Pauline Hanson at it again

It didn’t take long for the real Pauline Hanson to show her true colours once she won a seat in the Senate this past weekend. I was already suspicious – as the old saying goes, a leopard never changes their spots. It was disappointing for One Nation to get one quota point on first preference votes alone in Queensland. It showed that we’ve reverted back to 1998 standards, when One Nation picked up 11 seats in the Queensland Parliament (and caused me to write a letter to the editor of the Canberra Times about it – I was living in Canberra at the time and it was the first of two letters I’ve had published in a daily newspaper). That’s not a good thing – that’s a bad thing.

It was brought to my attention in the past 24 hours that Hanson is an anti vaccine proponent for a start. In particular she nominated autism as a vaccine related condition – which gets her on the wrong side of me in an even bigger way that she was back in 1996 when she first uttered the words that upset everyone in her maiden speech! Vaccines don’t cause Autism!!

That on top of the attack on burqas (I’ll spell it right this time!) – what next? Banning baseball caps worn backwards? Skull caps, beanies or even balaclavas in Winter in particular? Wedding veils? Nuns wearing full habits? Judges and barristers wearing their wigs? That’s how stupid that comment is; but it gets worse. This afternoon I read in the Ballarat Courier that she believes (are you ready for this?):

“Islam is not a religion.”

What rot! What is the Qur’an anyway? The Muslim version of the BIBLE, you stupid woman! Calling Islam a “political ideology” is not only religious ignorance, it plays right up to the right wing’s extremist propaganda from the United States! Guess who’s doing the same thing over there – Donald Trump! What a pair! Not to mention the further lie that Islam isn’t a religion of peace – right in the face of every conservative cleric in the world let alone Australia! She wants an enquiry into the religion and it’s teachings to try and bring them out into the open. THEY ALREADY ARE, DUMMY!! I’m not saying that there are no clerics who are doing the wrong thing – of course there are. And they are being watched as well – or at least they should be (case in point, Man Haron Monis). But they are in the minority and if Hanson had a brain she would know that!!

Deepa Kumar said it best; “The history of Islam is no more violent than the history of any of the other major religions of the world. Perhaps my critics haven’t heard of the Crusades – the religious wars fought by European Christians from the 11th to the 13th centuries”.

Allowing this fool to say what she likes will set off the radicalisation lines all over again. She is a liar and should not be heeded. She asked in her maiden speech where she belonged. Well I can answer that – right alongside every other human being in this country, including Muslims, Aborigines and every other example of diversity in this country. If that’s not good enough for you, Hanson, then I’ll buy you a one way plane ticket anywhere out of Australia – because that is where you belong if you aren’t prepared to do the Australian thing!


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