Phil’s Year in Review 2011

Two week delay on the uploading of this update.

2011 was another interesting year – with a mixture of frustrations and some great points. Version 9 of Phil’s World debuted and as mentioned in last year’s review, Phil’s World members Eagle Eye and Twinkles were married on March 19, 2011. In December it was announced that Twinkles was pregnant with their first child, due in June 2012.

Football: Umpiring in 2011 was limited as I tried to fix up debt from the Adelaide/Perth project trip, and the project as a result was restricted to local stuff only. My only trip outside of that was to Horsham on ANZAC Day – until September when a trip was made to Paringa in South Australia’s Riverland. I also made a trip to the Latrobe Valley for the Gippsland finale, as well as the regular trip to Shepparton in early October. Outside of the football season, I mentioned Adelaide and Perth in March as well as another Adelaide journey in October. I returned to Canberra in December. Money matters are now back under control and I plan on returns to Canberra and Adelaide before season 2012. The appearance of scanned papers on the Trove website may also help matters going forward.

Wrestling: It was an exciting year for NAW. My concentration in the first half of the year was on videos and the sound with one show back in commentary in April as well as online promotion. But towards the end of the year I was commentating as well, and we developed and returned to Melton in October and then provided Australia’s first ever proper version of WCW’s War Games in Mulgrave in November. It was tremendous to be a part of that as I finally made my return to show participation leading to getting the position of Commissioner of NAW (a personal event). This is going to make 2012 probably the most exciting year I’ve ever had with pro wrestling – my tenth in the business locally. The other big event of the year was meeting former WWE and TNA wrestler Raven in Adelaide and refereeing on the show where he was in the main event.

Internet: This year was very frustrating with action being required again against Oliver Canby, and a new online enemy arising in the form of [hidden]. Canby’s actions led to a change in the IP Deny structure, reversing it on recommendation from the AFP to stop him from abusing proxy usage to access this site. This work is still ongoing into 2012 because it is such a huge task. The Best action was a slow grind that is now rolling into 2012 as well. I also became moderator on the Talking Footy forum and proceeded to reel in some pathetic thugby fans. I also bought the domain in preparation for the changeover which is in progress as this update is uploaded.

Aspergers: Because of the legals yet again, this was restricted – although I was able to make a presentation to the Productivity Commission in early April about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and consequently present to them the AEOUI study into expenditure for those on the Autistic Spectrum to show that the amount they were proposing was nowhere near enough. Unfortunately it did no good and believe me I’m not done with it yet!

Politics: It was a quiet year on the political front.

All in all, 2011 was probably a better year than 2010. I’m hoping that 2012 will be the best year for a long time.

Website Progress Update

As the 2011 football season has long finished and I have a moment after wrestling commitments two weekends in a row, I have completed another stock take of what is still needing to be done on this website. I have made a lot of progress over several fields, thanks in part to the new layout for Version 9 – which is proving to be a lot less cumbersome than Version 8.

Aside from completing the collecting of comments from the old three forums and whatever is needed from the current forum – as well as adding material from there to the Games folder, here’s the list;

  1. FOOTBALL – The missing scores are completed back to 2000. I didn’t do a 2010/2011 clubs changing leagues story in a break of routine caused partly by this site’s debut and my trip to Western Australia. Aside from that I want to expand the gaps page to reflect what I’m missing prior to 1961 more fully. That will take some time. As will working on the missing scores before 2000 with offline work on 1999 now commenced.
  2. WRESTLING – I’ve been trying to get Wrestling Planet up and running properly but I just haven’t had time. I completed the pay per view pages for WCW and the NWA, but the TNA championship histories pages, and the results for WWE’s Saturday Night’s Main Event are still to be worked on.
  3. POLITICS – The party articles remain on hold and I have been neglecting the commentaries also because of the time factor. The only other outstanding work here is the Action Party policy review work, which I hope to incorporate with the political arm of the Civil Society group.
  4. ASPERGERS – This is all up to date at present. I just hope I don’t have any new enemies to add!
  5. DOCTOR WHO, STAR WARS and MASH – I still have plenty of work to do here in all three, filling out gaps and so forth. I’m going to complete the Doctor Who work before I even start on the Craig and Helper sub section.
  6. ASTERIX, TINTIN, LOONEY TUNES and THE GOON SHOW – This is all on hold pending completion of the other work, but I’m hoping to make a start on these areas sometime in 2012.
  7. GENERAL EVENTS – This is all up to date at present, pending any new additions or anything I might have missed – such as possible articles on Cyclone Tracy and The Great Depression.
  8. YEARS – I have plenty of work to do here to add general events. I’ve added the SANFL premiers with the next aim being the WAFL premiers. I need some user events as well.
  9. RAIL TRAVEL – I’ll be doing another stocktake here as things are changing in a couple of areas.
  10. BLOGS – I have started work on a major format change with the first use of what will eventually be the new website logo. This is pretty much a case of keeping everything up to date, although I did start a re-formatting effort for the Hating Autism Response Blog bringing the font size down a notch. That has now stopped.

I’m also progressing with the IP Deny work, at present going through the ranges by country in the Asia Pacific region in preparation for blocking all countries outside of Australia, New Zealand and Tokelau (for the dot tk extension). Once that is done I’ll be going through Europe to sort the countries out there as well as Africa. Then I start on the big job with North America. South America will be completely blocked.

There’s also the bot work, placing a no archive tag to prevent cache copies being taken of pages – another method people use to avoid IP bans. I’ve done the pages in all the folders except for the wrestling section which is in progress. I also have to tag pages.

A Full Tank of Petrol!

I’ve been a bit neglectful of my activism lately due to the combination of the preparation of the new website, chasing away Canby’s proxies, preparing for the 2011 football season and working hard on the video, sound and publicity needs for New Age Wrestling. The Word Press blog has been neglected as a result as has this blog, but now that the new website is up and running this should change – as should the new IP deny layout which is far wider and at present absolutely vicious and I hope I didn’t catch any innocent people outside of Asia unawares. Of course the new layout heralds the removal of password protection.

If you want news on the Best action, that’s limited to the forum – unless something happens that can be put on the Word Press blog.

And there is other news as well that is also limited to the forum membership – and it’s the reason for the title. I am replenished and raring to go only a bit over a week out from the annual Autism Awareness Day on April 2 (I’m incorporating that into Phil’s Weekend that day) and more to come as well.

Version 9 Debut

Here it is! Version 9 of Phil’s World.

Version 8 was a nice design and all that, but it had a tendency to be cumbersome when I had to do any article updates in some sections. That held back additions somewhat, especially in the political section. I also got a couple of complaints about the font size (1 pt Verdana) and the white on black writing. That of course didn’t apply to the pop up screens that I used for the archives.

Now with this version, I’m using pop ups a lot more. Virtually all the articles are on pop up screens now. I’ve switched to black writing across the board, with the background being white in this general section. I’m using light green for the footy, pale yellow for Aspergers, light pink for wrestling and light blue for politics. The pop ups for the archives in football scores and wrestling however remain white writing on a black background for now as do a few others purely for time reasons. If I get the time I’ll fix those up and I’ll do it offline so it doesn’t get in the way. All the new archives for the football and the wrestling will be in the new colour format.

There are a couple of new games, and new general sections for Asterix, Tintin, Looney Tunes and The Goon Show – even though the articles aren’t done yet. The Star Wars section has now been properly filled out and there are more articles done for General Events.

I’m hoping that this version lasts awhile.

Phil’s Year in Review 2010

2010 was an interesting year – good in some respects and not so good in others.

Football: I switched to goal umpiring this year and it turned into something of a frustrating year with the project as a result. In particular not getting to venues that I wanted and a couple of last minutes changes. I did get some information this year though, including a wonderful reference for the Melbourne CYMS competition. I travelled to Sydney in May and I returned to Hobart in June for the only two interstate journeys during the football season. Outside of the football season I made two trips to Adelaide and one trip to Canberra. Next year I’m not sure about the goal umpiring but it is highly unlikely at this point because of the diminishing options that can fit with the project. I have a couple of ideas though, but I won’t know for sure until at least February 2011.

Wrestling: It was a mixed year in wrestling. I started going great guns in what looked like a permanent move into play by play commentary and ring announcing for NAW – with talk of other things as well. But that went up in smoke when we were suddenly left short of referees so I finished 2010 in the zebra stripes and backstage with just one show back in commentary as a replacement. Outside of the football season I worked for Alpha Wrestling as a referee. But my own issues elsewhere prevented me from going anywhere else – like Adelaide for Blake Mitchell, or anywhere else on the East Coast. Thankfully those interfering issues eased in October/November and I was able to throw myself back into publicity putting reports on Wrestle Hustle and opening an account on Twitter for NAW.

Internet: This was where most of the action was this year. On February 15 there was another delay with VCAT putting it back to April 28 – but meanwhile Best went too far when he found both the 2001 Federal Court decision and the 1991 AAT decision and took both and twisted it. I promptly sued him for it. A new enemy appeared in Oliver Canby – who repeated Paris Tenana’s BS in effect and he was also sued. That was quickly settled as he promptly backed off, but he is still an issue that needed to be watched. Google finally responded to VCAT and contended the Tribunal’s jurisdiction – and to my disgust they got away with it. I couldn’t do anything about it either thanks to the old bugbear of not getting any information on how to fight it. I was going to make enquiries about applying for a warrant in New South Wales to find Tenana, but all this other BS got in the way. The lawsuit against Best stuttered in process with a couple of delays, and then having to re-serve the Writ caused the matter to spill into 2011. Joe Skipsey became a nuisance again, but that’s all he was – a nuisance. I ignored him again except for one blast on Andrew Ackner’s blog and providing him with my address so he could sue me. He didn’t and that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Maybe one day he’ll FINALLY get the message and move on like I have.

I should also mention the establishment of the “Trench Exposed” blog, which was a bit spasmodic because of the afore mentioned distractions.

Aspergers: I wanted to amp up my news coverage this year, but the legal actions got in the way of that despite my efforts to get the new Word Press blog going properly in August. But it was good to get more allies from the Autism Women’s Network, and Cube Demon made more progress much to my delight. Disability Services were no help at all and they referred me on to PACT, a referral that I was only able to follow up on after the football season. That also proved to be useless.

Politics: My main concern this year was getting the enquiry off the ground before the election, but this was also diverted by the legal actions – and also by the federal election. One highlight though was my attendance at the Community Cabinet in Ballarat in February. I tried to get to see the Health Minister but I missed out, and I missed out on being called on to ask a question as well. I did however make a confidential contribution to the Cyber Safety enquiry, and I did the same with a Productivity Commission enquiry. Also it seemed likely that I was going to be able to run in the state election for the Parents Families and Carers Party, but that fell through when they couldn’t get anyone to run with me for the Victorian legislative council. I did however make a couple of suggestions for those that did manage to run through the convener. The petition for the enquiry I wanted was finally up and running just before Christmas.

Other stuff: In the good news story of the year from the website, Andy Taylor (Eagle Eye) and Allison Swift (Twinkles) got engaged in late November. This was very much a Phil’s World event because it was the forum that brought them together along with a chance real life meeting in 2009 that was confirmed on the forum. And I was honoured to be invited to be the best man, as Andy’s brother is overseas and unable to get back home in time for the wedding due to work commitments and travel restrictions. His Bunbury based university mates didn’t like weddings, so I was next down the chute. That pretty much dictated the dates for my project trip to Perth (which I was going to make anyway) in March 2011.

It’s been a decent year all up and 2011 is looking very good.

Uncle Malcolm

They say things happen in threes. In March 2008, Grandpa Thompson passed away. In January 2009, his wife also passed away.

Now, in October 2010, my uncle Malcolm has passed away.

I wasn’t as close to Uncle Malcolm Gray as I was to my grandparents (hence this only being an update rather than a personal event) but he was still a part of the Thompson clan – marrying my mother’s sister Jill in 1969, and giving me three cousins in Katie, Cinnamon and Jonathan. And he was the closest person the extended family had to a celebrity.

Malcolm was in television from 1970 until 1987. He started as a newsreader in Gippsland when the regional stations were separate entities with their own programming. In Gippsland it was Channel Ten (Melbourne’s Channel Ten was Channel 0 at the time) and Malcolm became a local celebrity in much the same way Peter Andren did in Orange when he went into politics. That meant plenty of public appearances in the region and he ended up getting a state public speaking award in 1973. In 1974, the family moved down to Hobart where Malcolm was TVT-6’s newsreader for two years. It was during this time that the Tasman Bridge collapse occurred and Malcolm’s voice went throughout Australia with the news.

Malcolm returned to Melbourne in 1976 to take up a news room position with Channel 0 (they changed to Channel 10 while he was there) – and he was the back up newsreader for them – before his move to Channel 7 in the early 80’s. He was a part of their news team that won a Logie Award for the channel’s coverage of Ash Wednesday – an event that touched Malcolm and the family personally because their home in Upwey was painfully close to South Belgrave, which was one of the many communities that was ravaged by the fires. Malcolm eventually ended up filling in for the weather presentation, only to get the job permanently because his presentation was so entertaining – bringing comparisons with Sydney’s Brian Bury. But in 1987 the newsroom got a shake up and Malcolm was one of several people who got the chop. Included in that was the newsreader Mal Walden, who is now on Ten – and attended the service with another of the Ash Wednesday news people, Pamela Graham.

Since then, Malcolm made a living with public speaking.

Malcolm also followed in the footsteps of the Thompson clan as a devout Christian. He’d studied at the College of the Bible before going into television – and in fact was instrumental in helping setting up the Howrah Church of Christ on Hobart’s eastern shore in the wake of the Tasman Bridge collapse. It was as student minister that he first met Jill, but couldn’t follow up on it until he’d finished up (causing Jill’s younger sister Gwen to “accuse” Malcolm of being “slow on the uptake” – a comment that Malcolm had to read out as he hosted a This Is Your Life for my grandparent’s 50th anniversary in 1991). Malcolm was also a backer of the Church’s Banksia site on Lake Victoria in the Gippsland Lakes.

The memorial service was intended to be happy and not sad. The cutest part was when Malcolm’s five grand children (all children to Cinnamon) gave brief comments about their grandfather – with the eldest Rhianna having to hold the only boy, Cooper, back as he wanted to get at the microphone! That finished with all five kids calling out “We love you, Grandpa!”

There were also a bunch of 30 second tributes, and after Katie had gone into great detail about Malcolm’s mischievous nature, I decided on an act of mischief myself – reflecting on Malcolm’s effort as MC at my wedding to Lee in 1992, and cheekily telling Mum I was still to get her back for feeding Malcolm all my teenage embarrassments! Not to mention Malcolm telling the wedding party our motel room number that night – and how we stopped him from watching Collingwood that day, curiously as I noted against St.Kilda and if I recalled correctly they played a draw that day!! (I have since checked and I was wrong – St.Kilda won by a point).

Malcolm wanted the service to be happy – and he got his wish. It was a fitting farewell.

The Re-Alignment

It’s been a tough couple of weeks trying to re-adjust to the new layout. At this time of the year I’m collecting the current football ladders, and on top of that I have an idiot called Asspie Hater causing trouble for friends and enemies alike – and I’m trying to maintain the Trench Exposed blog as well.

On the positive side it looks like I can keep track of the blogs through the feed and I think I can avoid Stat Counter on those sites with this method. The only exception is when there’s a new post and I have to subscribe to the comments.

I am presently working to catch up on what I’ve missed, especially on Mitchell’s blog. There’s been nothing on Cresp’s and I’ll wait a bit before starting on Canby. I also have to get back to work on the new ASD blog which I have neglected since the beginning of August.

The failure of natural justice

This is my final post on the Google version of this blog. In the next 48 hours or so – this blog and the other blogs and all my interests in Google (this includes You Tube) will be shut down.

This was a result of two factors. The first was Google successfully pushing me out of court as previously noted. Not because I was wrong, but because they used as many lawyers as they could to bury me in technicalities and as a result sidestep the issue. Without legal representation myself I couldn’t fight it.

The second was their skirting of the privacy issue relating to my unlisted telephone number. They refused to delete it despite their Terms of Service AND Australian Privacy Law stating otherwise – and I couldn’t get the Privacy Commission here off their rear ends and helping me out.

Note that there is NO OTHER REASON why I have done this – before anyone claims to have run me off due to any so called pressure they have applied. I would prefer to stay and fight – but not on this inherently dangerous platform.

I make this statement about Google Inc;

Google Inc does not uphold it’s own Terms of Service, in particular it’s content policy. You are in fact permitted to engage in hate speech against protected groups – and they will not act. It can therefore be reasonably assumed that;

  • You can show the world how to create a bomb on their blogs – and they will not act.
  • You can smash your local law to smithereens – and they will not act.
  • You can harass children – and they will not act.
  • You can set out to shock and scare – and they will not act.
  • You can reveal a person’s private details – and they will not act.
  • You can even threaten to kill another person – and they will not act.

This is what Google Inc represent. A complete and utter lack of responsibility for the way their service and products are used. They don’t care about human rights. They don’t care about criminal law outside of the United States. They are wilful accomplices to disgusting and dangerous conduct in the blogosphere. Blogger, You Tube, Chrome and Gmail are not safe for Internet users and you should never use them under any circumstances. Neither are the other Google products.

I call on the Autistic Community to shift it’s interests away from Google products. Google Inc don’t care about us. As far as they are concerned, we don’t qualify as a protected group under their content policy. In fact, they may as well delete it. They don’t uphold it, so why even have it?

I’m leaving Google. I’m shifting to another blog product that is within Australia. I’m moving from You Tube to Live Video. I have no interest in Chrome or Gmail anyway so that doesn’t change. Google Ads will be banished from the Phil’s World forum in early September.

Google Update

I wasn’t going to talk about this here at least until I knew where I was with my next move – but my weekly check for my real name on Google (this time my proper name of Philip rather than Phil) spat out the following link;

It’s true. VCAT threw the case out and I wasn’t happy about it either. The link however does understate the actual case considerably – because the journo relied on the reasons for decision for the story. Had she got in touch with me (the quote she attributed to me came from the decision itself) she would have been told a lot more detail.

This does have a silver lining – because now I have a publicity option. Especially given that Google Inc is on the nose in Australia at present – thanks to their employees allegedly invading people’s privacy while getting street address pics for Google Maps. The matter is in the hands of the AFP upon a report made by the Federal Attorney General.

I’m going to hold my actual reflection on the VCAT hearing for now, given what I have in the chute – and it’s not just the publicity angle. I’ve got two other angles going at the moment and I don’t expect anything from those until at least July.

But Best isn’t safe anyway, because the defamation action is still alive and in fact the next step is about to begin. You’ll be getting another service in the next fortnight, buster, and it’s a big one. Literally!

Why aren’t I working?

A number of people within the Autistic community and indeed elsewhere have been putting pressure on me to get back into the work force over the last few months. Some have attempted to call it a massive negative on my character and one person even tried to tell Centrelink I was a bludger and should be forced into work instead of receiving the Disability Support Pension. This is wrong and I have said time and time again that the situation is not what it seems – especially given my demands for more money. Aside from the recognised fact in general that the DSP isn’t covering life needs. It hasn’t done that since the GST was introduced.

Here are the reasons why I can’t work. And don’t forget – I don’t like this situation, and I am doing my best to fix it up where I can. Also note that this list not in order of importance;

1. Past Employment: An Aspie is reliant on life experience. When it is negative the automatic desire is to avoid bad things. And that is important when it comes to one’s mental health. Australia Post did a lot of damage to my workability. They forced me to stay in an environment that I knew I wasn’t coping with – even before I was diagnosed as an Aspie. A factory floor atmosphere is not Aspie friendly. And when they refused to budge and I couldn’t make them change through a legal action in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal – I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I avoided it only because I took a retirement package. I couldn’t cope – and they didn’t care. They still don’t – refusing to acknowledge my Aspergers DX.

Then there’s the Defence Department. Now that environment was the right one, and yet they applied rules that didn’t apply to that job – and they got away with it. More legal action resulted in me having to file for bankruptcy. It is because of this that I don’t trust employers enough to do the right thing by me. Especially when my special interests aren’t involved. Where they are – there is no employment beyond umpiring football and technically that’s not employment as such. One can’t live off that anyway. There is no money for pro wrestling in Australia – unless you are a promoter and even then it’s a struggle.

2. Employment atmosphere: It is well known that certain atmospheres in the work place are bad for Aspies, because of a lack of base routine and relative autonomy. In recent years the work place in general has shifted towards ad-hoc tasking as a part of a team. This is afflicting environments that used to be safe havens for Aspies, dating back 100 years – like office work and the like. Customer intensive jobs have always been bad for Aspies and that’s why you never saw Aspies in such jobs. Now, such jobs that have routine and autonomy require managerial style qualifications and even then there’s no guarantee of getting that spot. The point is that employment options have been severely restricted to the point of being inaccessible – especially for us adults on the Spectrum.

Labouring jobs are also bad for Aspies, due to an Aspies desire for perfection (get it right). That takes time – time an employer would not have. Then there’s the issue of union controlled environments. They always look after the group first – not the individual. And that is also a bad thing for an Aspie.

3. Commonwealth Medical Officer (CMO): Because of problem 2, the only realistic option for me is the public service. At least until private enterprise reverse their attitude and start providing jobs that are more appropriate for us to take advantage of our skills – and we do have them. And I can’t see that happening in my lifetime although the current GFC might help. But I am cut off from the public service by the CMO. Not only is that a lock off for the public service – it’s also a lock off for private enterprise who use the CMO to decide if a potential employee is fit for employment. My CMO file contains four reports that prevent this – in particular that last one. The one that cost me my job with the Defence Department. It specifically paints Aspergers as a negative in the work place when it’s not when looked after correctly – and specified that I was “unfit for appointment”. That meant the whole public service – and as long as that report stays there I will never be able to get a position in the public service. That – along with three other reports from my time with Australia Post – needs to be removed from my CMO file. Not quashed or over ruled (I’ve already tried that) – just removed.

4. Lifestyle: I last worked full time in 1997. To do nothing for such a long time is just as dangerous to one’s mental health as staying in an environment that threatens one’s mental health. So I have made efforts to keep busy. The result of this is that I’ve developed a lifestyle that suits me. There is one negative as a result though – I don’t have room in my life at the moment for a full time job. Changing that is not something I can do overnight. I have to close off the things that I am doing – and that does NOT mean just dropping it. That’s a bad thing and I would not be able to cope with that. Yet another mental health threat. So I have to get them out of the way as quickly as possible. That’s the main reason why I need more money – so I can do that. The big one over the years has been the football project. That’s been constant since 1992 when I took it up after leaving Australia Post. Other things have been added over the years, especially since I lost the Defence Department job, and my website is the big one there. Along with the commitments of marriage and the time it takes to achieve the rights that Aspies deserve and battling for same – which adds even more work. Not to mention what I do with the wrestling.

5. Legal recognition of the Spectrum: Along with problems 2 and 3, there is also the precedent the Federal Magistrate’s Court set in April 2004 (the one that bankrupted me) that makes it legal to not recognise Aspergers as a factor in employment – removing the protection of the Disability Discrimination Act. Particularly when it came to interfering with one’s routine and autonomy – and using irrelevant factors as an excuse to justify it (AKA inherent requirements of the job). That aspect was clearly being abused, and to this day that is recognised as perfectly legal. That has to change, and the way to change it is to specifically recognise the Spectrum when it comes to employment within the disability structure (that’s the only way it can be done) and subsequently restrict access to the convenient interpretation of what constitutes inherent requirements. That’s what I was a victim of. Until I have that, taking any employment is too much of a mental health risk – again unless it’s within a special interest.

6. Back to school: Another option to address – a return to school or a TAFE college to get the qualifications that are mentioned as a restriction in problem 2. Now aside from the fact that TAFE college qualifications are not recognised as such by employers (only universities do that) it will require me to return to a team atmosphere again. I had enough trouble at school with that, and I’ve found it can be very easy to become a target in any sort of similar seminar style atmosphere. That’s yet another mental health threat. Schools and colleges in that regard don’t provide one on one education which is the only way I could do it. I can’t do it from home because there are too many distractions per problem 4. I have to go to them.

7. Self employment: Talking of not being able to do education things from home, the same also applies to self employment. But there are other factors preventing that as well – in particular the complete lack of routine. When one is self employed, you are at the mercy of your clients. I’ve seen it with another family member, and I want nothing to do with it. There is also the additional issue of the bankruptcy. That will prevent me from borrowing the capital to start a business even if I could cope with it. In Australia you can not do little things like walk dogs or mow lawns for a living – unless you are running a business.

As I said above – I don’t like this situation, and I am doing my best to fix it up where I can. Here is what I am doing;

1. Past Employment: Getting closure here will not be easy. The ideal solution is obviously an apology from both Australia Post and the Defence Department – but I doubt I’ll get that. I guess the only way is to get other work experience that counters what has happened. But it will take a lot of adjustment and it will need a very tolerant employer. Does one exist? In private enterprise I don’t think so. The public service requires a solution to problem 3.

2. Employment atmosphere: The only way this can be fixed is with changes in Disability Discrimination law. That’s why I contributed to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission enquiry into employment of those who are recognised as having a disability. Whether or not I can do anything about this in a large way remains to be seen. The enquiry into the issues of Autistic Spectrum Disorders should play a role in this.

3. Commonwealth Medical Officer (CMO): As indicated above, the key here is to get the reports out of my file. I’m still investigating how to go about that one, but maybe the enquiry could lead to something. Meanwhile at state level, the local Health Department are being prodded about the matter in the hope that maybe they can push a few proverbial buttons. It’s not going well at present though, as the changes made as a result of the Autism State Plan haven’t gone far enough. I’m not giving up though.

Note: This situation has an update here.

4. Lifestyle: Really – there is no solution here. It all boils down to doing whatever I need to away from home. This really shouldn’t be a problem. As far as the major distractions go (ie the project) I need money – or support. This is something that is also lined up for the enquiry – and I’ve already brought it to the attention of the state government through my contribution to the Autism State Plan. Along with the prodding I spoke of in problem 3.

5. Legal recognition of the Spectrum: See problem number 2.

6. Back to school: Unless one of the universities has a one on one program as such, I don’t think anything can be done here. And even if there is, problem 4 has to be resolved first.

7. Self employment: No solution to this one.

These are the facts – along with the unconfirmed assertion that I’m on a black list when it comes to employment agencies. So if anyone wants to call me a bludger, be prepared for a charge of slander. You’ve been warned and told so don’t try and claim verifiable fact because all your so called facts have been destroyed by this update. If there are any options that I have missed I’ll add them below.

And anyone who wants me to ignore my mental health and just go for it doesn’t know what it’s like to narrowly avoid a nervous breakdown, and narrowly avoid death (Christmas 1984). They also don’t know what is required to adjust to life as an Aspie, which I rightly claim the right to do for the highest level of functioning I can get. I don’t act. I am a real person and I will not play the role of a character under any circumstances (except the wrestling of course!).