Third quarter and no sign of revival

The score now is Timelord 18.5 (113) to Informer 0.9 (9).

You haven’t proven it, dumbarse!

Oh there are none so blind as those who will not see!

I can say what I want. Just like John can!

You’d better hope I don’t get your address then, liar!

How do you know? John hasn’t said anything about his education!

Best is not working. He’s at home 24/7. The only possible reason for that is because Sam is home 24/7. So he’s getting no proper education. Simple.

I was talking about being able to work, dickhead! There was no [beep!]ing backflip!

Oh yes there was! I can’t work because of the CMO, but also because the work place refuses to fit in with Aspergers. So it has to change – and you supported such an idea re someone with asthma!

I’ve never read such a shit loaded excuse ever, Glucose. Since when does the CMO work for a government department?

*ROTFLMAO* The CMO works for ALL government departments, idiot! And can be called in by private enterprise as well! Shows how much you know!

If it puts you away, yes we should go back to that. And your parents should be charged with neglect because they must have treated you with kid gloves! Parental rights were never removed like that and you [beep!]ing know it.

LOL! You failed history. You bet children were taken from their parents and their rights were removed. It was even happening without an asylum being involved for goodness sake!!

Fact? What’s the community support doing? Nothing but providing MONEY! So much for your [beep!]ed up FACT!

IDIOT! Community support provides things like washing the jumpers, doing first aid on match day, running the canteen selling donated merchandise….I could go on for ages. And NO BLOODY MONEY!

But if it doesn’t cost, there should be heaps to go round huh? You would have got a commendation if you were contributing something. You haven’t. GUILTY!

Talk to the state government about providing the process to do it. Many volunteers don’t get recognised and many complain about it as well.

I’m saying nothing else about your offensive and false agreement with Best about my wife. She thinks, therefore, she is.

2 thoughts on “Third quarter and no sign of revival

  1. Phil, there’s a recount on the goals. You’re up to about 40, mate!

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