World War 3 by the end of 2017

I am making the above prediction with a fair amount of confidence – after the hateful people that reside in the United States of America put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. No doubt about it – it was a major victory for racism to run rampant.

As of January 21, 2017, the world is doomed. The leader of the free world as of that day is a racist, a misogynist and every other term you can give anyone who has no respect for any of the declarations of the United Nations. That includes disabilities, and it includes Autism.

I’ve said for a long time that Trump is not a politician. He is not a diplomat and never has been. He speaks first and thinks later and even then his thinking is out to lunch. He’s an entertainer, and entertained his way to the Whitehouse. It’s a joke.

He has made it clear that he hates Muslims. All Muslims, because as far as he’s concerned they are ALL ISIS operatives. No exceptions. He will turn the whole Muslim community against America, and they will take one of two choices. Leave – or prove him right and become ISIS operatives simply because they feel they have no choice. And they won’t because they will be marginalised so badly they will have no room to move. He will also use nuclear weapons to try and wipe out ISIS and not care about the consequences. He has the Republicans in control of the whole of Congress so he’ll get a lot of support for big action. But as the Commander in Chief of the US military all it needs is a declaration of war, and Congress can’t stop him from doing anything stupid no matter who controls it.

As an aside, I also predicted the collapse of Wall Street in the lead up to this election should Trump win. Even before the result was confirmed the futures market was on rocky ground. As I post this I dread what I will wake up to after the night’s sleep coming up.

The future is very dark, but there are options. It starts with the Democrat states. 18 of them. If all of them get together and create a voting block to reject the decisions coming from the Whitehouse, it would create some protection falling short of seceding from the Union (to use the old term). It wouldn’t be enough to really make a difference but it would be a start. A resistance movement if you like. They could even help immigrants and protect them although that would all fall on California as it’s the only Democrat state that borders Mexico.

Then there’s the resistance from both Mexico and Canada. The northern border will be an ideal escape point, especially west of the Great Lakes – and minorities would have a case for refugee status. That will put Canada under a huge amount of pressure and I can’t see Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being happy about it. And of course there’s that wall that Trump wanted to build and won’t pay for it shoving it to the Mexican treasury. Mexico can’t afford it, and they may well have a refugee issue as well as those who went to America will in all probability be wanting to come back.

Finally, there is the outstanding issues with the treatment of staff at his hotel chain and of course the womanising accusations. If they are proven there could be an impeachment option.

I am afraid, for myself and for the world. Donald Trump is a loose cannon – literally. The instant he starts doing the wrong thing, world leaders need to shut America off and recall their country’s Ambassadors. The ones that don’t will be dragged into a war that no one will win. Least of all the people.


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