So he wants to play, huh?

Looks like Gary/Informer likes playing games. Well he’s now in one that he can’t win.

You started it, Glucose! I like this idea!

No, you started it by daring to even show your face on my blog.

LFA’s can’t walk, stand or type, dumbarse!

Oh yes they can! I dare you to tell Best that Sam can’t walk or stand! I dare you to tell Droopy she can’t type!

Asthma is treatable so it doesn’t count!

It does count, because you expect people to be able to work without any assistance – and that includes medication (as well as other supports)!

Bullshit! You don’t get it removed. You get it over ruled!

Same thing!

Good. Exactly where you should be!

And that, dear readers, is this idiot’s whole character in a nutshell.

Bullshit a second time! John would have stopped the authorities from putting Sam away and he would have cured him as he is!

That’s not the way the asylums worked, idiot!

Oh I’d be a fool to deny what makes footy clubs tick? Money, dumbarse! What sponsor would come on board if there wasn’t money there to begin with? Blimey O’Riley, you’re such a dick!

LMAO! COMMUNITY is what makes footy clubs tick, idiot!

We’re not in your way! You’re in the way of Autistics and their parents!

Yes you are because you are stopping us from getting the supports and services we all need. You are in one in the way of Autistics and their parents – along with Best and the other fools.

Volunteerism still needs money to work, dumbarse! So where do you volunteer; WHERE IT’S WORTH SOMETHING! Your silly promotion bullshit doesn’t count.

Which goes to show how little you understand about volunteerism. Wherever it benefits the community, no matter how little it may be – it is worth something.

Let’s see a picture of your so called wife then! Until then, we don’t [beep!]ing believe you!

That’s up to you, idiot. If you want to make a fool of yourself far be it for me to stop you.

One thought on “So he wants to play, huh?

  1. Dis-Informer must live in a flaming ivory tower!

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