Back in 2007, Anonymous Posters won the Idiot of the Month award for August on my website – and such morons continue to carry on with similar behaviour. It is truly amazing just how they carry on with their twaddle, and yet when challenged to be responsible for what they say they run a mile.

The latest idiot in this vein that has been attacking me from behind the veil of cowardly anonymity is a fool who calls himself “Cyberman”. The name has two meanings. The first is the obvious Doctor Who reference. But the second is the twist on the title of this entry. That’s the version I prefer.

From behind that safe haven – he has been attacking me and trying to garnish a reply. He’s never getting it there, and I wasn’t going to reply at all if it wasn’t for another anon trying to goad him into bringing his garbage onto my blogs. Now because they all have comment moderation I guess he thinks I’ll mod him out. He’s not banned. I make it clear who is banned from commenting on all my blogs, and he’s not listed.

But here are the lies he has uttered and the slander he has upchucked;

[beep!]kwit fil has no mental health at all

I’ve got more mental health than this coward, as Craig rightly pointed out at the time.

Calling Timelord a dick is insulting to other dicks. He has a personality which matches his face – that of a [beep!]

This from someone who doesn’t know me from a bar of soap.

WTF another [beep!]wit fil sockpuppet

I hadn’t posted on the thread until after that point, and I owned my own words. That comment was slander.

[beep!]wit Fil go turn your computer off and get a job. Don’t you other Aussies have a government body you can report him to for lazing around and doing nothing.

Yes, and someone already has – and it failed as it should have. This idiot has no idea what goes into a day in my life.

[beep!]wit Fil you know nothing about wrestling, or footy, or autism, your website is a joke. These are just hobbies for you.

Then how come I work wrestling shows, umpire footy (and get appointed to a grand final) and am in the ear of the appropriate people in the Autistic community here huh? This idiot is the one who doesn’t understand any of these subjects – and they are my life so they are not hobbies (that’s slander again).

Grow up, stop whining and get a job

An anon told this twit to get a job, and the anon is right.

[beep!]wit fil you are a sad piece of pig[beep!]

Oh the intelligence behind that insult!

I have read his blogs and his website, it’s all full of shit just like he is.

Clearly he didn’t take the time to really read and understand. And he calls me lazy.

so what’s your excuse [beep!]wit fil, laziness hahahahahahaha [beep!]wit fil – hung by his own rope

This was in response to me rightly calling Cresp lazy. My REASON for not working is the Commonwealth Medical Officer, and if this fool had read my site he would know that. That’s partly why I’m in the ear of the right people in the Autistic community – so I can spread whatever victory I have to others in my position (and they do exist). The most important is to get that CMO report removed. Not quashed (I tried that and failed) – removed. That way a major barrier to employment is removed. Cresp has no such barrier. And neither does this Cyberbully. Or Cybergirl as another anon has been calling him.

That’s why he hides. He knows that if he reveals his true identity, I’ll probably sue him. He’s afraid of me – and that’s the true hallmark of a bully.

PS – Since I originally wrote this, it has been brought to my attention that this may be Paris Tenana.

4 thoughts on “Cyberbully

  1. Phil, it’s odd that when I started that speculation on your forum this dip shut up. Did you notice that?

    • Actually, Craig, he stopped when Bill posted. And I think it was just a coincidence – because Bill made it clear what difference was between criminal and civil. So clear that even Cresp could understand it.

  2. being called Paris Tenana is punishment enough for one lifetime

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