Google is wrong again

Another check of my name in the Google search has revealed that I have some hard work to do. And it needs to be done as soon as possible.

Here’s the updated top 10 from yesterday (May 13);
1. My Word Press blog (no change)
2. The about page on my Word Press blog (no change)
3. An independent revue of my win over Best by Pace Legal Online Business (up from 20 to 3)
4. A Facebook entry on Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine from Thomas Taylor in 2010 that [hidden] found (new)
5. The reply blog to Suzi Olsen’s blog about the Limbo Club where my name is mentioned (up from 13 to 5)
6. Best’s PG5 blog on me! (down from 4 to 6)
7. That wretched entry on Midnight in Chicago! (up from 11 to 7)
8. Images of me (new)
9. The thread on the Limbo Club calling on me by name to go F myself (new)
10. My profile page at (down from 3 to 10)

Over the page;
11. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video) (down from 6 to 11)
12. The NAW shoot promo I did on Mulgrave for War Games (video) (down from 7 to 12)
13. Elinor Broadbent’s celebratory entry on my win in the Supreme Court over Best on the Autism Empire website (down from 9 to 13)
14. Left Brain Right Brain’s entry on my win over Best (new)
15. My new Twitter account (new)
16. Twitter entry by Midnight in Chicago about my aborted run for Parliament in 2010 (new)
17. Mitchell’s entry about me running for State Parliament in 2010 (down from 5 to 17)
18. The page on my Word Press blog about the Best action (down from 17 to 18)
19. The entry on Lurker’s blog that somehow needs to be taken down (down from 18 to 19)
20. The tag for my name on the MIC Word Press blog (down from 14 to 20)

In the good news, the Pace Legal article has leapt into the top 3 and the Big Footy entry from Swamp Creature and Doherty’s Twitter status have dropped out of the top 20. My Twitter account has found it’s way in as has LBRB’s entry about the win over Best.

But the bad news is the real problem requiring more work to be done.

The new entry at number 4 needs to be removed PDQ. I never saw that back in 2010 and the only reason it re-appeared was because of [hidden]. I need to check Taylor’s account and Bruce’s as well if she has one for [hidden]‘s yammering.

I’m furious that Best’s blog is still showing up on the Australian search. It shouldn’t be because it has been removed from the Australian servers, so Google is getting a blast for that.

I also have to do something about that MIC entry as it has re-entered the top 10, thanks again to [hidden] (and the Limbo Club as well). The appearance of the thread in my name from TLC also has to be removed somehow.

I’ve done this entry without looking beyond the top 20 where some of the other entries that left the top 20 may be, but I am annoyed. I’m going to seek some legal advice on fixing this up as soon as I can.

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