Minister Jill Hennessey showing some fight!

I was delighted this morning when I read about this in my email and then went looking for it in a web search – and found it;

It’s quite clear what she thinks of the comments on Twitter that she reads out. I loved her rejoinder after reading the one that mentioned Zionism – calling the person who wrote it likely a believer that 9/11 never happened! There are plenty of those amongst the anti vaxxers, and I would add not believing Sandy Hook happened to that. Hello, David Thrussell!

There is some typical muck from some idiots here, and in the story the Herald Sun spoke to an admin of the Facebook group Anti Vaccination Australia, Belgin Colak, who stated that none of those tweets came from anyone in her group. How does she know that? Anti vaxxers are ALL like that, and I know because I’ve been attacked as well on both Twitter and Facebook. The Minister chooses to ignore them (indeed, as she said at the conclusion of her video the comments won’t change a thing) and that’s her choice. I don’t. I have my blog All About Anti Vaxxers and the related Facebook page which I founded and have a few fellow admins, and I have what I call the AV Name Check. That’s a list of anti vaxxers who I call out as either actual child neglectors and/or abusers, or as inciting same (mostly the latter). Because that is what refusing to vaccinate children without a medically valid reason is.

Nevertheless, this call out by the Minister is fantastic and each and every one of those idiots deserve it. She showed that the nonsense doesn’t phase her, for one very simple reason. She knows the truth. She knows that the idiots are coming from a base that is based in a fallacy. Nothing they believe about vaccines is true. Their vile language is consistent with people who have been badly educated and failed science at school and have no idea about their own bodies or that of their children. That makes them dangerous.

For myself, No Jab No Pay No Play is working pretty well. But we need to do more. Vaxxed needs to be banned – it caused a protest outside the CDC offices in Atlanta recently and the CDC responded by calling for public comment about the MMR vaccine (Vaxxed’s main focus) in a smart move that actually they should have done a lot sooner than this because the investigation will reveal the lies that have been believed by the protestors. I’ve been wanting the pharmaceutical companies to fight back for a long time but they’ve decided thus far to do nothing and wait for it to go away. It won’t. We need to punish people who promote anti vaccine material in a substantive way – like the Desiree Dance Academy in Perth for hosting an anti vaccine seminar, like the University of Wollongong for promoting a foul thesis by Judy Wilyman, like the continuing efforts of the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network, and so on.

We also need to start penalising the inciters. I’m already preparing to do my bit in that regard. I did a test recently which did fail I admit, but I learned a lot from it – so I turned the error into a positive. My penalty is a bit limited in that certain words need to be used, but it will hopefully create a precedent. I also have to be careful in a few other ways too.

It would be a lot easier if vaccines were made mandatory – then the legal penalty would be a lot easier. Of course there needs to be exemptions for those who can’t be vaccinated for valid medical reasons. There is nothing wrong with vaccines by themselves. That is a fact. Any claimed vaccine injury – and they do happen and I’ve never said otherwise – was the result of system error or neglect. As the saying goes, a bad workman blames their tools. There has NEVER EVER been a vaccine injury caused by the vaccine by itself. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

I’m fighting along side you on this one, Jill! Hope you appreciate the effort!


2 thoughts on “Minister Jill Hennessey showing some fight!

  1. There have been people who have had medically verified vaccine injuries. They are well publicised, the victim (and/or their family) have sued (or are able to) the vaccine manufacturer. Saba Button is one example. In fact hundreds of children were affected by that particular flu vaccine. The actions were swift. A problem was identified and an appropriate solution implemented. Vaccines on the whole are very safe and of benefit the whole community, especially those who are medically unable to be vaccinated.

    However, anti-vaxers would have everyone believe that anything is a vaccine reaction from autism to stubbed toes, shaken baby syndrome to myopia – even food preferences.

    Personally I do not agree with mandatory vaccines. I fully support loss of benefits, loss of access to government services etc. but ultimately it comes down to education. As you say in your article, we need to have people getting the right information, so they can make an informed decision.

    • Saba was killed by system neglect, not by the vaccine itself. The poor bub should never have been given the version of fluvax that was used. That’s not the fault of the vaccine. It’s the perfect example of a bad workman blaming their tools that one.

      I wish you were right about education. But there are now too many hardcore anti vaxxers who are resisting it, calling it pharma driven and ignoring it as part of the mythical corruption factor within the pharmaceutical industries. I don’t think we have a choice now but to make it mandatory – subject of course (as I said in the article) to proven medical considerations.

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