Gary the Informer and Liar

Just when I thought I’d dealt with this idiot, he’s created a blog – another one IN MY NAME! Well actually my surname isn’t there so it’s not so bad, but right away – the lies come out. So under Section 41 of the Copyright Act 1969 (given that he has banned me from commenting);

So, Phil says he can’t work. First fantasy. Everyone can work as long as you have two hands and two legs that all work. So Phil can work. The Commonwealth Medical Officer can be over ruled so his reliance on that is bullshit.

Informer knows little about the requirements of the Disability Support Pension for a start. If one can work for 15 hours a week or LESS – one qualifies for the pension. There goes this “two arms and two legs” analogy. And if the CMO could be over ruled I would have kept my job with the Defence Department. Enough said about that!

Phil thinks he knows all about Autism. Aspergers Syndrome isn’t Autism and this has been said to him by several people and he ignores them. Second fantasy.

For a start – NO ONE knows ALL about Autism. All I know is I sure as heck know more than Informer does! The DSM classifies Aspergers Syndrome as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Medical fact. Anyone who says otherwise is ignoring the DSM. Only unqualified or ignorant fools do that.

Phil thinks his football stuff is worth the time and effort. Bullshit. Who will buy this project stuff when it’s finished? Oh yeah when will it finish? Never. Third fantasy. Convenient.

PLENTY of people have indicated an interest, idiot! Every game I go to when I am seeking information – I’ve got interest! As far as when it finishes goes, if I can just get funding I think it can be done by the end of 2011 (if I got the funding right now – which of course I won’t). Two years – minimum.

Phil thinks wrestling is real. Fourth fantasy and a big one. It’s [beep!]ing FAKE, dumbarse! Get into the real world and you’ll learn what a fool you are!

Oh here we go! Read the WWE material before he was IP denied, and doesn’t realise that I write that INTENTIONALLY as a mark (wrestling talk for a person who believes it’s real). It’s called PROMOTION of the business! It’s no different to reporting on storylines in soap operas for crying out loud! Why don’t you stop commenting on something that you have no idea about huh?

3 thoughts on “Gary the Informer and Liar

  1. Well answered, Phil!

  2. Dis-Informer must be like BEASTY BOY! Hates fiction.

  3. Oh I think he likes fiction, Craig. As long as he gets paid for it!

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