Phil’s Year in Review 2012

2012 was decent year – a better year than the last few.

Football: More debt issues again restricted travel for the project, with the trip to Adelaide plus more legal nonsense getting in the way. That also contributed to a slow start to the season on the website with scores. It meant that yet again the season was restricted to local stuff, with the exception of Woorinen over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, until September as it was in 2011. I went to Pambula and Warrnambool as well as Shepparton as usual. The debt issues also meant more umpiring albeit sporadically – but even that was enough for a seventh grand final in something of a shock to me!

Wrestling: It looked like my journey in NAW would be snuffed out early in the year as certain private issues came up within the roster, but after things were knuckled down upon we settled on a feud between me in the position of Head of Talent Relations and the new kayfabe owner. This was a reversal of the feud between Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff. That included another dream fulfilled – working a match. Two in fact as I participated in a Battle Royal in June and then an eight person tag team match in July. We also expanded to other venues, including Ballarat as well as Sunbury and Colac. That storyline ended in October and as the year finished I was back to referee and stage manager again. I stopped my online WWE reports at the end of June after a decade of writing them. Also after meeting Raven last year, this year I met former WWE US champion and TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan.

Internet: This was what made the year pretty good. I taught [hidden] a bit of a lesson through mediation (the best way to get that done) and after he was served, Oliver Canby went quiet more or less. So did Best, and yet again my case against him suffered delays. The trial date was set but then other cases already being heard over ran and shortages in the bench led to the matter spilling over into the new year. But the end is in sight in more ways than one! Best’s efforts on Facebook towards the end of the year saw many people jump on the “Hate Best” bandwagon, leading to me becoming an admin for a group seeking to remove his nonsense. The one negative was me quitting as a moderator on Talking Footy when another moderator discriminated against me and no action was taken.

Aspergers: Yet again I was stymied by other matters, but there was one positive. My attendance at the bi-annual Victorian Autism Conference. Whilst being in Ballarat and seeing the thing via streaming instead of live wasn’t the same, there was the ability to ask questions via a talk line. Towards the end of the year I also sought to act against the Australian Vaccination Network. This was political in a way, but it is an Autism issue as well. I also added blogs to my website against Ginger Taylor and Autism Jabberwocky’s “MJ” in order to start on them. The AVN became an Autistic Enemy, and so did Brad Logan.

Politics: It was a quiet year on the political front, until I had to start a fight with the Housing Commission over our required location (which I won’t reveal here). It went to the Ombudsman, and then to the Equal Opportunity Commission and it spilled over into 2013. I also tried to act with the Smart Meters, and failed thanks to some bullies in government AND the opposition. That means that it is likely that I will be running in the next state election in 2014. We’ll see. I sent an email to one party (again, I won’t name them) to discuss their policies. I haven’t heard from them yet. I certainly won’t be running with the guy who promised me a lot in 2010 and didn’t deliver.

Within Phil’s World, Eagle Eye and Twinkles became parents on June 8 – the very same day as the 20th wedding anniversary for Lee and myself. Scratcher finally graduated from Uni after ten years of part time study and a couple of hiccups causing an extension from the original eight years. The year ended badly for myself and for Tex as we both lost family members (I’m staying quiet about mine). Tex’s father died from a second stroke after his first back in 2006.

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