Damon Monopoli exposed

While I was in Hobart, Coalition stooge Damon Monopoli persisted in his nonsense. He just won’t admit it when he’s been owned and did nothing but abuse and repeat the same rhetoric.

The only time things went his way, and even then it was only just, was when both James Marsh and Sam Redfern told him there was no “gas” in the PDF document when the term was searched for (using control F of course). I had a look myself manually and there is (I advised that via email while I was at the State Library of Tasmania last Friday). But a point – this is consistent with what I was told on my own enquiry about it. There needed to be alterations not just to the gas supply but to all utilities. Water isn’t mentioned but I’m sure they would have done something with that. After all, the new station facilities at Gardiner would have required all three.

The link mentions in particular a gas line along Carroll Crescent – not Burke Road as Monopoli insisted. Where is the indication that it was a main gas line like the one at Grange Road? It doesn’t matter. It was obviously the closest (it’s the only street between the railway line and Monash Freeway) so that’s where the gas supply for the station would have been taken from. Monopoli is making a mountain out of a molehill. No surprise there.

I can confirm that Monopoli is back home – and despite having the chance he is still yet to comment on this blog on the previous entry. That if anywhere is where the label of coward fits as Sam pointed out. I don’t know much about James except that he lives in the ACT and is a small business owner (he would therefore know how small businesses work and think). Seeing how busy in spurts a small business can be for myself, I can certainly understand why he would refuse to meet up with Monopoli. I know that Sam is not online much and in spurts because he works with the disabled (and knows that none of the people he looks after were injured by vaccines – it’s why we are good friends). So naturally he couldn’t either.

But me?

I have to say I’m tempted. It would be a pleasure to own the little moron, and I would love to wrap him up like a pretzel with proof that I deal in fact and not fiction like he thinks. But is there room in my schedule at the moment? No there’s not. Murrumbeena is out of my way at this time of year – after all I live in Ballarat and my travel to Melbourne is regimented due to my lifestyle requirements. Monopoli has seen my website. He should see that…..oh who am I kidding? He’ll just call that another excuse like all the bullies of this world who support the conservative side of politics. Well too bad. I’m telling the truth and if he can’t handle that then stuff him. If he wants to meet up he’s going to have to come out here to the Central Highlands. And I doubt that he would really be prepared to do that like apparently he thinks he does “all the time” – because he is a coward.

Just to make certain of things, I will be making a few phone enquiries over the next week and also send at least one email. I’m not saying who I’m calling or emailing, but once I’m done I’m sure I will have plenty of evidence that will bury not just Monopoli but also all the other objectors to Sky Rail.

Another point that came to my attention yesterday. Monopoli claims that the stations will be demolished in September (making a mockery of the heritage claim he figures). Well sorry – just because the platforms are being removed doesn’t mean the buildings are going as well! It was made clear on the No Sky Rail website that there is a heritage overlay on both Carnegie and Murrumbeena, and Clayton is subject to it as well. Funny that, because No Sky Rail favour the worse option in that regard – rail under road. So bringing that subject up actually harms their argument!

Also, Monopoli has appeared on another thread on Jacinta Allan’s page, again about Sky Rail. Sam Redfern this time provided screenshots (James didn’t as previously mentioned) and I will take him apart here.


I was on that thread to defend Sky Rail, not just to stir things up. That’s Monopoli’s job as a Coalition stooge. There is nothing else other than the Authority’s report. Monopoli was asked multiple times to provide countering reports and he hasn’t. As Sam Redfern pointed out further down, it very much affects me as a regular traveller throughout the system, and as I mentioned on the first entry on this blog my sister in law lives in the area. I am not a strong ALP supporter. I prefer them over the Coalition but I have issues with some of the things they have done, in particular with their relationship with the unions. I didn’t put a number above the line for the ALP on July 2. And there’s nothing wrong with the fictional world, just as long as it’s balanced with the real world. Pro wrestling is just one interest.


As already mentioned, what else is there? Monopoli thinks that anyone who thinks Sky Rail is good is a sheep. Wrong answer. Seeing as Monopoli is a Coalition stooge his call for separation of political beliefs and issues is one monster sized case of hypocrisy. And he doesn’t like it when that’s done in various ways on a public page as he rightly said, and whines “troll”. Talking of unoriginal – and childish.


So it’s not logical to avoid a main gas line or a high water table? Also, I wouldn’t call Oakleigh a safe ALP seat – safe is above 60 percent of the two party preferred vote in my opinion and in 2014 that was about 2 percent short of that mark. I also wouldn’t call a seat that has to go to preferences safe either, and the ALP was over 4 percent short of that. Also by that logic, it would be rail over road at St.Albans, and guess what? It’s NOT! He fails the logic test like all stooges. Monopoli’s questions were out of line and based on a fallacy and a number of biased assumptions with one aim – to try and make the government look foolish. And he failed. He’s a joke and Sky Rail is going ahead – like it or not.

To finish this entry – Monopoli, if you have the slightest bit of courage you will comment here. I won’t edit it and I will approve it, unless you get personal and that edit will be made obvious. Stick to the topic and provide linked evidence, not just your words. If you won’t do that, your courage level is confirmed as being at zero.


5 thoughts on “Damon Monopoli exposed

  1. ‘Own the little moron’ yea??? Coward?? Wrap me up like a pretzel…? Sounds interesting..inviting even..

    Maybe we can catch up in Ballarat to discuss that.. next week suit? Any particular day?

    By the way… Murrumbeena not looking so great with that station removed!….ohh another fact you got wrong….not again Phil..what did that website say again?…phil phil phil….

    Got to see how many things you’ve changed from your original post on here..dramatic change…easy to do when you own the page.. much more fun and transparent on an open site if youd like to do that.. Ill happily paste all your previous posts before they were edited/removed

    Carroll crescent?… get a map out and you will see that its movement did form part of the burke rd removal..very very close phil

    I can go on but I clearly have more to do in my life than you. .. so when suits?

    • Oh wow, it took you all of six months, six days, nine hours and forty five minutes to comment and that’s all you give me? You are a major disappointment and it proves that you had nothing to begin with. The time is gone, the temptation I spoke of is gone as well – so the answer is NO, we are not meeting up. It’s a waste of my time, and even then I couldn’t next week even if I wanted to. You are nothing but the Coalition stooge I called you out on being. Just go back to being Matthew Guy’s lap dog huh? As of now, you have no further business here.

      PS – I edited nothing. This entry is as it was when I first published it. Nothing has been changed. So you are a liar as well as a stooge.

      • Phil…come on..i expect better.. again proven you wrong and you haven’t the decency once again to admit it.

        Where’s those heritage listed stations gone? Where phil??????

        So why can’t you next week?.. id like that apology..

        Wednesday suit? Thursday?

        You called me a coward…well now you should back that up… otherwise you should be careful what you call someone.. so back it up…retract…or apologise.. 3 simple choices

        • You haven’t proven anything. Not at all. You are a bully (and therefore a coward) and I want nothing to do with you because you have nothing for me. Your word is totally useless. My commentary stands as is, and this matter is closed – and you are banned from this blog as of now. Go back to Matthew Guy and be his lap dog, dummy. It’s all you are good at. Skyrail is on it’s way and there is nothing you can do about it. Bye bye, stooge.

  2. Nice try, Monopoli! Impersonating a female called Bev. You’re a disgrace.

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