More lying and idiotics

You know, I just wonder if Gary/Informer actually knows how to use his noggin. He replied to my previous post here on his blog – instead of coming here (when a person is the subject of a post they will be permitted to reply here). I have a feeling we’re going to be playing blog tag over the next few days;

If one can work for an hour, one can work for 40 hours! What part of that can’t you understand, Glucose?! There goes your “analogy”!

This is very black and white thinking for an NT! For example – how can an asthmatic work 40 hours without medication? They could do an hour, but not 40! And there are many other examples as well. Hey – by your analogy, idiot, an LFA can work 40 hours a week! While smearing feces etc etc! Deviate your way out of that one!

What a crock of shit! Excuses, excuses, Glucose!

Oh wow what a devastating reply – NOT! News flash, idiot. I TRIED to get the CMO report removed. That’s how I ended up filing for bankruptcy because it was opposed and I lost!

The DSM is an excuse machine. It always has been. Look at the litany of disorders it identifies. It’s a crock!

Now I’ve heard everything. If it wasn’t for the DSM we’d still have asylums and lots of healthy people being doped up with whatever medication you care to name! Droopy would still be in an institution (notwithstanding that she should have stayed there IMHO) and guess what? Sam Best would have been put in an institution as mentally retarded without the DSM, and his father would never have had a chance to try and cure him (notwithstanding the fact that he can’t).

So where’s the money to fund it then? If there’s interest, there’s [beep!]ing money!

Nice try, idiot, but that’s not how the footy works at the grass roots level. The ONLY money that’s around is at elite level, and the AFL has never had an interest in the grass roots except when it benefits them. Leagues and clubs rely on sponsors to keep going and don’t have anything to spare. That’s a fact, and you would be a fool to deny it.

If! If! There’s the excuses again.

Well? Get out of my way (and take Best and everyone else with you) so I can turn that “If” into a “When”!

Oh what? Reporting on soap opera storylines? What sort of [beep!]ed up comparison is that? If you promote you get [beep!]ing paid for it, Glucose! But do WWEEEEEEE pay you? No! So I don’t believe you!

Capitalistic expectations at it’s finest! That’s the sort of thinking that got this world into a mountain of financial trouble. Ever heard of volunteerism? Give it any value. I guess not.

And neither does anyone else except your brainless friends like Scratch-it-up, Texaco, Unquote and Twinkie!

And the quality of insults just keeps going through the floor. I’m not buying any of your stocks, buster!

And getting a blow up doll an account just about says it all!

I’ll treat that lie with the contempt it deserves.

2 thoughts on “More lying and idiotics

  1. Phil, I defended Lee on Dis-In’s blog.

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