And the final score is…..

Timelord 37.5 (227) Informer 0.17 (17). With apologies to Rex Hunt; “IIIIIT’S OOOOVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!”

It’s [beep!]ing hilarious that Glucose is using AFL scores to show a lopsided game. He’s off on Planet Mars!

If I’m on Mars then you’re on bloody Neptune.

Truth is a thing that you fear, Glucose, so you twist it tighter than a pretzel!

I tell you what scares me. Lies. Slander. People who threaten civil rights of people like me, Andrew and Cube Angel. People like you, Best, Cresp, Mitchell, Lisa/JennaP, and a host of others.

Then where are the documents?

When my waiver application is approved, they’ll be on their way.

Tough love. Something you missed out on obviously.

That’s not tough love. That’s physical abuse, and true brutalisation.

Because he’s a [beep!]ing idiot.

If that was true the appeal against his call would have been upheld.

Give me the link, [beep!] wit!

I’m not your keeper. Do it yourself, like you told Cube Angel to do!

Doesn’t matter. It wasn’t an Australian decision.

This is where you lost it. It was part of the White Australia policy of the time. The irrational fear of Asians coming into the country. It was the decision of OUR government to do it – and Kevin Rudd apologised for it just recently.

I’m more community minded than you will ever be, dumbarse!

Anyone who thinks money is the be all and end all doesn’t have a community minded bone in their body.

Nothing to do with you. That’s about carers for the truly disabled.

And for those adults who are trying to be independent and having trouble doing so.

That’s it. I’m done. Informer has proven himself to be a foolish and ignorant moron. It was fun to start with, but my patience with this is now exhausted. I’m moving on to other matters and focusing on Best, Google, and refocusing as a result of tonight at the Community Cabinet.

The fat lady is singing!

It’s a blow out now, folks! Timelord 30.5 (185) Informer 0.15 (15). And there have been plenty of reports BTW!

I answered it properly, germ. Get an education on how to read!

No you didn’t. I told the truth about you and you couldn’t hack it!

No he’s not! You’re bluffing again like you did before! Still working on your fake lawyer’s letter?

I’m not bluffing.

He educates! He doesn’t hate, blubber beak! He saves Autistics! What’s to hate about that?

What do you call having someone whipping me, idiot? Puppy Love? Yeah right!

It’s [beep!]ing true. You can’t defend your position and you know it!

Then how come Judge Stuart Berger threw out several expert testimonies thereby backing my position with a legal precedent?

Another running out of answers excuse. I’ve looked and there’s nothing, so [beep!]ing prove it!

You didn’t look hard enough. Try again.

That wasn’t Australia! That was England! Talk about Australia, microbe!

The orphanages that held those kids was here, moron!

Money makes the world go around, Glucose! Trying to deny that is proof of your lack of intellect.

It’s quite clear that you are not community minded. At all.

Like work on your lame website I suppose? Writing fake reports about wrestling? Get a [beep!]ing life, idjit!

No, like preparing for my suing Best, and my work as an ASD Activist. You’re Australian, Informer. Look up the latest edition of Four Corners. THAT is the sort of thing I’m fighting for! People like this to get what they need!

The final quarter begins

Timelord 23.3 (139) Informer 0.12 (12) – and I’m getting a bit sick of this now.

That’s you, shit for brains.

I expected that. Can’t answer it properly – so he goes the reversal. Doesn’t work, idiot!

Is that a threat? An empty one like the one to John about suing him? Where’s your lawyer’s letter or extradiction papers?

Do you want it to be one? Give me your address and we’ll see shall we? Best is getting sued.

You’re defaming John again. He would make a great teacher. Better than any you ever had for sure!

A great WHAT?? *LMAO* You cannot be serious, moron! His ability to teach is at zero because of the sheer hate he spouts every time he posts! Hate teaches NOTHING!

Get chelated and you won’t need [beep!]ing support, dumbarse!

Oh there we go readers! Another “Autism is mercury poisoning” believer. Make of that what you will!

Bullshit! Prove it!

I’m not even going to bother. Look it up yourself.

There was no Stolen Generation, [beep!] wit! I knew what you meant with that!

Oh no you didn’t! I wasn’t talking about the Aborigines! I was talking about the English kids that were ripped from their parents during and after WW2 and brought out here and put into bloody orphanages! Where was the parent’s consent? NOWHERE!

Go on for ages, then! That’s nothing! Besides, there’s no such thing as a free lunch you know!

You’re talking like a corporate bigwig, idiot – that has no place in a discussion about community anything, let alone community football!

Why don’t you? Where’s your complaint?

I’ve got more important things to than whine about a lack of recognition for community work!

Third quarter and no sign of revival

The score now is Timelord 18.5 (113) to Informer 0.9 (9).

You haven’t proven it, dumbarse!

Oh there are none so blind as those who will not see!

I can say what I want. Just like John can!

You’d better hope I don’t get your address then, liar!

How do you know? John hasn’t said anything about his education!

Best is not working. He’s at home 24/7. The only possible reason for that is because Sam is home 24/7. So he’s getting no proper education. Simple.

I was talking about being able to work, dickhead! There was no [beep!]ing backflip!

Oh yes there was! I can’t work because of the CMO, but also because the work place refuses to fit in with Aspergers. So it has to change – and you supported such an idea re someone with asthma!

I’ve never read such a shit loaded excuse ever, Glucose. Since when does the CMO work for a government department?

*ROTFLMAO* The CMO works for ALL government departments, idiot! And can be called in by private enterprise as well! Shows how much you know!

If it puts you away, yes we should go back to that. And your parents should be charged with neglect because they must have treated you with kid gloves! Parental rights were never removed like that and you [beep!]ing know it.

LOL! You failed history. You bet children were taken from their parents and their rights were removed. It was even happening without an asylum being involved for goodness sake!!

Fact? What’s the community support doing? Nothing but providing MONEY! So much for your [beep!]ed up FACT!

IDIOT! Community support provides things like washing the jumpers, doing first aid on match day, running the canteen selling donated merchandise….I could go on for ages. And NO BLOODY MONEY!

But if it doesn’t cost, there should be heaps to go round huh? You would have got a commendation if you were contributing something. You haven’t. GUILTY!

Talk to the state government about providing the process to do it. Many volunteers don’t get recognised and many complain about it as well.

I’m saying nothing else about your offensive and false agreement with Best about my wife. She thinks, therefore, she is.

We’re in the second quarter now

And the score is Timelord 12.2 (74) to The Informer 0.3 (3)

The truth will win, and I’m telling it!

You’re as big a liar as Best, idiot.

Oh so now you want to control where I go on the Internet? Fat chance, Groucho!

Where you go is none of my business. What you say is!

Neither of them are LFA anymore, dumbarse! Sam will be able to get a job once John’s finished his work, and that makes him better than you!

Wrong! Sam will never be able to get a job, because his education is about eight years behind I think!

Don’t put words in my mouth, shithead! Asthma doesn’t stop a person from working! Even without the meds they can still do data entry and other such stuff! I wouldn’t have them running around. I’m not stupid like you think I am!

Wow – what a backflip! You just admitted to SUPPORT STRUCTURES! Fitting in with a condition! So be bloody consistent, idiot!

No it’s not! God, you are a major dick! An over rule means another report that is opposite to the first one. It doesn’t remove the first one and it doesn’t need to!

Excuse me – but when a formal review is done it can NOT be over ruled like that! When an application is made, the matter is referred back to the department that called for the review! I know that because I tried and that is what I was told! So in order to over rule it – it HAS TO BE REMOVED!

Oh really? Do tell us your warped view of how they worked. This’ll be good!

As much as I hate Droopy, she has a few answers to this. They were cruel and inhuman places, and were designed to be aversive and punish. Back in the 50’s, parents didn’t have a say once their child was DXed as mentally retarded. For the protection of society, they were taken from their families and put into an asylum for treatment. Sometimes the parents were punished as well for being bad parents. We’ve progressed a long way since then – and you want us to go back to that? Disgusting.

If there’s no money there’s no footy club! You are the dumbest dick on the planet, Glucose!

I’ve seen clubs operate in the red, out of community support withOUT money! Choke on that fact, moron!

Bullshit! John is working his arse off getting the truth out! You are stopping that from happening, and in the process hurting Autistics!

Best is a liar and a fool, just like you.

Where are the awards for your work then? Where are the commendations? Show us!

Those awards are very hard to get! There are many volunteers – too many to have us all commended with awards.

You’re a half wit if you expect me to fall for that bait. I’m telling the truth. You don’t have a wife. You’re alone with a blow up doll like John said.

Like I said, believe that if you want to. I know you are lying and so does everyone who has met my wife (like Craig/Scratcher). Enough said.

So he wants to play, huh?

Looks like Gary/Informer likes playing games. Well he’s now in one that he can’t win.

You started it, Glucose! I like this idea!

No, you started it by daring to even show your face on my blog.

LFA’s can’t walk, stand or type, dumbarse!

Oh yes they can! I dare you to tell Best that Sam can’t walk or stand! I dare you to tell Droopy she can’t type!

Asthma is treatable so it doesn’t count!

It does count, because you expect people to be able to work without any assistance – and that includes medication (as well as other supports)!

Bullshit! You don’t get it removed. You get it over ruled!

Same thing!

Good. Exactly where you should be!

And that, dear readers, is this idiot’s whole character in a nutshell.

Bullshit a second time! John would have stopped the authorities from putting Sam away and he would have cured him as he is!

That’s not the way the asylums worked, idiot!

Oh I’d be a fool to deny what makes footy clubs tick? Money, dumbarse! What sponsor would come on board if there wasn’t money there to begin with? Blimey O’Riley, you’re such a dick!

LMAO! COMMUNITY is what makes footy clubs tick, idiot!

We’re not in your way! You’re in the way of Autistics and their parents!

Yes you are because you are stopping us from getting the supports and services we all need. You are in one in the way of Autistics and their parents – along with Best and the other fools.

Volunteerism still needs money to work, dumbarse! So where do you volunteer; WHERE IT’S WORTH SOMETHING! Your silly promotion bullshit doesn’t count.

Which goes to show how little you understand about volunteerism. Wherever it benefits the community, no matter how little it may be – it is worth something.

Let’s see a picture of your so called wife then! Until then, we don’t [beep!]ing believe you!

That’s up to you, idiot. If you want to make a fool of yourself far be it for me to stop you.

More lying and idiotics

You know, I just wonder if Gary/Informer actually knows how to use his noggin. He replied to my previous post here on his blog – instead of coming here (when a person is the subject of a post they will be permitted to reply here). I have a feeling we’re going to be playing blog tag over the next few days;

If one can work for an hour, one can work for 40 hours! What part of that can’t you understand, Glucose?! There goes your “analogy”!

This is very black and white thinking for an NT! For example – how can an asthmatic work 40 hours without medication? They could do an hour, but not 40! And there are many other examples as well. Hey – by your analogy, idiot, an LFA can work 40 hours a week! While smearing feces etc etc! Deviate your way out of that one!

What a crock of shit! Excuses, excuses, Glucose!

Oh wow what a devastating reply – NOT! News flash, idiot. I TRIED to get the CMO report removed. That’s how I ended up filing for bankruptcy because it was opposed and I lost!

The DSM is an excuse machine. It always has been. Look at the litany of disorders it identifies. It’s a crock!

Now I’ve heard everything. If it wasn’t for the DSM we’d still have asylums and lots of healthy people being doped up with whatever medication you care to name! Droopy would still be in an institution (notwithstanding that she should have stayed there IMHO) and guess what? Sam Best would have been put in an institution as mentally retarded without the DSM, and his father would never have had a chance to try and cure him (notwithstanding the fact that he can’t).

So where’s the money to fund it then? If there’s interest, there’s [beep!]ing money!

Nice try, idiot, but that’s not how the footy works at the grass roots level. The ONLY money that’s around is at elite level, and the AFL has never had an interest in the grass roots except when it benefits them. Leagues and clubs rely on sponsors to keep going and don’t have anything to spare. That’s a fact, and you would be a fool to deny it.

If! If! There’s the excuses again.

Well? Get out of my way (and take Best and everyone else with you) so I can turn that “If” into a “When”!

Oh what? Reporting on soap opera storylines? What sort of [beep!]ed up comparison is that? If you promote you get [beep!]ing paid for it, Glucose! But do WWEEEEEEE pay you? No! So I don’t believe you!

Capitalistic expectations at it’s finest! That’s the sort of thinking that got this world into a mountain of financial trouble. Ever heard of volunteerism? Give it any value. I guess not.

And neither does anyone else except your brainless friends like Scratch-it-up, Texaco, Unquote and Twinkie!

And the quality of insults just keeps going through the floor. I’m not buying any of your stocks, buster!

And getting a blow up doll an account just about says it all!

I’ll treat that lie with the contempt it deserves.

Gary the Informer and Liar

Just when I thought I’d dealt with this idiot, he’s created a blog – another one IN MY NAME! Well actually my surname isn’t there so it’s not so bad, but right away – the lies come out. So under Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1969 (given that he has banned me from commenting);

So, Phil says he can’t work. First fantasy. Everyone can work as long as you have two hands and two legs that all work. So Phil can work. The Commonwealth Medical Officer can be over ruled so his reliance on that is bullshit.

Informer knows little about the requirements of the Disability Support Pension for a start. If one can work for 15 hours a week or LESS – one qualifies for the pension. There goes this “two arms and two legs” analogy. And if the CMO could be over ruled I would have kept my job with the Defence Department. Enough said about that!

Phil thinks he knows all about Autism. Aspergers Syndrome isn’t Autism and this has been said to him by several people and he ignores them. Second fantasy.

For a start – NO ONE knows ALL about Autism. All I know is I sure as heck know more than Informer does! The DSM classifies Aspergers Syndrome as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Medical fact. Anyone who says otherwise is ignoring the DSM. Only unqualified or ignorant fools do that.

Phil thinks his football stuff is worth the time and effort. Bullshit. Who will buy this project stuff when it’s finished? Oh yeah when will it finish? Never. Third fantasy. Convenient.

PLENTY of people have indicated an interest, idiot! Every game I go to when I am seeking information – I’ve got interest! As far as when it finishes goes, if I can just get funding I think it can be done by the end of 2011 (if I got the funding right now – which of course I won’t). Two years – minimum.

Phil thinks wrestling is real. Fourth fantasy and a big one. It’s [beep!]ing FAKE, dumbarse! Get into the real world and you’ll learn what a fool you are!

Oh here we go! Read the WWE material before he was IP denied, and doesn’t realise that I write that INTENTIONALLY as a mark (wrestling talk for a person who believes it’s real). It’s called PROMOTION of the business! It’s no different to reporting on storylines in soap operas for crying out loud! Why don’t you stop commenting on something that you have no idea about huh?