The final quarter begins

Timelord 23.3 (139) Informer 0.12 (12) – and I’m getting a bit sick of this now.

That’s you, shit for brains.

I expected that. Can’t answer it properly – so he goes the reversal. Doesn’t work, idiot!

Is that a threat? An empty one like the one to John about suing him? Where’s your lawyer’s letter or extradiction papers?

Do you want it to be one? Give me your address and we’ll see shall we? Best is getting sued.

You’re defaming John again. He would make a great teacher. Better than any you ever had for sure!

A great WHAT?? *LMAO* You cannot be serious, moron! His ability to teach is at zero because of the sheer hate he spouts every time he posts! Hate teaches NOTHING!

Get chelated and you won’t need [beep!]ing support, dumbarse!

Oh there we go readers! Another “Autism is mercury poisoning” believer. Make of that what you will!

Bullshit! Prove it!

I’m not even going to bother. Look it up yourself.

There was no Stolen Generation, [beep!] wit! I knew what you meant with that!

Oh no you didn’t! I wasn’t talking about the Aborigines! I was talking about the English kids that were ripped from their parents during and after WW2 and brought out here and put into bloody orphanages! Where was the parent’s consent? NOWHERE!

Go on for ages, then! That’s nothing! Besides, there’s no such thing as a free lunch you know!

You’re talking like a corporate bigwig, idiot – that has no place in a discussion about community anything, let alone community football!

Why don’t you? Where’s your complaint?

I’ve got more important things to than whine about a lack of recognition for community work!

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