Phil’s Year in Review 2013

2013 was a mixed bag in more ways than one.

Football: I was determined to make up for lost time after a successful beginning to the year with my finances even with the trip to Perth. That trip was a minor success in terms of getting things done. A poor security decision caused my resignation from the Ballarat Umpires (related to an issue in the Internet section) and I had to sit out the rest of the season as all the Melbourne options that I could take were full up. Good for umpiring but not so good for me personally. A calf strain didn’t help. I also got to Adelaide for the first time since 2009 for club visits and I ended up with two trips as well as a return to Tasmania during the season. For the summer I managed two more visits to Adelaide and a change in the scheduling for the State Library of Victoria allowed for more work to get done.

Wrestling: The year began badly as I quit New Age Wrestling show operations due to a combination of several factors surrounding contempt for my efforts to help by certain senior people. I continued to promote the shows on Facebook and on the Wrestling Planet section of my website which became fully active for the first time in several years and I also retained control of the Twitter account and did live results from the shows I attended. But in March I quit altogether after a combination of losing Twitter for protectionist reasons, having a friend banned from an event page for no reason and one other reason that I won’t go into publicly. As far as shows went, like 2006 it was down to Adelaide and I was involved in four shows for HRPW including one involving former WWE Hardcore and Tag Team Champion Bob Holly – who I got to referee in something of a major milestone for me. I also got to meet a great guy by the name of Paul London at OCW – former WWE Cruiserweight champion and Tag Team champion. Karma hit NAW in September when the booker acted in an unprofessional manner and the resulting negative publicity hurt them. I expect them to collapse in 2014 as public support continues to wain.

Internet: Finally after so many delays the matter with Best was concluded early in the year and successfully. I got some of Best’s blogs labelled as defamatory, and with that court ruling Google blocked access to them from Australia. I then set to work on getting the order recognised in the US, and that took awhile as I had to find a way to do it and then find someone to do it! It has spilled into 2014. I went to school on the process that was handled by a court appointed barrister, and I used it against Oliver Canby. This included applications of the court rules that allowed Affidavits from other parties as witness statements, as well as the Evidence Act that allowed second hand references to viewing content. However because I was also making an application under the Wrongs Act as well as defamation this also spilled into 2014 – along with the fact that my lack of umpiring affected my finances and stopped service for a couple of months. And then there was [hidden], who I successfully took out a restraining order against although the BFUA didn’t support the order as they should have (see the Football section). I don’t mean acting on it. I mean acknowledging it’s existence.

Aspergers/Autism: I didn’t bother with the petition this year because I knew we were due for a federal election. I did consider running as an independent in the Senate, but the lack of a running mate made that impractical (along with the barriers going up thanks to [hidden] and The Limbo Club). At the beginning of the year I ran into some fear issues based in South Australia, in particular Alisa Cooney who I attempted to locate to report as a child abuser for forcing an Autistic child of hers into a shopping centre as some pathetic attempt at reverse aversion therapy. I also got behind a group called the Army of Autism Awareness Angels. On May 22 the DSM-5 came into effect allowing me to call myself Autistic officially. In early October I started a campaign to get science to actually say something about the “vaccines cause Autism” rubbish. I ran into some lethargy issues and a rude Health Department employee who will hopefully get his as that battle goes into 2014.

Politics: This was the worst part of the year for me personally, and that’s aside from the federal election result which annoyed me although not as harshly as it had in 2004. The Housing Commission just refused to play ball. Equal Opportunity Victoria couldn’t sort it out so the matter went to VCAT. They couldn’t sort it out either, ending up deciding against me purely because the issue wasn’t covered for. So I took the matter up with the state Housing Minister – and that went nowhere as well! So did the follow up with the Premier! With a state election due at the end of 2014 it could mean a busy year in the political sphere whether I run myself or not. I have to make a choice on that – run, or make some major noise in some other way. Also, my above mentioned effort with science did have a political angle as I also tried to pressure the new federal government on the issue.

Phil’s World lost two members in 2013, although one of them was already gone and we didn’t know it. That was Mark Page AKA DMP who was killed in a car accident on holiday on the west coast of Tasmania in early 2012. The second was Flash (real name withheld), who died as a result of a vicious assault by one of his neighbours who just didn’t like his line of work as a gigolo. It was sickening. I wasn’t surprised that it got no media coverage as Flash’s family didn’t want it, and coverage would have cost the prosecution witnesses from his client base. In the positive news late in the year Scratcher and his girlfriend Tegan got engaged, and they will marry next summer. No date yet, but Eagle Eye, Twinkles, Syncompac, Tex, Wally and Mr Fix-It have all indicated that they will attend from interstate if they can. The intention is to have a beach wedding on the Surf Coast. I’ve already told them though – no further down the Great Ocean Road than Eastern View!

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