Phil’s Year in Review 2018

2018 I think may have been the start of a period of change for me.

Football: It was steady as she goes this year in particular for the project, but I got a lot done. I went back to Perth in March and as good as cleaned up post World War 2 in so far as newspaper options were concerned with just a few options remaining that can be done either in Canberra or on Trove. I also did some more work in Adelaide, but it was mostly about Trove. Club visits were the same although with metro Melbourne numbers now getting really low it’s becoming an issue certainly financially. My country visits took me to Dartmoor, Ouyen, Poowong, Leongatha and Inverleigh while I took out four more grand finals on my bucket list including my first in Tasmania, the North West FA. The others were the Alberton FL, the Barossa, Light & Gawler FL and the Western Region FL Division 3. Increasing numbers with new umpires meant my spasmodic umpiring was now a penalty for me so it could be that I have done my last grand final.

Wrestling: One of the highlights this year was my return for the first time in five years to NAW – my last foray there was Melton in 2013. In March I refereed there for the first time since 2012 and for the rest of the year re-established myself as the senior referee. It was good to be back on local shows again in Melbourne after having to go to Adelaide to get gigs. But the bigger highlight of the year was my attendance at WWE Super Show-Down at the MCG. A huge crowd and a huge event with the details of my experience in the Personal Events section.

Internet: The big news this year, and it actually started in 2017 but I was being quiet about it because of delays, was my fourth defamation lawsuit. This one was against Suzi Olsen, and such were the delays unfortunately that has spilled into 2019. Meanwhile the nonsense over Canby also continued as he changed tack slightly finding a way to use a known proxy provider directly – Choopa. I tried to fix the IP deny issue myself when my website server provider withdrew it’s support insisting he was being blocked when he wasn’t. Finally I decided “Stuff it” and stopped trying to block his direct approaches. I was still blocking proxies that he persisted with, but that isn’t about him. I don’t want proxies looking at my website lock stock and barrel. I had a solution but Olsen’s nonsense and trying to keep up with the project as well as political stuff prevented me from following up on it.

Politics: Another huge year this year, highlighted by the first full year of Spectrum Labor, and the core of the period of change I was speaking of at the time as well as the political stuff I mentioned just above. Two big highlights from that – ALP state conference in May where I ran a market stall, visited by two Ministers (Jill Hennessey and Jaala Pulford) and the photo with Jill now holds pride of place as my profile pic on my political account on Facebook. The other was a crossover with Autism as Amaze hosting a forum to try and make Autism a political issue. Just before this Spectrum Labor and Amaze formed an alliance for this purpose, which is exactly what I wanted. In other political efforts, I worked hard during the election campaign in Victoria handing out how to vote flyers at pre polling and on election day. The nonsense with Suzi Olsen prevented substantive work on the anti vaxxers as part of the Vaccine War, but hopefully that will advance finally in 2019.

Autism: Outside of politics again this area was quiet, except for late in the year with Yuval Levental trying to remove the Mitchell quotes I added to Wikiquote. That has spilled into 2019 of course.

In general news otherwise it was a quiet year with the highlight amongst the other Phil’s World members was Wally giving away his gay son in a same sex marriage ceremony in January – attended by fellow members Mr Fix-It, Tex, Scratcher and Tegan. I was unable to afford to make the trip.

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