Googling my name

A late night for me here! One of the aims I have is to clean up this list where my name is exposed. This isn’t going to be easy – in fact it may be very difficult to achieve. But let’s see what we have when my name as “Phil” with my surname is put through the Google search engine.

Number 1 is the post Jonathan Mitchell did when he discovered he’d got an HAA in May 2009. That one I don’t mind that much, because it’s easy to push Mitchell as a crank. He’s not super dangerous to me personally unlike Best, and I can easily debunk his commentary about me (and I already did on Mitchell’s Gadfly).

Number 2 is the quote from Susan Lord AKA Jonsmum as it appears on the Aspie enemy article on her on my website. That’s okay, although I might censor that one. It’s not a high priority though.

Number 3 is the section on Blogged that Best set up before his blog was removed from the site – but it did pick up another post of Mitchell’s by association. It’s one of the ones I haven’t got to yet complaining about Ari Ne’eman progression in the US government.

Number 4 is the first post I’d like to work on having deleted – the one with my name in the title from Billy Cresp/Lurker. I responded to it on the reply blog, but I’d rather this one go because Cresp (unlike Mitchell) doesn’t know when to stop.

Number 5 is this blog!

Number 6 is a comment I put on Mike Stanton’s website in 2008. No problem with that one.

Number 7 is in hand. I have contacted the site concerned and asked them to remove the comment as it is slanderous and a severe misrepresentation of what happened. I fancy this was either Cate Taylor or KGAccount.

Number 8 is the same message on another site. This one I have also acted upon.

Number 9 is another false message trying to spread the AAT decision in 1991 as gospel when it’s not. I have also acted upon this one.

Number 10 is the same message again on another site. This one is also in hand.

Over the page we come to number 11 and another false message – this time again providing my full name including my middle name. This has to be KGAccount and it has been dealt with.

Number 12 is the entry on Canby’s blog with my name on it. I hope that entire blog will go sooner rather than later.

Number 13 (and it should be number 1) is the front page of my website.

Number 14 is an old link to my old website dating back to 1999 (that was version 1 of Phil’s World for goodness sake!)

Number 15 is a link I’ve been trying to report but no reply or action has been taken. It’s Mitchell’s alternate blog at Wellsphere’s Stanford sub site.

Number 16 brings us back to KGAccount again on another site. This one is also in hand.

Number 17 is an old promotion of my original Yahoo Club in 2001 on Aspie Enemy site Big Footy.

Number 18 is my signature on a petition demanding that the supporters, donors and sponsors of Autism Speaks stop supporting them.

Number 19 is Best’s comment on Harold Doherty’s blog. Doherty used to have my name and picture there, but he did remove them on request. However he refused to remove Best’s comment.

Number 20 is the first link that has nothing to do with me. There’s a Salvation Army captain in Sydney with my name who is depicted here. I should contact him one of these days and apologise for this junk that’s being posted!

As you can see, I have the job ahead of me to clean this up.

UPDATE: Number 11 has been removed although the link still remains. I’ve alerted Google to the change. There have been some other changes overnight and I’ll refer to them in the comments.

One thought on “Googling my name

  1. UPDATE:
    *Number 1 has dropped to number 4
    *Number 2 has dropped to number 5
    *Number 3 has risen to number 1
    *Number 4 has dropped to number 6
    *I erred on number 5 – it wasn’t this blog, it was the one Best did in my name. It has dropped to number 8.
    *Number 6 has dropped to number 7
    *Number 7 has risen to number 3 and no reply yet from the site host, Bliss Tree
    *Number 8 has dropped to number 10 and it looks like more action will need to be taken directly to ZeldaLily
    *Number 9 has dropped to number 11 and thankfully out of the top ten, but like ZeldaLily I’ll need to take this up directly with SoftSailor
    *Number 10 has dropped to number 19 also thankfully out of the top ten, but again direct contact with the Conservative Blog would be needed
    *Number 11 has dropped to number 13 and has been reduced probably due to the update note on the removal
    *Number 12 has dropped to number 16
    *Number 13 has dropped to number 14 and I’m not happy about that!
    *Number 14 has dropped to number 15
    *Number 15 has dropped to number 17
    *Number 16 has dropped to number 18
    *Number 17 has dropped to number 20
    *Number 18 has dropped out of the top twenty
    *Number 19 has risen all the way to number 2
    *Number 20 has dropped out of the top twenty

    *There are two new entries at number 9 and number 12. Both are from ArticleWriterForHire. I’ll deal with this in the same way as the others.

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