Google Update

I wasn’t going to talk about this here at least until I knew where I was with my next move – but my weekly check for my real name on Google (this time my proper name of Philip rather than Phil) spat out the following link;

It’s true. VCAT threw the case out and I wasn’t happy about it either. The link however does understate the actual case considerably – because the journo relied on the reasons for decision for the story. Had she got in touch with me (the quote she attributed to me came from the decision itself) she would have been told a lot more detail.

This does have a silver lining – because now I have a publicity option. Especially given that Google Inc is on the nose in Australia at present – thanks to their employees allegedly invading people’s privacy while getting street address pics for Google Maps. The matter is in the hands of the AFP upon a report made by the Federal Attorney General.

I’m going to hold my actual reflection on the VCAT hearing for now, given what I have in the chute – and it’s not just the publicity angle. I’ve got two other angles going at the moment and I don’t expect anything from those until at least July.

But Best isn’t safe anyway, because the defamation action is still alive and in fact the next step is about to begin. You’ll be getting another service in the next fortnight, buster, and it’s a big one. Literally!

2 thoughts on “Google Update

  1. Mitchell’s crowing like the twat that he is about it being Best 1 – Gluyas 0. However, that’s because JM has no skill in understanding situations as they are: Best has not scored a point. Rather, you’ve gone through the first level of litigation that gets you to the next… and this is how the system works… it’s how courts know which ones are to try which cases!

    JM is a thick [beep!], no?

  2. I saw that, David, and I tried to correct him on it but he modded it out. It’s actually Google 1, Me 0. My reply will be on the Mitchell’s Gadfly blog when I finally catch up (it is back online in case you missed it and has been since I got back from Sydney in late May).

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