Phil’s Year in Review 2015

2015 was a better year than 2014 (not very hard!).

Football: After missing out due to my July 2014 hospital stay I was keen to have a good crack at umpiring in 2015 to make up for it. It was spasmodic of course as usual – but to my absolute delight I scored my eighth grand final. The project also had a good year with quite a bit done at the State Library of Victoria and also some interstate stuff including my first interstate summer visits since the summer before last.

Wrestling: I was delighted when I found out that NAW had lost Melton but because of the project I was unable to get my own promotion off the ground the way I wanted to in order to take advantage. I returned to action with new promotion Night Cap Wrestling Federation as a referee. At the end of the year, George Julio retired and my friend Henry Jones asked for some video material for a tribute. I couldn’t follow up on that however due to software issues. It was quiet otherwise as HRPW closed down and I was unable to get to Adelaide to offer my services to ACW.

Internet: Version 11 of Phil’s World debuted on January 1 on schedule (just for a change!) to a much more positive response. I finally finished the security work to my satisfaction after many stops and starts and in May I was able to pull off the security blanket. This was helped by my third defamation victory in a row – over Oliver Canby. On the negative side I had to leave Facebook due to the stalking antics of The Limbo Club – and that touched off a massive effort on my part to make them pay for their conduct somehow. I didn’t get anywhere fast however. My legal contact in New Hampshire pulled out of the Best registration much to my annoyance – I gave him too long to think about it and my illness in 2014 obviously didn’t help. The year ended on a sour note with Canby engaging in death threats again, this time directly. All that has now spilled into 2016.

Autism: Before I left Facebook I was all over the speaking tour by American anti vaccine idiot Sherri Tenpenny, a tour she ultimately cancelled thankfully. Most of the year was concentrated though on the Vaccine War so still no movement on the petition, and that may have to wait further as 2016 is a federal election year. There was also the continuation with the university research which wasn’t getting me anywhere fast. I also started working on the Autism Wikia and hopefully that will bear major fruit early in 2016.

Politics: It was somewhat of a relief when Tony Abbott was replaced by Malcolm Turnbull. It didn’t stop my frustration though with my efforts in the Vaccine War as Sussan Ley continued to ignore everything from Catherine King’s office. Also I couldn’t get the Question I wanted onto the Notice Paper thanks to some gremlins in the works on the ALP side, which I don’t blame Catherine for by the way. At state level I got nowhere fast with the Housing Commission, and Public Transport Victoria continued to be a pain in the rear end over Ballarat’s local buses.

As a combination of the two, I opened a Word Press blog to go with my old Facebook page All About Anti Vaxxers (which is still going and being run by others) and in 2016 I will be going hell for leather after them. They are all inciters of child neglect and need to be punished. I’ll be collecting a lot of material and this will make for a busy year I’m sure

The year ended on a truly happy note with Craig and Tegan getting married on Saturday November 28 on the beach at Portarlington – a change from the original location at Barwon Heads a month before. All of the regular Australian membership of the Phil’s World made it, except for Muesli. Andy and Allison brought Jaden along (and their new bub due in January!) in the longest journey and it was great to finally put faces on Syncompac, Pedro and Mr Fix It even though Sync’s over the top attitude was a bit much for Lee at times. In a terrific move, Tex brought his kids Brad and Lucy along and he even brought his mother Alice as well. A fine lady, but she embarrassed Tex big time when she let his real name slip out and we all heard it! I was the only non Caldwell in the room who knew straight away the lid had been blown off, and Craig had to get the obvious reference in (and not everyone got it and I won’t expand on it because it’ll give it away). Craig though was more serious in his toasts, particularly when he raised his glass to Flash and DMP.

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