it was a quiet year aside from watching WWE and a fun appearance on Powerhouse Live on Facebook.

Internet: On December 20, Version 13 of this website went online. It was a long year of hard work getting everything ready and then a rushed period getting the Fandom aspect up and running once the Word Press aspect was in the best spot. It wasn’t quite all there when I diverted my domain to the main Word Press blog and that will eventually happen in January hopefully. But it’s there now at least. Someone else claimed a Fandom and turned it into a World Events Fandom where I could host my general events albeit written differently. Plenty will be done in early 2021.

Autism: With all the concentration on the political side of things, again this part was quiet.

The Corona virus situation actually helped fire up the forum as most regular members were more active. Jaden Taylor was able to attend his first live game of footy at Perth Stadium with his father to see the Eagles smash Collingwood and Josh Kennedy boot seven goals. Everyone on the forum who had a job was able to work from home – except for Pedro who’s job went west. Tegan as a nurse’s aid of course was on the front line.