Phil’s Year in Review 2016

It was a mixed year but it was not too bad all up.

Football: I mixed it up with umpiring this year for the first time, running games in Adelaide and around Hobart. It didn’t work as well as I wanted financially, particularly with Hobart, due to the accommodation costs. It also cost me any chance of a grand final, but I don’t mind that because I suspected that would happen. Besides, I suffered a calf strain (the dreaded old man’s injury) and my season ended early anyway. I got to commentate instead on a group of grand finals, and I was rusty but I did okay. The only help came to cutting club visit numbers in Adelaide and around Hobart thanks to the umpiring group getting me to places like Richmond and Pontville that would have added to the financial woes otherwise. I was grateful for that because I couldn’t get going on the project during the winter as I needed to update the paperwork. But I got quite a bit done anyway, including a Perth visit to go with my first grand finals there. In the end I also made big inroads into the work on metro Melbourne, work that will continue in 2017.

Wrestling: Unfortunately the Night Cap Wrestling Federation folded up early in the year due to the owner’s severe back issues. I got to work a couple of Adelaide Championship Wrestling shows but that was all. Aside from that the year was pretty quiet in real life, and I do miss the regular shows. In WWE I was frustrated by three WWE programs disappearing from Fox8, and my finances were strained a bit by an increase in the number of pay per views.

Internet: The Canby threats continued into 2016, and they remain online on his blog to this day. I shut off a major issue early in the year and I added sound effects to my podcast to jazz it up. I returned to Facebook early in the year as well, and established four accounts – the two existing ones joined by two more to replace the pages for my project and for my political efforts. I established the Anti Vaccine (AV) Name Check in late March and that went along nicely after an early spike, before another towards the end of the year (see the political section). I also gained control of the Autism Wikia, and later took charge of two other Wikia’s in a merger. The website wasn’t as busy with new material outside of the football and the wrestling though.

Autism: It was a quiet year, except for the Autism enquiry in Victoria and meeting John Elder Robison – until I ran into another Autistic enemy in Dang Pal mid year. I managed to deal with his two Facebook pages with help, but then I discovered that what he was doing was simply the latest in some really bad behaviour. I tried to follow that up but that has now spilled into 2017 thanks to some dead end enquiries. There was also the Autism Wikia as mentioned.

Politics: What a year it was for me here, especially late in the year! The big issue during the year was my political efforts to resolve the Canby threats. I got some hearing at state level, but the Attorney General in Canberra was a joke. The matter remains unresolved and has spilled into 2017. Of course the big news of the year was Malcolm Turnbull’s July 2 victory, and Donald Trump’s win on November 8. Trump in particular will make 2017 decidedly scary in more ways than one. Late in the year the AV Name Check had another spike, this time partly because I promoted it to the Victorian Health Minister via Twitter and she liked the tweet. She later withdrew it, but not before a bunch of anti vaxxers went off about it and an article appeared on a website erroneously called the Truth Library. I was lucky enough to get to meet the Minister briefly in mid November when I caught up with her at the ALP State Conference (the public were allowed in there) and it resulted in some options that spilled into 2017 as well. I also started my party political efforts again with a new party but that wasn’t finalised by the end of the year so there was no public announcement. That will come in 2017.

Two bannings unfortunately from the Phil’s World membership this year – Marc Rosen was kicked out for telling me that there was nothing that could be done about the anti vaxxers effectively telling me to leave them alone (not happening), and then Andrew Ackner – who had been on thin ice for awhile – finally got banned after supporting employers who don’t look after their employees on safety as well as supporting the total legalisation of marijuana without restriction. The current members support both bannings.

Twinkles and Eagle Eye became parents for a second time in January, and after the US election result Tex informed us that he will be taking out Australian citizenship as would his mother. For Tex that has been a long time coming as he has resided here since 1982.

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