Phil’s Year in Review 2021

After a year wrecked by the COVID-19 pandemic one was hoping 2021 would be a lot better. But a pathetic vaccine roll out and some idiots here and there extended matters to the point that 2021 was in places nearly as bad as 2020. I re-iterate publicly as I did on my podcast; I am fully vaccinated courtesy of the Pfizer vaccine and will be getting the booster. Anyone who is not vaccinated without a legitimate medical exemption is an idiot. No excuses.

Politics: The worst news this year was the demise of Spectrum Labor, caused by an infestation of reverse ableism. That forced me to lone wolf mode for now, working through a narrow window to get Autism onto the agenda for the Victorian state government’s platform for the 2022 election. State conference will be when we have anything there. Meanwhile I worked behind the scenes to get a new group going as I knew the lone wolf mode could not be a permanent arrangement. Lockdowns got in the way of this.

I also crossed the international enough line on July 24 with the Freedom Day Rallies and started to work towards taking action there. It was like going through treacle however due to ongoing complacency over the whole thing and being ignored. Luckily the courts started going the right way with the Supreme Court of New South Wales doing the right thing in October, followed by one of the chief lawyers being suspended from legal practice in November and an appeal being dismissed in December. There is more as this will be carrying on into 2022.

Football: Phil’s Weekend got going again with a little bit of help from the Bendigo umpires, but a lockdown from the end of May threw project trips off and caused one week off over the Queen’s Birthday weekend and a series of games either on television or online. Live attendance resumed but then stopped again and all my grand finals ended up being online. Not much was done as a result for the project during the season. I finally got started on that on Trove in November, and in December I returned to the State Library of Victoria for the first time in 23 months. Hopefully this continues into 2022.

Wrestling: New Age Wrestling were going to re-start early in the year but a COVID scare (and a consequent five day lockdown) combined with the aging membership of the Maltese Cultural Association shut that down. And then I had to retire from the local scene due to an increasing load of BS over the pandemic that was distracting to the point that I just had to chuck it away. I wasn’t the only one either. I may go back as a spectator but unless things change drastically I doubt it as long as the troublemakers keep getting booked.

Internet: It took a long time to get Version 13 fully operational and it will continue to do so. The biggest delay in 2021 was the comments from the old blogs on the Word Press side being transferred, relying on other Phil’s World members. This part of the process was completed publicly in September when the last of the public blogs went online. Private blogs took a little longer but that was done in early November. There are two incomplete blogs – Autism Enemies and The Great Hairy Goondex, along with some residual work on the main blog on the Years page. On the Fandom/Wikia side that is still a work in progress with most of the work centred on the Footy Fandom. It’s a huge job. Wikia disappeared in November with everything now on Fandom.

Autism: Outside of politics things were quiet in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Experiences for other Phil’s World members have varied, particularly those in Victoria and New South Wales.