When one puts my name in the Google search engine, a number of matters come up and I will address them in this disclaimer. The search has improved since this page was created as the truth has risen to the top and the lies have been demoted. This is as of January 30, 2017.

The only lies on the first page of the search comes from a site that promotes fake news and erroneously calls itself the Truth Library. The open letter is fake as it was not written by an anti vaxxer, but rather someone impersonating one. Fake or not, it shows how deluded the anti vaxxers are and some of their lies are addressed below.

The first lies are from Autism’s Gadfly, a blog run by Jonathan Mitchell. He should be ignored as it relates to me, and he is an Autism hater. It would take too long to go through his issues here, but he is a ball of hate and negativity. You will also come across entries on a blog called “Down with Legitimized Deceit”. This is run by a con man going by the user name of Lurker, who I called out on his inconsistencies across several issues. I wasn’t the only one either.

Also, videos will come up from my time with pro wrestling promotion New Age Wrestling. These are in character and should not be taken as real – except if it comes up the one talking about Mulgrave and a show which took place in November 2011. These videos were referenced on the Truth Library article and were taken as real when they are not.

I did win defamation lawsuits against Americans named John Best Junior and Oliver Canby. If you ever see anything about me by either of them – ignore it. They are legally recognised as liars and defamers as it relates to me. The article on the Truth Library claims that I have the money from these victories. This is false.

Speaking of Best, his blog also comes up through a comment from “KGAccount” AKA Kim Gilbert/Oakley – the mother of a low functioning Autistic who does not recognise other parts of the Spectrum as Autistic. This is deluded and a threat to the sub total of knowledge when it comes to the Autistic Spectrum. That’s why I treated her with contempt. She has made no use of support services at all as far as I know and that is major error that adversely affects her adult son.

Most importantly though, there are a group of liars from a website called the Limbo Club. They are afraid of me and the threat I pose to them should I obtain public office, because they know that I will be able to take them down for their stalking of people on Facebook and Twitter (including me) and their willingness to lie about those who challenge them to protect themselves from full scrutiny. I am the reason their website is hidden from the eyes of the public. Don’t believe a word they say – they are just as much liars as Best and Canby. The only difference is that I haven’t been able to sue them for one simple reason – they hide their real names, hiding behind pseudonyms like Wilson Takashye, Pat Limbowski, Jonathon Portello, Vivienne Lakeside, Mark Hemsworth and Adrian Ferdson on Facebook. If you ever see any of these accounts, report them as fakes because that is what they are – and then block them. They will stalk anyone who they think is a soft target and abuse them mercilessly. They are also present on a website called Big Footy, which will also come up in a Google search. However some of the screenshots used by the writer of the article on the Truth Library – which come from Big Footy – are not readily available through such a search. Make of that what you will.

I hope to keep this up to date.