Phil’s Year in Review 2014

2014 was a crazy year, highlighted – or rather lowlighted – by my 25 days in hospital in July. It was of course a personal event. My recovery was rapid under the circumstances however. I was 100 percent by mid October.

Football: I found a league to umpire with in Melbourne and that was going well until July of course. That month also set back the project with no library work until September in Adelaide and the club visits limited to one after July. Prior to that I did manage a day trip to Evandale in Tasmania via Launceston Airport. I visited the MCC Library in December.

Wrestling: Locally 2014 was almost as quiet as 2006, with only one GPW show in March (I missed May because of the short notice leading to a clash with the Evandale football trip) and one HRPW show in October. I kept track of NAW’s activities waiting for the inevitable impeding collapse. I was stunned to see the Candyman invited to their fake tenth anniversary show (it was July and not December) and even more stunned that he accepted. However I was not surprised that I wasn’t invited by the head honchos, and neither was Paul RJ, Daniel Taxman Robinson or Pitbull Craig Cole. Paul’s omission led to Iron Horse and Lowzen refusing to appear and good for them. It remains to be seen what happens given that a new group called EGO has now been formed – borrowing a lot (including a variation on the Fingerpoke of Doom) from the nWo.

Internet: Version 10 of Phil’s World debuted in March and it quickly became unpopular with the Phil’s World membership and it meant that I had to fast track Version 11. It’s going up at the same time as this update. The Canby matter should have been finalised but my hospital stay led to a couple of date clashes in September that the court refused to take into account and they tried to pressure me to attend when I couldn’t. The result is that the case has now spilled into 2015. Registering the Best order in the US was similarly delayed just when I had a lawyer ready to go in June. I’m pleased to say that [hidden] and The Limbo Club ceased to be issues – even though they tried during the election run up (see below). I spread out on Twitter, adding a football specific account – grabbing [hidden]‘s former account which she does NOT own – with plans in place for changing the TLPGtm account to a wrestling specific one and shifting the general stuff to another new account.

Autism: This was frustrating to say the least. Still no move on the petition thanks to other issues – not just the July hospital stay. The most I did was fight an idiot who I only know as Pro Vax Quacks. My efforts in real life over the issue of those 72 reports that anti vax parents rely upon was also hamstrung as I wasn’t getting anywhere with the universities I had the time to visit.

Politics: This was the other big news of the year. With the Victorian State election on November 29, I was pre-selected for the Legislative Province of Western Victoria for the new People Power Victoria No Smart Meters party in first spot – and this time with a running mate. It meant a huge run around in late October and all of November throughout the electorate doing my best to put myself and the party out there. I got stories published in the Ararat Advertiser, the Portland Observer and the Hamilton Spectator (the Courier ignored me, apparently because they were pro East-West Link and I was against it) and I also made a radio appearance in Geelong in a debate. There was the political angle of my fight against the anti vaxxers which continued to frustrate me and my local member of Parliament as that lazy Health Minister refused to even address the national issue. Thank goodness late in the year that he was replaced by someone else.

It was a rough year for many other members of Phil’s World as well. Mr Fix-It lost his home in a house fire, Wally spent most of the year in legal limbo over an assault on his gay son that took forever to prosecute, and Tex was in a similar legal limbo fighting the Immigration Department over getting his mother here to Australia. Poor Syncompac had a terrible year, spending it mostly in the Northern Territory trying to fix family squabbles and switching at one point from hospital to jail and back to hospital again. He lost his supervisory job because of his absence, but his employer did take him back in his original post once he was back in Adelaide. Great to see.

Craig and Tegan’s wedding was postponed due to an extension in Craig’s contract at the mine in WA, but the new date has been set as has the location. Both have small families so it’ll just be them and the Phil’s World membership in Australia who can get there for the beach ceremony. Craig had a busy year with his mining job and Tegan was similarly busy as a nurse’s aid. Poor Allison was run off her feet by her son (who turned two this year) and her job as it got tough with a lot of people needing support. Andy had a big legal case to assist in, so the Phil’s World forum was relatively quiet in 2014.

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