Googling my name again

It’s been awhile since I did a full update on this, so here we go;

1. My Word Press blog.
2. The about page on my Word Press blog.
3. My profile page at
4. Best’s PG5 blog on me, which should disappear now that it can’t be accessed in Australia.
5. Mitchell’s entry about me running for State Parliament back in 2010.
6. The NAW promo I did having a go at then NAW champion Jarek Craven (video).
7. The NAW shoot promo I did on Mulgrave for War Games (video).
8. The NAW promo I did having a go at Iron Horse Morrison and Paul Vaughan (video).
9. Elinor Broadbent’s celebratory entry on my win in the Supreme Court over Best on the Autism Empire website.
10. Matt Hogan’s entry on his blog about Best “condemning Autistic children to life in prison”.

Over the page;
11. That wretched entry on Midnight in Chicago!
12. Matt Hogan’s blog.
13. The reply blog to [hidden]‘s blog about the Limbo Club where my name is mentioned.
14. The tag for my name on Word Press (started by MIC and I should start to combat it on my Word Press blog).
15. My wrestling account on Facebook.
16. A stupid Big Footy entry from last year by Swamp Creature, who also posts on the Limbo Club.
17. The page on my Word Press blog about the Best action.
18. The entry on Lurker’s blog that somehow needs to be taken down.
19. Harold Doherty’s Twitter status soon after news broke of my loss to Google in VCAT.
20. An independent revue of my win over Best by Pace Legal Online Business.

If you compare this to the first list from late March 2010 a lot has changed, and for the better. Lurker’s nonsense was at #4 at the time (now #18) and that’s the only one that’s still there in the top 20. The next one from the old list is one of the Kim Gilbert/Oakley stunts at #22, followed by Mitchell’s complaint about his HAA award at #27 (it was #1 back in 2010). But then one has to go all the way to page 10 before finding the next entry from the old top 20.

I’m hoping that once I release the IP ban from the world outside of the Asia Pacific soon, the keywords will have an effect and my website in some form or another will shoot into the top 20 and dominate it.

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