Ballarat Commuters Group – A bunch of whingers (Part 2)

In part 1 I explained the background of the issues of the Ballarat line, and with a dose of reality.

But these whingers have started talking about electing an independent candidate in Wendouree next year? As if that’s going to make a scrap of difference! That’s why I joined the group I mentioned. To be realistic. To explain the issues and what still needed to be done.

However, there is no patience or understanding in that Facebook group. They don’t want to listen. They want no overcrowding and on time services NOW. That’s unrealistic because of the present infrastructure. We can’t match the demand because we don’t have the track room or (at the moment) the rolling stock. Both are on their way. I’m not sure when the order currently with Bombardier will be finished but it won’t be any time soon. I doubt it’ll be done by the 2018 election, but maybe I’m wrong. It depends on how many of those ordered have actually been done and how many more there are to go. We do know by the end of 2019 (provided the ALP win the November 2018 election), that the duplication will extend from Caroline Springs to Melton and we’ll have two more loops and extra platforms at Bacchus Marsh and Ballan. That will help. But they aren’t interested in it.

For a start, let’s break down the demands of the group;

1. A Ballarat to Melbourne Express train running in under 65 minutes
2. Stopping only at Wendouree -> Ballarat -> Footscray and Southern Cross stations
3. A guarantee that similar express train services will be scheduled both to and from Ballarat though future timetable iterations.
4. Morning: Arriving Melbourne Southern Cross any time between 7:30 – 8:30am
5. Evening: Returning to Ballarat any time between 6:30 – 7:30pm
6. Myki Tap on information be publicly reported on quarterly and used to correctly provision train carriages for the service.

When that express ran before (except that it was North Melbourne at the time) there were complaints from Ballan residents due to the gap between the previous Melbourne train and the next one. This was a correct complaint and it was fixed – albeit by the Coalition when they came to power in 2010 as part of their attack on Ballarat out of convenience. It also ran under an hour by a couple of minutes.

The group ran over the benefits, but totally ignore the negatives under the present infrastructure as I have already mentioned – ie it’s not possible. They then went over the issues mentioning overcrowding, but not mentioning the ongoing work of Bombardier as I mentioned as well. They also mentioned some issue of duplication, complaining that all services (as of August 27) stopping at Bacchus Marsh as well as Ballan. Again, this is an example of ignoring the restraints of the infrastructure. This will be fixed substantively – but not completely – by the end of 2019. I expect the super express to return then, alongside a single service in both directions originating and terminating at Ballan to cover for the Ballan passengers.

And there’s the rubbish that was pointed at me that I couldn’t respond to because I’d been booted. Take a look at these!

pipkorn 1

This was in reply to me telling this person that they had to change their work start time or quit their job – or leave Ballarat due to bad placement of home. I told this person that they had to adjust to the train times, not the other way around and that I’ve been doing that for decades because I have to. This person’s whining shows that they are not prepared to adjust, and it appears neither is the RCH. The stress claimed is self inflicted. Incidentally, if person works in paediatrics, I’m sure they could get work with Ballarat Health Services, especially if they have experience! The claim that we weren’t prepared for a boom in demand is rubbish. We wouldn’t have the project in train for completion in 2019 if we weren’t. The delay is the fault of the Coalition and we are still playing catch up.

sapsead 1

This is an example of the whining I’m talking about as well. My point about the Velocities being introduced since 2006 except for between 2010 and 2014 was 100 percent valid. This reply was an excuse laden load of claptrap that again ignored the issue with the infrastructure.

sapsead 2

The same person, this time assuming that I was talking about overcrowding as a “rare event”. That is a blatant lie. I was talking about a specific incident where despite the train being overcrowded there was an additional stop at a metropolitan station. It was the additional stop that was the issue I was talking about and that practice should be banned under those circumstances. I already described my commuting experience previously.

This person is one of the two admins and I’m pretty sure they chose to kick me at this point or just afterwards when another person accused me of being an ALP listener and not a commuter. I have already proven that I am a commuter.

The people whining on this group are harming their cause. They have no patience. I’d be a fool to say there aren’t issues. Of course there are. But repairs are on the way and it’s a big job. This is in transition and the sooner these people calm down the better. Believe me, if someone does run as an independent trying to carry this line in November 2018 they will be destroyed with facts. And not just by me either. By people who know and understand the issue and are doing something about it. The Victorian branch of the ALP, both at party level (where I am) and at Parliamentary level.

You all need to stop whining and start listening.


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