We’re in the second quarter now

And the score is Timelord 12.2 (74) to The Informer 0.3 (3)

The truth will win, and I’m telling it!

You’re as big a liar as Best, idiot.

Oh so now you want to control where I go on the Internet? Fat chance, Groucho!

Where you go is none of my business. What you say is!

Neither of them are LFA anymore, dumbarse! Sam will be able to get a job once John’s finished his work, and that makes him better than you!

Wrong! Sam will never be able to get a job, because his education is about eight years behind I think!

Don’t put words in my mouth, shithead! Asthma doesn’t stop a person from working! Even without the meds they can still do data entry and other such stuff! I wouldn’t have them running around. I’m not stupid like you think I am!

Wow – what a backflip! You just admitted to SUPPORT STRUCTURES! Fitting in with a condition! So be bloody consistent, idiot!

No it’s not! God, you are a major dick! An over rule means another report that is opposite to the first one. It doesn’t remove the first one and it doesn’t need to!

Excuse me – but when a formal review is done it can NOT be over ruled like that! When an application is made, the matter is referred back to the department that called for the review! I know that because I tried and that is what I was told! So in order to over rule it – it HAS TO BE REMOVED!

Oh really? Do tell us your warped view of how they worked. This’ll be good!

As much as I hate Droopy, she has a few answers to this. They were cruel and inhuman places, and were designed to be aversive and punish. Back in the 50’s, parents didn’t have a say once their child was DXed as mentally retarded. For the protection of society, they were taken from their families and put into an asylum for treatment. Sometimes the parents were punished as well for being bad parents. We’ve progressed a long way since then – and you want us to go back to that? Disgusting.

If there’s no money there’s no footy club! You are the dumbest dick on the planet, Glucose!

I’ve seen clubs operate in the red, out of community support withOUT money! Choke on that fact, moron!

Bullshit! John is working his arse off getting the truth out! You are stopping that from happening, and in the process hurting Autistics!

Best is a liar and a fool, just like you.

Where are the awards for your work then? Where are the commendations? Show us!

Those awards are very hard to get! There are many volunteers – too many to have us all commended with awards.

You’re a half wit if you expect me to fall for that bait. I’m telling the truth. You don’t have a wife. You’re alone with a blow up doll like John said.

Like I said, believe that if you want to. I know you are lying and so does everyone who has met my wife (like Craig/Scratcher). Enough said.

2 thoughts on “We’re in the second quarter now

  1. You know what would really shut them up, Phil? An OAM for services to the football community!

  2. And how! *grins*

    I’d have to show the fruits of my labour, Tex.

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