Donald Trump, do you feel lucky? Punk?

I have never heard a bigger pork pie by that dummy Donald Trump than the demand for Hillary Clinton to get rid of her armed bodyguards if she was so against guns. He just doesn’t get it!

Here’s the reality. Hillary doesn’t oppose armed professionals – bodyguards, police, the military and security. No one should. They need them to do their job. It’s everyone else that shouldn’t have guns so freely available! That’s Hillary’s line and Trump is running around it like the political hot head that he is – using emotion instead of brains to win a point. That’s how Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz had him ducking for cover during the early Republican debates, playing the tune straight back at him.

If this Presidential election is going to be fought on gun control, this has to be a Democrat win. Thousands of Americans will die needlessly if something isn’t done about guns. I’ve said for a long time that the second Amendment should be repealed. I can publicly admit that one member of Phil’s World doesn’t agree with me; Tex Caldwell. His view is that there is nothing wrong with the Amendment. It’s the way that the Supreme Court of the United States has interpreted it over the years. I take his point, but the only way to put that in it’s box is to repeal it. I can’t see any other way.

Trump should take advice from those who know – the police. Not the National Rifle Association. Removing gun free zones from schools is a slap in the face to the families of the children who died at Sandy Hook, and those who died at Columbine, V-Tech and every other school where there has been a mass shooting. It will be an open invite to Oliver Canby to carry out his hatred of children out of petty spite for the wider community for supporting neurodiversity. And he’s the only one I know of – there are bound to be others.

Does this idiot feel lucky like someone faced with Dirty Harry? Maybe he does. Harry would have blown his head off. And no one would have cried save a pack of fools who think Trump is the answer to America’s problems. He’s not. He’s a cheap punk with no political backbone and I hope he gets thrashed come November and I hope the Republicans get smashed in Congress on top of it for tolerating this fool.

This will not be the last you’ll read from me about this. Far from it!


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