Eugene, Oregon

I get various interesting locations on Stat Counter on this website – mostly just fly throughs with referring links from my article on the Autism Wikia as an example.

But over the last six days one location has shown up multiple times – same provider (Comcast Cable) and same specifications. And no visible referral in the first instance and what looks like direct access since (which indicates either a bookmark or simply typing in the URL and having it in one’s history). And it did show up earlier in the month for two days with a large number of hits. The focus was on the Autism articles and the enemy articles with big numbers on the indexes of course and Mitchell’s Gadfly. But there were hits elsewhere, even on the football and the wrestling. There were also clicks to my forum, and no message on the contact board there. There were also hits off my website from this person on the Autism Word Press blog, and presumably All About Anti Vaxxers as there was a click out to there as well.

I checked where Eugene was first, suspecting a particular anti vaccine fool who also lives in Oregon. But that one is too far away so at this point I think that’s a wrong assumption.

So who is it?

I’m not really fussed at present – just curious. It’s a fan for sure, but what sort? A genuine fan who likes what I’m writing on my website about Autism and about idiots on my multitude of blogs? Or is it the more sinister form of fan who is trying to dox me to try and shut me up (how I don’t know yet because that sort of thing starts by stealth).

Either way, it’s doing wonders for the number of hits on my website! A total of 415 hits since March 9 (the first of the two days referenced above) which is a little more than half of the whole load this month! That’s always a positive, so if this is some fool trying to prepare to dox me you failed, chump!

And if it is a genuine fan – thank you!