Phil’s Year in Review 2017

This was a year with highs and lows.

Football: After the issues with Hobart last year, this year I concentrated on Adelaide per last year’s arrangements. The spasmodic umpiring continued but I was a chance for a grand final until a virus knocked me about preventing a strong finals performance. The project progressed further as I was locking parts off in the libraries while I paid visits to Albury, Boisdale and Ellinbank. I also knocked two more grand finals off my bucket list, the Victorian Amateur C Grade and the North Coast AFL in New South Wales, which wasn’t as many as I would have liked but it was better than none. For summer research I only got to Adelaide once and also to Canberra once.

Wrestling: It was quiet once again this year for me locally, working just one show as a referee in Adelaide for ACW. The most I could do otherwise was keep in touch more or less with my friends on Facebook, and play kayfabe games with the Soldiers of the Highway while I was about it. I was very disappointed when WWE released Tenille Dashwood, AKA Emma, but hopefully she can make her way back some day soon.

Internet: I left Twitter in early April so all my social media outside of my website, the forum and Word Press was on Facebook. My personal account was mostly about general stuff with no real specific highlights that weren’t in other areas. The Vaccine War continued on and should have been hitting another milestone with Version 12 of Phil’s World, but that has been delayed even though the base is there. There was one exception – and that was Google deleting all of Oliver Canby’s death threats aimed at me back in December 2015 and January 2016. At around that time he started stalking my website via proxies which infuriated me because I can’t do anything about it without proxy blocking software which costs, and a lot. There is no criminal recourse for that, and the civil option would take too long and I would have trouble proving to a court that it’s him as well. At the end of the year he somehow started accessing my site despite the IP deny through his own provider. This also upset my server provider and this issue has spilled into 2018. This is the issue that has delayed the Vaccine War milestone.

Politics: Oh wow, what a year! I publicly announced the fact that I had joined the ALP on the March podcast, and I had already wasted no time getting involved with their committee structure as well as the local branch. I attended the state policy consultation in March and spoke personally with four ministers on the one day. That was followed by the state conference in May. Towards the end of the year I co-founded a group within the party specifically for the Autistic community and plans were put in place for 2018 in the lead up to the 2018 Victorian state election and the federal election whenever that will be. The big one associated with that was the Autism inquiry which handed down it’s report in June and the government responded in December extending their full reaction into 2018. It was very busy and naturally I can’t give any more details as that is party business and not for public consumption.

Autism: Outside of politics this was a quiet area. The Vaccine War as of the beginning of 2018 will be a 100 percent political issue.

On June 8, Lee and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to Mildura. That was after I had a major operation in April laying me up for a few weeks. It was quiet with the membership of the Phil’s World forum with perhaps the biggest news being Tex Caldwell becoming an Australian citizen on Australia Day and his war whoops after his Houston Astros won the World Series. I was celebrating that as well, not because the Astros won but because the losing team happened to be Oliver Canby’s team – the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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