Phil’s Year in Review 2015

2015 was a better year than 2014 (not very hard!).

Football: After missing out due to my July 2014 hospital stay I was keen to have a good crack at umpiring in 2015 to make up for it. It was spasmodic of course as usual – but to my absolute delight I scored my eighth grand final. The project also had a good year with quite a bit done at the State Library of Victoria and also some interstate stuff including my first interstate summer visits since the summer before last.

Wrestling: I was delighted when I found out that NAW had lost Melton but because of the project I was unable to get my own promotion off the ground the way I wanted to in order to take advantage. I returned to action with new promotion Night Cap Wrestling Federation as a referee. At the end of the year, George Julio retired and my friend Henry Jones asked for some video material for a tribute. I couldn’t follow up on that however due to software issues. It was quiet otherwise as HRPW closed down and I was unable to get to Adelaide to offer my services to ACW.

Internet: Version 11 of Phil’s World debuted on January 1 on schedule (just for a change!) to a much more positive response. I finally finished the security work to my satisfaction after many stops and starts and in May I was able to pull off the security blanket. This was helped by my third defamation victory in a row – over Oliver Canby. On the negative side I had to leave Facebook due to the stalking antics of The Limbo Club – and that touched off a massive effort on my part to make them pay for their conduct somehow. I didn’t get anywhere fast however. My legal contact in New Hampshire pulled out of the Best registration much to my annoyance – I gave him too long to think about it and my illness in 2014 obviously didn’t help. The year ended on a sour note with Canby engaging in death threats again, this time directly. All that has now spilled into 2016.

Autism: Before I left Facebook I was all over the speaking tour by American anti vaccine idiot Sherri Tenpenny, a tour she ultimately cancelled thankfully. Most of the year was concentrated though on the Vaccine War so still no movement on the petition, and that may have to wait further as 2016 is a federal election year. There was also the continuation with the university research which wasn’t getting me anywhere fast. I also started working on the Autism Wikia and hopefully that will bear major fruit early in 2016.

Politics: It was somewhat of a relief when Tony Abbott was replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. It didn’t stop my frustration though with my efforts in the Vaccine War as Sussan Ley continued to ignore everything from Catherine King’s office. Also I couldn’t get the Question I wanted onto the Notice Paper thanks to some gremlins in the works on the ALP side, which I don’t blame Catherine for by the way. At state level I got nowhere fast with the Housing Commission, and Public Transport Victoria continued to be a pain in the rear end over Ballarat’s local buses.

As a combination of the two, I opened a Word Press blog to go with my old Facebook page All About Anti Vaxxers (which is still going and being run by others) and in 2016 I will be going hell for leather after them. They are all inciters of child neglect and need to be punished. I’ll be collecting a lot of material and this will make for a busy year I’m sure

The year ended on a truly happy note with Craig and Tegan getting married on Saturday November 28 on the beach at Portarlington – a change from the original location at Barwon Heads a month before. All of the regular Australian membership of the Phil’s World made it, except for Muesli. Andy and Allison brought Jaden along (and their new bub due in January!) in the longest journey and it was great to finally put faces on Syncompac, Pedro and Mr Fix It even though Sync’s over the top attitude was a bit much for Lee at times. In a terrific move, Tex brought his kids Brad and Lucy along and he even brought his mother Alice as well. A fine lady, but she embarrassed Tex big time when she let his real name slip out and we all heard it! I was the only non Caldwell in the room who knew straight away the lid had been blown off, and Craig had to get the obvious reference in (and not everyone got it and I won’t expand on it because it’ll give it away). Craig though was more serious in his toasts, particularly when he raised his glass to Flash and DMP.

Google Update

I haven’t recorded this since 2013, so it’s time for an update. And things have improved a great deal.

The top 10 for today when searching for “Phil Gluyas” (with the quotation marks)
1. The ABC story on my court win over Canby (new)
2. My Autism Word Press blog (down from 1 to 2)
3. My wrestling Twitter account (up from 15 to 3)
4. A list of images of me (up from 8 to 4)
5. The article on me on the Autism Wikia (new)
6. The Age story on my court case against Canby (new)
7. The Age story on my court win over Canby (new)
8. This website’s entry page (new)
9. My LinkedIn profile (new)
10. Left Brain Right Brain’s article on my court win over Best (up from 14 to 10)

Over the page;
11. A copy entry of my wrestling Twitter account (new)
12. A search result for my name on Facebook (new)
13. My long closed petition on over Best’s long deleted pages on Facebook (new)
14. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video) (down from 11 to 14)
15. My profile at The Conversation (new)
16. Mitchell’s entry about my ASD awards (new)
17. Mitchell’s entry about me running for State Parliament in 2010 (no change)
18. The article on Best on Rational Wiki where my name is mentioned (new)
19. The page on for Episode 4 of the Phil’s World Podcast (new)
20. The entry on Lurker’s blog that somehow needs to be taken down (down from 19 to 20)

The good news is that there are no hostile links on the first page. Everything’s fine there. The first hostile entry doesn’t show up until Mitchell’s pair. The only other hostile one in the top 20 is the Lurker/Cresp entry.

I looked for any of the others, and to my annoyance two entries from the PG5 blog (probably picked up when Best brought it back thinking it was safe) are in the next ten at 29 and 30. But we have to go to page 6 to find the Pace Legal article at 62. And that’s it for the 12 pages of results. Midnight in Chicago’s blog is gone because it has been protected, although there is a tag that has been used on their core website advertising the Newsweek story about Mitchell. No Limbo Club nonsense anymore either.

When I changed the search to my full name within the quotation marks (I’ve never spoken of this before on here) this was the result;

1. The ABC story on my court win over Canby (number 1 on both searches)
2. The Age story on my court case against Canby (number 6 on the other search)
3. The Age story on my court win over Canby (number 7 on the other search)
4. A list of images of me (number 4 on both searches)
5. A Facebook story advertising my 2010 Parliamentary plan (not in the other search)
6. Defamation Watch’s article on my win over Best (not in the other search)
7. My Political Twitter account (not in the other search)
8. The playlist from Sydney based Salvos captain Philip Gluyas’ You Tube account (not in the other search)
9. Captain Gluyas’ You Tube account home page (not in the other search)
10. Likely Captain Gluyas again this time on Vimeo (not in the other search)

Over the page again;
11. A copy entry of my political Twitter account (not in the other search)
12. The Ararat Addy’s story on my meeting in Ararat during the 2014 campaign (not in the other search)
13. Captain Gluyas again – advertising an app he runs (not in the other search)
14. Big Footy’s forum entry on my 2014 campaign (not in the other search)
15. The file on the Autism Wikia with my NAW official pic that was used on the Autism Daily Newscast article on my win over Canby (not in the other search)
16. News United’s link to a Sydney Morning Herald article about my win over Canby (not in the other search)
17. A tag from FemTo Medicine which has nothing now – it appears that they had an article on my case against Canby (not in the other search)
18. Aspie Central’s article on my win over Canby (not in the other search)
19. A PDF file from Ashurst Australia, a newsletter mentioning my win over Canby (not in the other search)
20. Marsdens Law Group’s blog entry on my win over Canby (not in the other search)

The first hostile entry is on the next page – Lurker’s entry at 33. You then have to get to the eighth page to find Best’s Hating Autism entry at 89, which of course you can’t read in Australia as Google has blocked it. And that’s it from 140 results.

It’s not a priority at present, but I do intend to work on these results and do my best to get rid of the hostile ones. It won’t be easy.

The Honourable Fight

When I was travelling to Adelaide a little under a week ago, the movie they showed on board the bus was “The Railway Man” – a movie that I’d heard about and seen snippets of. I got the impression that it was about a man obsessed with the railways and focussed on rants that reminded me of the meltdowns of an Autistic. So I didn’t really pay it much heed.

But I couldn’t help but see the subtitles which had been activated while I was listening to my MP3 player, and I noticed that I was wrong about the rant part. Yes, the title character was a railway enthusiast but this was about something else railway related – the Burma Railway during World War 2.

The rants came from the title character’s inability to cope with what he’d been put through. It’s well known in history how incredibly cruel the Japanese were to Allied prisoners of war in general, and the Burma Railway was one of the most infamous. But what got my attention was when the title character returned to Burma in the day the film was set – the early 1980’s. He met with one of the officers who was a part of the torture, and after an army buddy of his had committed suicide the intent was to return the torture. Tit for tat.

But he didn’t do it – at least, not to the extent that had been done to him. The Japanese officer revealed throughout that ordeal that the old order of the Japanese army during the war was that it wasn’t manly to avoid death in war. At the time the Japanese couldn’t understand why the Allied personnel didn’t have the attitude of preferring to die than talk. It was narrow minded and culturally bigoted. We all know that to this day the Japanese government have never apologised for it. They prefer now to just shelve it and forget it.

But this officer didn’t. He apologised, and most profusely as well by letter after the return ordeal. The result was that the two men became good friends. True story.

Now why am I talking about this here? Simple – honour.

When I was fighting the anti vaccine proponents on Twitter a number of times I came right out and told the mothers who were preaching this nonsense that they were neglecting the children. Yes, harsh I know – and in fact a few immediately accused me of cruelty. This was especially the case when I linked my Autism/Vaccine blog entry about the suicide of James Bradstreet, and I was totally jumped on by two people in particular for said cruelty.

But I see myself as being in the same position as Colin Firth’s character in the movie. Now I’m not claiming for a moment that I’ve been treated as badly as the Japanese treated the POW’s. Heck no! But I have been treated badly for no honourable reason – and I’m not the only one when it comes to the Autistic Spectrum. Autism is feared, and the fools who treat us so badly as a result of this don’t know what damage they are doing – and worse they don’t care. The Japanese didn’t either at the time. Neither did the Germans for the record, and that’s why it’s valid to compare our treatment to what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust – genocide. What the Japanese were doing wasn’t genocide, but it was the same level of cruelty.

So this is the way that it is. I fight the honourable fight. I play tit for tat, but I don’t go as far as I probably would be justified in doing. That’s not right. It’s why I got upset with myself on the two occasions in my life when I forgot that rule for long enough to do the wrong thing – 1999 on the Gold Coast and 2013 in Ballarat. Now I’ll make this clear – both incidents were provoked by the other party, and the second provocation was intentional. Brock Lesnar in WWE has his 11th Commandment; Thou shalt not intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar. I have my own Commandment and it’s almost the same. Don’t intentionally provoke me. I won’t let it rest without vindication. I have that vindication with Paris Tenana, John Best Junior and Oliver Canby. All three of them are silent – Tenana lock stock and barrel and Best and Canby from Blogger (at least in the case of Canby).

I will continue to fight the honourable fight. I have the right to be me. No one has the right to be cruel to another human being unless provoked and even then that reprisal must be measured and most importantly not illegal. With those two exceptions, that is what I have done and will continue to do.

Phil’s Year in Review 2014

2014 was a crazy year, highlighted – or rather lowlighted – by my 25 days in hospital in July. It was of course a personal event. My recovery was rapid under the circumstances however. I was 100 percent by mid October.

Football: I found a league to umpire with in Melbourne and that was going well until July of course. That month also set back the project with no library work until September in Adelaide and the club visits limited to one after July. Prior to that I did manage a day trip to Evandale in Tasmania via Launceston Airport. I visited the MCC Library in December.

Wrestling: Locally 2014 was almost as quiet as 2006, with only one GPW show in March (I missed May because of the short notice leading to a clash with the Evandale football trip) and one HRPW show in October. I kept track of NAW’s activities waiting for the inevitable impeding collapse. I was stunned to see the Candyman invited to their fake tenth anniversary show (it was July and not December) and even more stunned that he accepted. However I was not surprised that I wasn’t invited by the head honchos, and neither was Paul RJ, Daniel Taxman Robinson or Pitbull Craig Cole. Paul’s omission led to Iron Horse and Lowzen refusing to appear and good for them. It remains to be seen what happens given that a new group called EGO has now been formed – borrowing a lot (including a variation on the Fingerpoke of Doom) from the nWo.

Internet: Version 10 of Phil’s World debuted in March and it quickly became unpopular with the Phil’s World membership and it meant that I had to fast track Version 11. It’s going up at the same time as this update. The Canby matter should have been finalised but my hospital stay led to a couple of date clashes in September that the court refused to take into account and they tried to pressure me to attend when I couldn’t. The result is that the case has now spilled into 2015. Registering the Best order in the US was similarly delayed just when I had a lawyer ready to go in June. I’m pleased to say that Suzi Olsen and The Limbo Club ceased to be issues – even though they tried during the election run up (see below). I spread out on Twitter, adding a football specific account – grabbing Olsen’s former account which she does NOT own – with plans in place for changing the TLPGtm account to a wrestling specific one and shifting the general stuff to another new account.

Autism: This was frustrating to say the least. Still no move on the petition thanks to other issues – not just the July hospital stay. The most I did was fight an idiot who I only know as Pro Vax Quacks. My efforts in real life over the issue of those 72 reports that anti vax parents rely upon was also hamstrung as I wasn’t getting anywhere with the universities I had the time to visit.

Politics: This was the other big news of the year. With the Victorian State election on November 29, I was pre-selected for the Legislative Province of Western Victoria for the new People Power Victoria No Smart Meters party in first spot – and this time with a running mate. It meant a huge run around in late October and all of November throughout the electorate doing my best to put myself and the party out there. I got stories published in the Ararat Advertiser, the Portland Observer and the Hamilton Spectator (the Courier ignored me, apparently because they were pro East-West Link and I was against it) and I also made a radio appearance in Geelong in a debate. There was the political angle of my fight against the anti vaxxers which continued to frustrate me and my local member of Parliament as that lazy Health Minister refused to even address the national issue. Thank goodness late in the year that he was replaced by someone else.

It was a rough year for many other members of Phil’s World as well. Mr Fix-It lost his home in a house fire, Wally spent most of the year in legal limbo over an assault on his gay son that took forever to prosecute, and Tex was in a similar legal limbo fighting the Immigration Department over getting his mother here to Australia. Poor Syncompac had a terrible year, spending it mostly in the Northern Territory trying to fix family squabbles and switching at one point from hospital to jail and back to hospital again. He lost his supervisory job because of his absence, but his employer did take him back in his original post once he was back in Adelaide. Great to see.

Craig and Tegan’s wedding was postponed due to an extension in Craig’s contract at the mine in WA, but the new date has been set as has the location. Both have small families so it’ll just be them and the Phil’s World membership in Australia who can get there for the beach ceremony. Craig had a busy year with his mining job and Tegan was similarly busy as a nurse’s aid. Poor Allison was run off her feet by her son (who turned two this year) and her job as it got tough with a lot of people needing support. Andy had a big legal case to assist in, so the Phil’s World forum was relatively quiet in 2014.

The experience was worth it

After I saw the count of first preferences for Western Victoria on the VEC website on Sunday morning before the early voting was counted, I knew I had no hope. Just over 1000 votes prior to pre polling was nowhere near what was required to be competitive. I know from behind their cowardly privacy cloud that The Limbo Club will be carrying on like the children they are bleating all sorts of variations of “What a waste of time” or “Get the message Philthy”. There was one rude comment on Facebook that was duly dispatched to the delete box squealing “Ha Ha you lost”.

But you know what? It was not time wasted. I learned a lot from the six week campaign, and I’m sure the rest of People Power Victoria No Smart Meters would have learned a lot as well. It was a new party that only formed this year on the back of the angst towards how the smart meters were rolled out, so we were behind the eight ball from the start and it was always going to be hard to overcome that hurdle.

The main hold back was money. For me personally I had to take an advance from Centrelink and even then I went into debt to the tune of over $900. When you consider how much I did though that wasn’t too bad. It was mostly eaten up by travel and accommodation costs and printing and photocopying. The biggest expense as a one off was the hire of the function room at the Ararat RSL for the public meeting mid campaign.

The lack of genuine publicity was also a hold back. Nothing at all from the Ballarat Courier or the Geelong Advertiser (that hurt the most because they were the two biggest dailies in the region). In the case of the Courier I heard that they were pro East West Link – and because I was against it they wouldn’t put me in print. But I did get into the Ararat Advertiser and the Hamilton Spectator, with a mention in the Warrnambool Standard (the other daily in western Victoria), the Wimmera Mail Times and the Colac Herald. The Portland Observer published a snipped version of the Spectator story. There was also the debate/forum on Pulse FM radio in Geelong which I thought went pretty well.

I was ignored by ABC radio – mind you they went into damage control at a crucial time thanks to Abbott’s cuts so I guess I can forgive them for that. I couldn’t get anything in to WIN TV, although the cancelled protest by the Country Alliance in Warrnambool was a key factor there. 3BA also ignored me, which was disappointing.

But would I do it all again? You bet I would!

There are obviously things I need to do in the meantime. First off I need to put my membership of PPVNSM under the microscope. Is it the right party for what I want out of politics? I don’t know the answer to that yet, and the way the party responds to the election result for the party in general will have a say. Second, I need a nest egg. I need to save a lot of money for the next crack in 2018. I’ve already done some preliminary quoting with leaflets coming down to just under $950 – if I do everything at Officeworks that is. There are other expenses as well. There is also the issue of clearing my name in certain respects in Google search. That will take some work. It also means that all future contributions I make in terms of legal (Canby for instance) and political require my name to be in public. I hate that after what Canby did in 2012, but if I want to make a go of this I have no choice. As long as my address stays hidden.

Meanwhile, my political fighting in general will continue. Subject to my future with PPVNSM, I will continue to fight for the smart meters to be reviewed. There’s too many danger signals that haven’t been addressed by anyone – with the smoking gun by the World Health Organisation expressing caution of the cancer threat the main concern. There’s also the effort to get the federal Health Minister off his duff over vaccines – that one, unlike the smart meters, contains no danger signals whatsoever – as well as my fight for public housing and the minor issue of bus services and timetables in Ballarat. And it’s been on the backburner for awhile now thanks to the Best action and the Canby action (plus other bits and pieces including the events of July) but I intend to get a committee hearing into the issues of Autism up and running in Canberra. That might dovetail with the vaccines issue and I won’t mind that if it’ll get the paranoid parents to pull their heads in.

But come November 2018, I’ll be at it again at this point. Unless things happen in the mean time that make running for politics unnecessary. We’ll see.

Phil’s Year in Review 2013

2013 was a mixed bag in more ways than one.

Football: I was determined to make up for lost time after a successful beginning to the year with my finances even with the trip to Perth. That trip was a minor success in terms of getting things done. A poor security decision caused my resignation from the Ballarat Umpires (related to an issue in the Internet section) and I had to sit out the rest of the season as all the Melbourne options that I could take were full up. Good for umpiring but not so good for me personally. A calf strain didn’t help. I also got to Adelaide for the first time since 2009 for club visits and I ended up with two trips as well as a return to Tasmania during the season. For the summer I managed two more visits to Adelaide and a change in the scheduling for the State Library of Victoria allowed for more work to get done.

Wrestling: The year began badly as I quit New Age Wrestling show operations due to a combination of several factors surrounding contempt for my efforts to help by certain senior people. I continued to promote the shows on Facebook and on the Wrestling Planet section of my website which became fully active for the first time in several years and I also retained control of the Twitter account and did live results from the shows I attended. But in March I quit altogether after a combination of losing Twitter for protectionist reasons, having a friend banned from an event page for no reason and one other reason that I won’t go into publicly. As far as shows went, like 2006 it was down to Adelaide and I was involved in four shows for HRPW including one involving former WWE Hardcore and Tag Team Champion Bob Holly – who I got to referee in something of a major milestone for me. I also got to meet a great guy by the name of Paul London at OCW – former WWE Cruiserweight champion and Tag Team champion. Karma hit NAW in September when the booker acted in an unprofessional manner and the resulting negative publicity hurt them. I expect them to collapse in 2014 as public support continues to wain.

Internet: Finally after so many delays the matter with Best was concluded early in the year and successfully. I got some of Best’s blogs labelled as defamatory, and with that court ruling Google blocked access to them from Australia. I then set to work on getting the order recognised in the US, and that took awhile as I had to find a way to do it and then find someone to do it! It has spilled into 2014. I went to school on the process that was handled by a court appointed barrister, and I used it against Oliver Canby. This included applications of the court rules that allowed Affidavits from other parties as witness statements, as well as the Evidence Act that allowed second hand references to viewing content. However because I was also making an application under the Wrongs Act as well as defamation this also spilled into 2014 – along with the fact that my lack of umpiring affected my finances and stopped service for a couple of months. And then there was Suzi Olsen, who I successfully took out a restraining order against although the BFUA didn’t support the order as they should have (see the Football section). I don’t mean acting on it. I mean acknowledging it’s existence.

Aspergers/Autism: I didn’t bother with the petition this year because I knew we were due for a federal election. I did consider running as an independent in the Senate, but the lack of a running mate made that impractical (along with the barriers going up thanks to Suzi Olsen and The Limbo Club). At the beginning of the year I ran into some fear issues based in South Australia, in particular Alisa Cooney who I attempted to locate to report as a child abuser for forcing an Autistic child of hers into a shopping centre as some pathetic attempt at reverse aversion therapy. I also got behind a group called the Army of Autism Awareness Angels. On May 22 the DSM-5 came into effect allowing me to call myself Autistic officially. In early October I started a campaign to get science to actually say something about the “vaccines cause Autism” rubbish. I ran into some lethargy issues and a rude Health Department employee who will hopefully get his as that battle goes into 2014.

Politics: This was the worst part of the year for me personally, and that’s aside from the federal election result which annoyed me although not as harshly as it had in 2004. The Housing Commission just refused to play ball. Equal Opportunity Victoria couldn’t sort it out so the matter went to VCAT. They couldn’t sort it out either, ending up deciding against me purely because the issue wasn’t covered for. So I took the matter up with the state Housing Minister – and that went nowhere as well! So did the follow up with the Premier! With a state election due at the end of 2014 it could mean a busy year in the political sphere whether I run myself or not. I have to make a choice on that – run, or make some major noise in some other way. Also, my above mentioned effort with science did have a political angle as I also tried to pressure the new federal government on the issue.

Phil’s World lost two members in 2013, although one of them was already gone and we didn’t know it. That was Mark Page AKA DMP who was killed in a car accident on holiday on the west coast of Tasmania in early 2012. The second was Flash (real name withheld), who died as a result of a vicious assault by one of his neighbours who just didn’t like his line of work as a gigolo. It was sickening. I wasn’t surprised that it got no media coverage as Flash’s family didn’t want it, and coverage would have cost the prosecution witnesses from his client base. In the positive news late in the year Scratcher and his girlfriend Tegan got engaged, and they will marry next summer. No date yet, but Eagle Eye, Twinkles, Syncompac, Tex, Wally and Mr Fix-It have all indicated that they will attend from interstate if they can. The intention is to have a beach wedding on the Surf Coast. I’ve already told them though – no further down the Great Ocean Road than Eastern View!

Google is wrong again

Another check of my name in the Google search has revealed that I have some hard work to do. And it needs to be done as soon as possible.

Here’s the updated top 10 from yesterday (May 13);
1. My Word Press blog (no change)
2. The about page on my Word Press blog (no change)
3. An independent revue of my win over Best by Pace Legal Online Business (up from 20 to 3)
4. A Facebook entry on Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine from Thomas Taylor in 2010 that Suzi Olsen found (new)
5. The reply blog to Suzi Olsen’s blog about the Limbo Club where my name is mentioned (up from 13 to 5)
6. Best’s PG5 blog on me! (down from 4 to 6)
7. That wretched entry on Midnight in Chicago! (up from 11 to 7)
8. Images of me (new)
9. The thread on the Limbo Club calling on me by name to go F myself (new)
10. My profile page at (down from 3 to 10)

Over the page;
11. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video) (down from 6 to 11)
12. The NAW shoot promo I did on Mulgrave for War Games (video) (down from 7 to 12)
13. Elinor Broadbent’s celebratory entry on my win in the Supreme Court over Best on the Autism Empire website (down from 9 to 13)
14. Left Brain Right Brain’s entry on my win over Best (new)
15. My new Twitter account (new)
16. Twitter entry by Midnight in Chicago about my aborted run for Parliament in 2010 (new)
17. Mitchell’s entry about me running for State Parliament in 2010 (down from 5 to 17)
18. The page on my Word Press blog about the Best action (down from 17 to 18)
19. The entry on Lurker’s blog that somehow needs to be taken down (down from 18 to 19)
20. The tag for my name on the MIC Word Press blog (down from 14 to 20)

In the good news, the Pace Legal article has leapt into the top 3 and the Big Footy entry from Swamp Creature and Doherty’s Twitter status have dropped out of the top 20. My Twitter account has found it’s way in as has LBRB’s entry about the win over Best.

But the bad news is the real problem requiring more work to be done.

The new entry at number 4 needs to be removed PDQ. I never saw that back in 2010 and the only reason it re-appeared was because of Olsen. I need to check Taylor’s account and Bruce’s as well if she has one for Olsen’s yammering.

I’m furious that Best’s blog is still showing up on the Australian search. It shouldn’t be because it has been removed from the Australian servers, so Google is getting a blast for that.

I also have to do something about that MIC entry as it has re-entered the top 10, thanks again to Suzi Olsen (and the Limbo Club as well). The appearance of the thread in my name from TLC also has to be removed somehow.

I’ve done this entry without looking beyond the top 20 where some of the other entries that left the top 20 may be, but I am annoyed. I’m going to seek some legal advice on fixing this up as soon as I can.

The Wild Ride

Well, I’ve made a long reaching decision. With a few limited exceptions, my involvement in the Australian wrestling scene as an involved party is at an end. The limited exceptions are the occasional appearance with HRPW in Adelaide and once it gets off the ground BCW in Albury/Wodonga – and supporting when I can GPW in Gippsland. And maybe any others that I can fit in interstate. I may have got a gig with EPW recently in Perth, but they ran into some major booking issues with injuries to key players and I was lost in the shuffle so to speak. That’s okay. It happens. But the point is, I no longer have a home fed.

No doubt a few people will be saying words to the effect of “Thank goodness”. Frankly I don’t care what those people think, because their opinion of me never really mattered. I’m not going to go into detail about the trigger, except to say that two individuals disappointed me – and one of them should have known better. The other doesn’t know better, and I’ll leave that there.

But let’s face it. It’s been a wild ride. I came into this business with dreams like we all do. To be a referee, to be a manager, to be a commentator, to be an authority figure, to run and book a show and/or promotion, and to work a match. Out of those six, I’ve achieved five. The exception is booking and promoting a show – and thanks to my bankruptcy in 2004 that’s never going to happen unless I win Tattslotto. The others have been fantastic. Referee in 2002 when I debuted on August 31 at the Melton Indoor Sports Centre. Commentator in 2003, at the last EWA show in Geelong at the Showgrounds, and at the St.George Association show within two weeks of each other. Manager in 2005 for two shows and then again in August 2006. That show in 2006, XAW Hardcore Paradise, was great in that I did all three that night. That was my only period as a heel. I have also managed as a face, in November 2011 and again in August 2012.

As I reflected in my Mulgrave shoot promo on You Tube, it was a hard battle back from my stupid action of late 2005. But I did it and on November 19, 2011 I officially achieved my fourth dream – authority figure. Commissioner. Later that became Head of Talent in a storyline device. As for working a match, that came completely out of the blue – a Battle Royal in June 2012, and then an eight person tag in July 2012. The tag wasn’t the best match, and only two good things came out of it – tagging with George Julio (belting Paul Vaughan in the belly while George held him wide open for me), and the finish when I was wrapped up in a small package by Lowzen and abusing the heck out of heel referee David Morgan post match. But the rest of my work in that match was rubbish.

Perhaps it was an omen. There was a changing of the guard at NAW in October, and things wound away from my work on the show – even as a referee which I was tiring in anyway. After all – when I debuted I was 37. Now I’m 47 going on 48. But having my work in the sound and video effectively smacked in the head really did hurt.

So is this really it? In this business, as Vince McMahon likes to say, never say never. I’m keeping Wrestling Planet going, and I’ll be keeping in touch with my friends in this business. I won’t name them of course. And if something pops up that interests me and doesn’t involve certain people, I’ll stick my hand up for sure.

But I will name the three people who I want to thank for their help over the years.

1. George Julio – He took me in as a referee and was always on my side when things got hairy. When I did the wrong thing, I admitted it and George was the first person I apologised to back in late 2005. He understood me above most other people, and when I left the show with NAW he understood why. He will always have my utmost respect and he is the core reason (if not the only reason) why NAW remain on my website, when in any other circumstances NAW would have joined the banned brigade.

2. Henry Jones – Without a doubt the best booker in the country. I already knew that even before he took on the job at NAW through his work with PWA Victoria. I always knew he was a professional from the first match I refereed him in, in January 2003 in Geelong. He was down on me a bit in mid 2003, but in the end he knew that I hadn’t done what I had been accused of. It was Henry who booked me into the position of Commissioner – not as a favour or anything, but as a reward for my hard work to improve NAW’s production values as reflected above. That’s what Henry does for anyone. Rewards hard work.

3. Blake Mitchell – Blake cops a lot of undeserved flack, and I am one of the few people willing to defend him. That effort made him a life long buddy. Blake has made mistakes and he’ll be the first to admit that. But he has never to my knowledge made the same mistake twice, and for that he has my respect. As the owner of HRPW and XAW he has been my one and only booker in Adelaide (except for UWA-SA, which Blake was also involved with as a wrestler). Blake has booked me whenever I’m in Adelaide for a show, even on the fly. His booking of me at XAW Hardcore Paradise as commentator, manager and referee was wonderful and I reciprocated at the end of the night with a impromptu pay off for the fans for pissing them off. Something someone else needs to learn (no names)!

Of course there are others as well, but I don’t want to get anyone into trouble for just being my friend. That’s how fickle this business has become. I will just briefly mention three other people who I can name – Kaine Morrison, Erin Davies and Paul RJ. I have to say that Melton in October 2012 was a joy to work as the last one before the guard change. In a way it made up for the my BS work in the tag match in July taking the superkick and the standing moonsault – although I do put that down to actually practising the spot before the show.

In closing this update, I wish everyone the best in their efforts elsewhere. I’ll always be proud to say that I saw Emma/Tenille Tayla in action at PWA Victoria – even if it was just as a valet. I just hope the current storyline they are going with in NXT leads to something positive. I’m delighted for Ryan Rollins getting a AAA contract in Mexico – his in ring style suits that place to a tee and I suspect that may lead him to TNA and their X Division as that would also suit. Nikita Naridian at the same time got a developmental contract with AAA and she has the right attitude to make a go of it. Whether she can get to WWE or TNA is anyone’s guess because that takes more than just the right attitude. I’m not a fan of Matt Silva’s work the limited times I’ve seen him, but I’m prepared to be proved wrong and hopefully he’ll get somewhere in WWE via NXT – and maybe even wipe the memory once and for all of that dummy called Nathan “No Show” Jones.

Googling my name again

It’s been awhile since I did a full update on this, so here we go;

1. My Word Press blog.
2. The about page on my Word Press blog.
3. My profile page at
4. Best’s PG5 blog on me, which should disappear now that it can’t be accessed in Australia.
5. Mitchell’s entry about me running for State Parliament back in 2010.
6. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video).
7. The NAW shoot promo I did on Mulgrave for War Games (video).
8. The NAW promo I did having a go at Iron Horse Morrison and Paul Vaughan (video).
9. Elinor Broadbent’s celebratory entry on my win in the Supreme Court over Best on the Autism Empire website.
10. Matt Hogan’s entry on his blog about Best “condemning Autistic children to life in prison”.

Over the page;
11. That wretched entry on Midnight in Chicago!
12. Matt Hogan’s blog.
13. The reply blog to Suzi Olsen’s blog about the Limbo Club where my name is mentioned.
14. The tag for my name on Word Press (started by MIC and I should start to combat it on my Word Press blog).
15. My wrestling account on Facebook.
16. A stupid Big Footy entry from last year by Swamp Creature, who also posts on the Limbo Club.
17. The page on my Word Press blog about the Best action.
18. The entry on Lurker’s blog that somehow needs to be taken down.
19. Harold Doherty’s Twitter status soon after news broke of my loss to Google in VCAT.
20. An independent review of my win over Best by Pace Legal Online Business.

If you compare this to the first list from late March 2010 a lot has changed, and for the better. Lurker’s nonsense was at #4 at the time (now #18) and that’s the only one that’s still there in the top 20. The next one from the old list is one of the Kim Gilbert/Oakley stunts at #22, followed by Mitchell’s complaint about his HAA award at #27 (it was #1 back in 2010). But then one has to go all the way to page 10 before finding the next entry from the old top 20.

I’m hoping that once I release the IP ban from the world outside of the Asia Pacific soon, the keywords will have an effect and my website in some form or another will shoot into the top 20 and dominate it.

Phil’s Year in Review 2012

2012 was decent year – a better year than the last few.

Football: More debt issues again restricted travel for the project, with the trip to Adelaide plus more legal nonsense getting in the way. That also contributed to a slow start to the season on the website with scores. It meant that yet again the season was restricted to local stuff, with the exception of Woorinen over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, until September as it was in 2011. I went to Pambula and Warrnambool as well as Shepparton as usual. The debt issues also meant more umpiring albeit sporadically – but even that was enough for a seventh grand final in something of a shock to me!

Wrestling: It looked like my journey in NAW would be snuffed out early in the year as certain private issues came up within the roster, but after things were knuckled down upon we settled on a feud between me in the position of Head of Talent Relations and the new kayfabe owner. This was a reversal of the feud between Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff. That included another dream fulfilled – working a match. Two in fact as I participated in a Battle Royal in June and then an eight person tag team match in July. We also expanded to other venues, including Ballarat as well as Sunbury and Colac. That storyline ended in October and as the year finished I was back to referee and stage manager again. I stopped my online WWE reports at the end of June after a decade of writing them. Also after meeting Raven last year, this year I met former WWE US champion and TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan.

Internet: This was what made the year pretty good. I taught Suzi Olsen a bit of a lesson through mediation (the best way to get that done) and after he was served, Oliver Canby went quiet more or less. So did Best, and yet again my case against him suffered delays. The trial date was set but then other cases already being heard over ran and shortages in the bench led to the matter spilling over into the new year. But the end is in sight in more ways than one! Best’s efforts on Facebook towards the end of the year saw many people jump on the “Hate Best” bandwagon, leading to me becoming an admin for a group seeking to remove his nonsense. The one negative was me quitting as a moderator on Talking Footy when another moderator discriminated against me and no action was taken.

Aspergers: Yet again I was stymied by other matters, but there was one positive. My attendance at the bi-annual Victorian Autism Conference. Whilst being in Ballarat and seeing the thing via streaming instead of live wasn’t the same, there was the ability to ask questions via a talk line. Towards the end of the year I also sought to act against the Australian Vaccination Network. This was political in a way, but it is an Autism issue as well. I also added blogs to my website against Ginger Taylor and Autism Jabberwocky’s “MJ” in order to start on them. The AVN became an Autistic Enemy, and so did Brad Logan.

Politics: It was a quiet year on the political front, until I had to start a fight with the Housing Commission over our required location (which I won’t reveal here). It went to the Ombudsman, and then to the Equal Opportunity Commission and it spilled over into 2013. I also tried to act with the Smart Meters, and failed thanks to some bullies in government AND the opposition. That means that it is likely that I will be running in the next state election in 2014. We’ll see. I sent an email to one party (again, I won’t name them) to discuss their policies. I haven’t heard from them yet. I certainly won’t be running with the guy who promised me a lot in 2010 and didn’t deliver.

Within Phil’s World, Eagle Eye and Twinkles became parents on June 8 – the very same day as the 20th wedding anniversary for Lee and myself. Scratcher finally graduated from Uni after ten years of part time study and a couple of hiccups causing an extension from the original eight years. The year ended badly for myself and for Tex as we both lost family members (I’m staying quiet about mine). Tex’s father died from a second stroke after his first back in 2006.